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How To Update The Software For An LG TV

Last Updated Sep 5, 2022
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Watching TV or a movie is a great way to relax and unwind. There is a show for everyone’s taste as many channels have expanded their genres and lineups. Before you can go and watch your shows, you need to update the software for your LG TV, but how?

Users can manually update their LG TV by downloading the newest software to a USB drive and inserting it into the TV. Users who prefer a hands-free method can update the software for their LG TV through the menu and settings option on the TV itself.

Both options will successfully update the software on your LG TV. Keep reading our article below to learn how to update your LG TV manually and wirelessly.

Update LG TV Software With a USB

The first option you have to update the LG TV software is via a USB drive. This is a manual hands-on process. It is helpful to know how it works if you find yourself in a predicament where the wireless is not functioning properly on the LG TV.

To update the LG TV software with a USB, go online to the LG TV website and search for the TV model. Then, download the latest software file onto the computer. This file will then be loaded onto the USB drive, then plugged into the LG TV.

This method sounds simple, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. We have the steps outlined below to help you successfully finish the process.

Even though this process is standard across TVs, LG TVs have a unique operating system compared to most other TVs.

Go to the Website and Find Your Product

The first step in the updating process is to go on your computer and open up an internet browser. 

Next, Google the LG website. Click it and enter the website when the search comes back.

You need to go to the website’s software and drivers support page. Multiple bars to enter search criteria will appear on this page. 

In the second bar, simply enter your LG TV model number. Next, pick your LG TV from the dropdown menu and click search.

Download The New Software On Your Computer

Once you have found the right software file for your specific LG TV, you need to grab a USB drive. 

Insert this USB drive into your computer. Open up the USB drive by going to my computer and finding the USB by its name. Once opened, create a file folder on the USB named LG_DTV.

Download the zip file from the website. Once it is downloaded and saved onto the computer, right-click the zip file. 

In the menu that appears, choose the Extract All menu option. Make sure you extract the file into the new LG_DTV file you created.

Once the file is fully loaded onto the USB, remove it from the computer to complete the next step.

Use the USB on Your TV

Plug the USB into a USB port on the LG TV. Most of the newer LG TVs come with a USB on the back. 

Once the USB is plugged in, and the TV is powered on via the remote or manually, the screen will read USB update ready. 

Use the remote to select ok to install the update from the USB. As the software downloads, on-screen instructions will appear. 

Follow them until the end to complete the process. At the end of the installation, turn your TV off for about ten seconds. After, turn it back on. The update should be a success. 

Setting Up Automatic Updates on LG TV

For those who want to have their LG TV software updated regularly, the LG TV should be set up to automatically update itself once a new set of firmware has been released for the TV.

To set up the LG TV to automatically update itself, it needs to be connected to the internet. Next, the user must enter the settings option in the LG TV menu and navigate to software updates. They can change how updates are handled in this section.

This is a great choice for those who like to set it and forget it. It is also a time saver. We have outlined the detailed steps for this process below to help you get on your way regarding automatic LG TV updates.

Power On And Connect To WiFi

The very first step in preparing to set up your LG TV for automatic updates is to power on your LG TV and connect to the WiFi you have in your home. 

Ensure you have a good quality router and modem to complete a strong connection. 

Navigate to Settings

Once the TV is powered on, use the remote controller to navigate to the settings menu on the TV. 

This section is typically located under the gear icon on the LG menu. The menu pops up on the right side of the screen in most circumstances. 

Highlight it and click okay. 

Open the Support Tab

Once the side menu bar is open, an array of different icons will appear again to choose from. 

At the bottom of this menu, you will see an icon closely resembling a person’s head. Scroll down and highlight this icon. 

Press okay to open it. This brings you to the support tab.

Set it to Automatic Updates

Go to the software update button and select it under the support tab menu. This will bring you to a grey screen that controls how updates occur on the LG TV

This is a slide button has the words “Allow Automatic Updates” next to it. Ensure the slide is positioned on (the bar is highlighted).

After setting the automatic updates function to the on position, go down a little more and select check for updates. 

If there is an update available, then it will begin. If not, the LG TV will regularly check for updates and update itself on its own until you change the setting again.

In Tip Top Shape

Once you have determined which way is better for your software needs, your TV will function faster and with the most up-to-date records, and you will notice a significant difference in functionality. 

Remember to check for updates regularly to keep your TV in tip-top shape.