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What Chime Can I Use with Blink Doorbell?

Last Updated Jul 19, 2022
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Some people love to spice things up with their electronic gadgetry. If you’re one of these people, you may want to choose a custom Blink Doorbell chime. So, what options do you have?

Users can only choose between the mechanical and digital chime on the Blink App after installation. However, if you connect your Blink Doorbell with Amazon Alexa, you will find a wider variety of chimes available for use.

Smart technology has made it so we can customize even the most basic things to our tastes. Keep reading to learn which chimes are available for Blink Doorbells and how to change them.

What Chimes Can Be Used with Blink Doorbell?

Your standard doorbell chime depends on the type of chime you have in your home system. This might be a system installed from an older doorbell, or it may be a feature on your in-home intercom. To learn how to configure new chimes, you first need to know which type of chime your home system is set up with.

Mechanical Chime Calibration

A mechanical door chime is the typical “ding-dong” sound. Once the doorbell button is pressed, it reverberates a sound akin to a striker hitting a metal bar or bell.

This calibration is a default chime in many homes, and there’s a high chance the old doorbell in your house had this same chime. You can make changes to the strength of the chime through a process called “calibration.” You can change these settings through the Doorbell Settings page on the Blink App.

Digital Chime Calibration

A digital door chime emits a melody when your Blink Doorbell is pressed. If you use a wired installation for your doorbell, you can activate it through the Blink App and complete your preferred calibration in the Doorbell Settings. Then, perform a Sound Test to ensure you’ve successfully configured the chime.

How to Calibrate Your Blink Doorbell Chime

The calibration method is similar for both mechanical and digital chimes. Immediately after installation, you will be led to the Chime Setup on the Blink app. Follow these instructions to configure it:

  • Tap on Test Sound.
  • After the sound plays, you will be asked if you’re satisfied with it. If you choose “No,” you will be asked to select a volume preference from a level selector. Adjust it as you like, then proceed.
  • If you choose “Yes,” you will be presented with a Power Analysis feature that checks your wiring for the correct voltage.
  • Once it checks green, it means the calibration was successful, and you can continue.
  • You should now arrive at your home screen, where you can rename your doorbell camera and test your chime again.

Note that you can’t maximize your chime with a battery-powered doorbell without a Sync Module. This is because the chime works with volt current. If the voltage capacity of the chime box is less than 16 VAC, you will not pass the power analysis test.

Can Blink Doorbell Chime with Alexa?

You can use any Alexa-enabled device as a chime. This allows you to access many doorbell chimes through the Alexa Doorbell Announcement feature. In addition, your Blink Doorbell can be linked with any Alexa device, such as the Echo Dot, and relay doorbell notifications through voice.

This means that, instead of a mechanical or digital chime echoing in your house when the doorbell is pressed, Alexa can announce, “someone is at the front door,” or anything else you’d like her to say.

You can navigate the Alexa App to change the Doorbell Announcement sound if you want something different. For example, you can pick a digital chime with a Christmas, Halloween, scary, majestic, or funny theme.

How Long Does Blink Doorbell Chime Last?

The Blink Doorbell chime will last for a maximum of 60 seconds. You can adjust your settings for a shorter chime, but not a longer one.

Will Blink Doorbell Chime Work if the Power Goes Out?

While the Blink Doorbell will run on battery power in cases of power outages, the chime will not. Smart doorbells are yet to include wireless chime boxes that work without power. If you have a wired installation, the Blink Chime will ring through the wireless devices connected to it like your smartphone. However, it won’t ring in your home until power is restored.


By default, the Blink Doorbell can use two chimes: a mechanical chime or a digital chime. The default choice will depend on the type of chime box you have in your home. If you’d like to customize your chime, you can connect your chime system with Alexa.

Chimes can lighten up your mood or excite you about the prospect of home visitations. With Blink technology, you can move away from the ordinary and enter a home of smart technology.

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