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Why Is My Samsung TV Red Light Flashing?

Last Updated Jan 17, 2022
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If your Samsung TV won’t come on but the red power light is flashing, you might panic. This can sometimes indicate a serious hardware issue with your television. However, you may still be able to fix the issue with a little troubleshooting if you try. 

A red flashing power light on a Samsung TV usually indicates a power supply failure, but it can also be a glitch in the HDMI hookup or a technical defect. Troubleshooting the problem may involve replacing the television if the power supply is bad or resetting the HDMI connection. 

It might seem like a catastrophe if your TV isn’t working, but don’t toss it without working through the troubleshooting guide below first. Read on to learn more about the potential issues that cause a Samsung TV to have a flashing power light and what you can do to fix it.  

What Does the Flashing Red Light on a Samsung Mean?

If you try to turn on your Samsung TV and only get a flashing red light, it could result from a few different causes. Here are some of the potential reasons why your Samsung TV may be showing a flashing red light: 

  • Power supply failure: If you run into a flashing red light on your Samsung TV, the most likely suspect for the problem is a bad power supply. This lack of power could be caused by a bad electrical wall outlet or damage to the power supply from a power surge. 
  • Software glitch: If your Samsung TV was disconnected from its power source during a software update, this could cause issues with the TV’s ability to connect. 
  • Hardware defect: If your Samsung TV has taken damage from being dropped or splashed with a liquid, this could lead to hardware failures that will stop the TV from powering up correctly. 
  • HDMI port defect: If you have a gaming console or other appliance connected to your TV and you turn it off without swapping the HDMI input back over, this can cause the TV source input to glitch. This glitch in turn can prevent the TV from powering up. 

As you can see above, some of the causes of a flashing red light on a Samsung TV can be resolved, while others indicate a serious problem with your TV. You’ll need to do some troubleshooting to figure out whether the problem can be fixed or whether the TV needs to be replaced. 

How to Fix a Red Blinking Light on a Samsung TV

In some cases, a red blinking light on a Samsung TV indicates a serious hardware malfunction. However, in some cases, it may be fixed by making some adjustments to your television. Perform the following to troubleshoot a red blinking light on your Samsung TV: 

  • Inspect the TV: If you’ve recently moved the TV, it may have been banged or dropped at some point, loosening the components inside. Water damage can also cause a TV to stop working, so check your TV over carefully for any damage that may have occurred. Also check the power connections to make sure they’re secure.  
  • Check the screen: If you can’t find any obvious damage on the TV, the next step is to check the screen. If the LCD screen is working, pressing on the screen gently with the tip of your finger should cause a visual rippling effect in the screen. If the screen doesn’t respond, the issue may be with the monitor of the TV rather than the power supply. 
  • Remove all devices from the TV HDMI port. If you have any gaming consoles, soundbars, or other devices connected to your Samsung HDMI port, remove them and power the TV down. After waiting ten minutes, try and power it up again. If the red blinking light is the result of an HDMI port glitch, this can sometimes reset it. 
  • Check for a software update. Induce a software update through your TV’s remote settings if your software isn’t up to date. Missing a software update potentially causes communication issues between your TV’s software and hardware, so you need to make sure you have the most recent version of your TV’s software.  

If the screen is working but the TV still isn’t functioning and you’ve tried the solutions above, chances are you’re dealing with a bad power supply. While you might be able to send your TV to be repaired for several hundred dollars, you might also be able to send it back to Samsung for repairs or replacement. 

Do Samsung Warranties Cover a Power Supply Failure? 

Samsung warranties typically cover device defects as long as those defects aren’t the result of damage or neglect, so a bad power supply is a TV flaw that should be covered. Before you spend money to get your TV repaired, check with your TV’s warranty and see if you can’t get it covered. 

A Samsung manufacturer’s warranty is only good for twelve months, so submitting your TV for warranty work will only work if you purchased it in the past year. (Source: Samsung) Note: Most companies require you to register your TV to be eligible for a warranty, so this should be one of the first things you do when purchasing a new Samsung TV. 

Red Flashing Lights May Require Replacement

If the power light on your Samsung TV is flashing red, you might be able to fix it yourself as simply as unplugging everything and plugging it back in. But in many cases, this symptom means that you may be looking at getting a new TV. Troubleshooting your Samsung TV can mean the difference between a quick fix and a replacement, so it’s worth the trouble to try. 

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