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How to Check Internet Speed of an LG TV

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
Smart TV with Netflix inside a living room with PS4 in shelf.

Being able to stream favorite movies, shows, pictures, and more through the television using the convenience of the internet is a common sight in many homes. However, when the connection slows, the show stops, or you receive a message that there is no network connection, that can be frustrating. Checking the internet speed for an LG TV can help you find the best connection for your needs.

Buffering, blurry video, content that stops and starts or fails to load can be frustrating. Learning the internet speed for your LG TV is the first step in determining what needs to be done to ensure a good quality connection. Keep reading to learn the steps to check the internet speed and improve your connection.

How to Check the Internet Speed on an LG TV

Today’s smart TV can provide multiple streaming apps and services. On occasion, a service might experience a service interruption, or certain things such as weather, your internet service connection, or other factors can prevent a quality signal from being maintained. The first step is to see the connection for your TV to help identify the issue.

To check the internet speed of an LG TV, open the menu using your remote and navigate to the web browser. Then, initiate a speed test. Internet speed can also be revealed by opening the settings of specific apps and locating the video info screen, which reveals the current connection speed.

  1. Using the SMART remote, navigate to the TV’s web browser. This can be accessed using your remote by choosing Search from the Home menu. A search bar will allow you to access the web browser on your TV.
  2. Next, type in the address to This website is a highly trusted and reliable source for checking your internet speed. The user-friendly app will provide easy instructions for starting a speed test to get you the internet speed your TV is currently providing.
  3. You can also find the internet speed for your TV by navigating to an app that you have installed on your TV. With the app open, choose the More option on the left side of the screen. Then, click on Settings. Choose the right arrow key on the remote next to the trackball and select Show Video Info. You will need to enable this feature. The current internet speed will show in the information box that pops up.
  4. To stop the app-specific video information, repeat the steps and disable the feature to stop showing video speed information.

Ensuring Adequate Internet Speed on an LG TV

Today’s TV content requires higher internet speeds due to programs that are available in 4K. Additionally, many households now have more than one device streaming or drawing from the same router. These circumstances can prevent you from receiving enough internet speed on your device to give quality content without buffering or stopping altogether.

If your internet speed is low, you can take a few steps to improve the speed.

  • Sometimes your router needs a refresh to reconnect and improve the connection. The first step in resetting the internet speed is to unplug your connected devices. Unplug your router and then your TV. There is no need to disconnect the ethernet cable. After waiting at least one minute, plug your internet router back in, along with your television. This reconnection could take several minutes to complete.
  • It is possible that other items in your home could cause interference and make a strong connection difficult to achieve. Certain items, such as microwaves and baby monitors, and other routers in your home, can interfere with your LG TV. Unplugging these items to see if they improve the connection is one way to test this possibility.
  • Checking to see if your LG TV has the latest firmware update can also improve the connection. These critical updates often introduce many improvements, including connection updates for newer routers and other features resulting in better internet speeds. This can be found on your remote by choosing Settings, then General, then About This TV, and finally Check For Updates. If there is an update available, you can initiate it from there.
  • Lesser-known issues can create possible interference with maintaining adequate internet speeds. Examples include ensuring the correct time and date selected for the TV settings and removing any external data sources, such as a USB for viewing pictures on your screen.

If you have tried the above steps and are still having difficulty obtaining internet speed, you can contact LG to get personal assistance. Start here at the main LG support site and put in the model number of the TV you need assistance with. From there, you can access guides, as well as community forums, online chatting, and support phone numbers if you need to speak to someone.


Checking the internet speed of an LG TV will give you the information you need to obtain the highest quality signal for your enjoyment. The steps above will help you get accurate data so you can start improving your speeds as soon as possible.