Why Can’t I Hear Blink Doorbell Inside House? 

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If your Blink Doorbell is hooked up but you can’t hear the chime of the doorbell inside the house, you might have an issue with the calibration of the doorbell sounds. Whether the activation time is too short or the sounds are set too low, there are a few different things that could prevent you from hearing the Blink Doorbell when it goes off. 

Blink Doorbell sound issues are usually a result of calibration or connectivity issues. Adjusting the calibration of the doorbell’s sound settings or checking the doorbell’s connectivity with the Sync Module can resolve any issues hearing the Blink Doorbell indoors. 

Blink Doorbells can pose some connectivity issues when you’re first getting them installed. Keep reading to learn more about why a Blink Doorbell might be audible at the door but not inside, and how you can fix the problem. 

Why Can’t I Hear My Blink Doorbell Indoors? 

There are a few main reasons why you might run into the problem where your doorbell seems to be installed properly, but it isn’t creating a chime notification inside when someone is at the door. Here are some of the causes you should look at: 

  • The Blink Doorbell audio volume is miscalibrated. If the audio volume on the doorbell is miscalibrated, the volume of the chime might be too low or you might just hear a buzzing noise rather than a chime. 
  • The Blink Doorbell activation time is too short and needs to be adjusted. If the activation time is too low, it won’t give the connection time to pass the alert to the indoor chime.
  • The Blink Doorbell is not synced to the indoor chime. If the Blink Doorbell is not connected to the indoor chime, you won’t get an indoor alert when the button is pressed. This can be the result of either wireless connectivity issues or a low battery.
    Your smart device volume or notification settings are off. If you have your smartphone muted or you disable notifications, this can prevent the Blink Doorbell from chiming on your smart device indoors. If you’re depending on your smart device to alert you rather than a Sync Module, this can cause you to miss the doorbell.

How to Calibrate the Blink Doorbell

If you can’t hear your Blink Doorbell indoors, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can pursue to get the Blink Doorbell audio functioning again. Here are some of the things you should look at to reset your malfunctioning Blink Doorbell if it’s not chiming indoors: 

Check the power for the doorbell and the sync module. Low battery power in the Blink Doorbell can prevent it from being able to communicate with the indoor chime. Make sure the battery is charged in both the Blink doorbell and the sync module.

Check the wireless connectivity of the Blink Doorbell. If the Internet connection that the Blink Doorbell is using is unstable or missing, the indoor chime won’t connect with the outdoor bell.
Check the volume and notification settings on your smart device. If you’re depending on your smart device to give you an audio alert for the Blink Doorbell, check the phone or tablet to make sure that the volume is turned on and that the notifications for the Blink app are active.

If addressing these issues doesn’t fix the audio on the doorbell, you’ll need to go into the Blink app and adjust the calibration of the doorbell’s audio settings. 

Begin Calibrating

Take these steps to perform a mechanical chime calibration on your Blink Doorbell: 

  • Go to Doorbell Settings in the Blink app menu. This submenu is noted on the main menu as three horizontal lines with dots. Select this button to enter the Doorbell Settings menu. 
  • Increase the Retrigger Time. An activation time that is too short can prevent the Blink chime from sounding off indoors. Increase this time from zero (where it may be set) to a longer time.
    Enable Audio. If the audio on the Blink Doorbell is disabled, it won’t sound when the doorbell is pressed. Make sure that the audio is enabled to hear the doorbell chime.
    Check the Ringer and Speaker volumes. If the volume on the ringer and speaker are turned down, then this can prevent you from hearing the Blink Doorbell inside the house.
  • Select a Chime Type. If a Chime Type is not selected, this may prevent you from hearing the doorbell chime when it’s pressed. Select a chime type and perform a sound test to ensure that the doorbell is functioning.  

Using these settings to adjust the audio on the Blink doorbell can usually resolve any problems you have with hearing the chime inside when the doorbell is activated outside. Recalibrating and resetting the system is your best bet for getting the chime working properly again. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re having problems hearing your Blink Doorbell inside the house, try using the troubleshooting guide above to calibrate the Blink’s audio settings. By eliminating potential causes for the problem one by one, you should be able to figure out which audio setting is preventing you from hearing the doorbell. 

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