Can You Answer Your Ring Doorbell with a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Can You Answer Your Ring Doorbell with a Samsung Galaxy Watch?Can You Answer Your Ring Doorbell with a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

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Ring doorbells are synonymous with home security innovation. They can connect to smart technology like speakers, TVs, and mobile devices. For Samsung Galaxy watch wearers, does the Ring doorbell connect to their smartwatches?

You can answer a Ring doorbell from a Samsung Galaxy Watch. A Samsung Galaxy Watch makes home security monitoring faster and easier with two-way audio and live feed viewing.

No more getting up to find your phone or running to your Echo Show to see who is at the door. Just simply answer your Ring doorbell on your wrist!

You can use Your Samsung Galaxy Watch to Answer a Ring Doorbell

Having a Ring doorbell to protect your home is essential. With recent updates, you can connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to your Ring doorbell. 

You can use your Samsung Galaxy Watch to answer the Ring doorbell quickly. 

There are plenty of useful features, including:

  • Motion notifications at your front door
  • Two-way audio between devices
  • View a live feed of what’s going on outside your home
  • With a coverage of 30 feet, a Ring doorbell camera provides a panoramic live feed of the outside of your home. 
  • Receive push notifications on your Samsung Galaxy watch.

How to Connect Your Samsung Galaxy Watch with a Ring Doorbell

Samsung recently announced new updates to the SmartThings ecosystem. This enables Galaxy Watch users to connect their wearable devices with Ring and Nest doorbells.

To connect your Samsung Galaxy watch with a Ring doorbell, you must download the Ring and  SmartThings apps. 

Follow these steps to connect your Ring doorbell with a Samsung Galaxy watch:

  1. Add your Ring doorbell to the Ring app.
  2. Add your Ring doorbell to the SmartThings app. Press the “+” symbol on the home screen > “Add Device.”
    smartthings add device
  3. Scroll down to “Select from list of devices” section then select “Doorbell” > “Ring.” 
    Smartthings - select doorbell
  4. Follow the steps on screen to add Ring to your account.
  5. Save the Ring doorbell as a favorite device on the SmartThings app by long-pressing the Ring Doorbell icon.
  6. Navigate to the SmartThings app on your watch to access and view the Ring doorbell.

Only the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic, Watch 5, and Watch 5 Pro can answer a Ring doorbell. 

If you have shared users of your Ring doorbell account, they can connect their Samsung Galaxy wearables to a Ring doorbell.

Make sure that the Ring and SmartThings apps on your phone and Samsung Galaxy watch are updated to ensure optimal video feed quality.

Is a Samsung Galaxy Watch Compatible with All Types of Ring Doorbells?

A Samsung Galaxy smartwatch relies on the SmartThings app to connect with a Ring doorbell. As such, only Ring doorbells and devices compatible with the SmartThings platform can connect with a Galaxy watch.

These include:

  • Video Doorbell Pro
  • Video Doorbell 3
  • Video Doorbell 2
  • Video Doorbell
  • Video Doorbell Elite
  • Stick Up Cam
  • Spotlight Cam
  • Floodlight Cam

Keep in mind that using apps on your Samsung Galaxy Watch will wear down its battery life.

Can You View a Ring Doorbell’s Footage on a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

With a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, you can view a Ring doorbell’s live footage from your wrist. 

Swipe right on your Samsung Galaxy watch face to open the SmartThings app tile. Access your Ring doorbell from the SmartThings app to start watching a live feed.

With two-way audio, you can also communicate with visitors directly from your Galaxy watch through the Ring doorbell.

If you’re having issues accessing live view or motion detection, there are some quick fixes you can do within the Ring app and on your Ring Doorbell.

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