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How to Connect an LG TV to WIFI Without a Remote?

Last Updated Sep 8, 2022
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In the current world, smart TVs can be connected to the internet. This is made effortless by using a remote control. However, if your remote disappears completely or malfunctions, is there a way that you can use to connect your LG TV to WiFi without needing a remote?

You can connect your LG TV to WiFi without a remote by connecting a USB mouse to the TV and using it to go to your LG TV’s WiFi settings to connect to the WiFi network. You can also use an ethernet cable to connect your LG TV to the internet without needing a remote control.

Therefore, do you own an LG TV and cannot connect it to WiFi due to a malfunctioned or completely disappeared remote? We have discussed the best way that you can use to connect your LG TV to WiFi without needing a remote. Read along for more information!

How to Connect an LG Smart TV to WiFi Without a Remote

You can connect your LG TV to WiFi without a remote by using a USB remote. All you need to do is plug a wireless or wired USB mouse into the USB port of your LG TV.

You will then be required to press the physical control button under the LG logo. This will give you access to your TV settings. Next, use the USB mouse to navigate the page and connect your LG Tv to the local WiFi network.

Here are the detailed steps to help you connect your LG TV to WiFi if you do not have a remote control:

Identify Your LG TV’s Model Year.

This method of connecting your LG TV to WiFi without a remote control is only applicable for LG TV sets manufactured after 2012, so if your set was released after 2012.

You can find the model year under the barcode of your LG TV. For instance, check the “manufactured: MM/YY” label on the TV sticker.

Plug a USB Mouse into the USB Port of Your LG TV

Get a wireless or wired LG-supported mouse and connect it to your TV. However, the Bluetooth mouse can not work on your LG TV.

Connecting a USB mouse to your LG TV is setup-free, and here is how you can do it:

  • If you are using a wireless mouse, switch on its power switch.
  • Insert the USB cable into your LG TV’s USB port.
  • Move the USB mouse to see if it is working.

Go to Your TV’s Quick Settings

You can do this by pressing the physical button under the TV’s LG logo. After pressing it once, a 3-icon menu will appear on your TV screen. These icons are;

  • Power button
  • Input button
  • Settings exit button

Click on the “Input Option”

Select “Input” on the displayed quick settings menu. Doing this will take you to the input settings page.

Select “Live TV”

Select the “Live TV” option by hovering your USB mouse over it. Next, left-click the USB mouse to select “Live TV.

You can also use a USB keyboard to select the “Live TV” option. This can be done by pressing the down and up arrow keys to highlight the “Live TV” option and tapping “ENTER.”

Choose “Recommended.”

Expand the side menu and scroll the mouse cursor on the left of your LG TV screen. Next, select “Recommended.”

Once the background turns blue, click it once. You will be notified that you are not connected to any network.

Press “YES” When Prompted to Connect

Tap on the “YES” button when prompted whether you would like to connect to a WiFi network. This will take you to the LG TV WiFi network settings page.

Choose Your WiFi Network

Look for the SSID of your local network from the WiFi network settings page. Next, click on it.

Enter the WiFi Password

Once your TV has recognized the WiFi network, enter the correct WiFi password and click on “Connect.”

Alternatively, you can tap “Enter” on your USB keyboard after entering the correct WiFi password.

Congratulation! Your LG TV is now successfully connected to WiFi without a remote.

Alternative Method to Connect Your LG TV to WiFi Without a Remote

You can also use an ethernet cable to connect your LG TV directly to the internet. However, for this to work:

  • Your LG TV must be close to your home WiFi router.
  • Your LG TV model must have a LAN ethernet port.

If so, you can plug one end of your ethernet cable into the TV LAN ethernet port and the other end inserted into the empty port at the back of your home WiFi router. This will connect your LG TV to the internet instantly.

Final Thoughts

Although you can connect your LG TV to WiFi without a remote using the mentioned methods, buying a new or replacing your remote is recommended. For instance, remotes are considerably priced.

Generally, a USB mouse will make it effortless to operate your LG Tv and connect it to WiFi without a remote. You only need to proceed as directed by the steps in this article.

Besides, using an ethernet cable will give you a more practical option to connect your LG TV to WiFi without a remote.

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