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Can I Change The Screensaver on My Samsung TV?

Last Updated Mar 25, 2022
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Ever try to change the screensaver on your TV? It can turn into a real headache. You have to endlessly scroll app menus or use the remote control, and some manufacturers still don’t let you change the screensaver at all! Samsung generally delivers when it comes to personalizing your experience on their devices, but can you change the screensaver on a Samsung TV

Changing the screensaver on your Samsung TV is a simple process, and enabling your screensaver helps to protect your OLED screen from burn-in. Samsung has also released a recent update for their enhanced screensaver option Ambient Mode on their 2021 OLED TVs, which provides further opportunities for customization. 

Now that we know we can change the screensaver on a Samsung TV,  it’s time to learn how to change it and get more details about the 2021 update to Ambient Mode. We also need to find out more about burn-in and how enabling the screensaver helps to protect our TV screen. Let’s get into it!

How To Enable Or Change Your Screensaver

The screensaver on a Samsung TV is changed using the SmartThings app or TV remote. Access to the full catalog of screensaver options or adding your photos will require the use of the SmartThings app on your mobile device and your TV. We’ve provided instructions for both setting up your screensavers and changing them below: 

Changing your screensaver settings using SmartThings App: 

  1. Select the SmartThings app on your mobile device
  2. Select Add(Plus Sign)
  3. Select Device
  4. Select By Brand
  5. Select Samsung
  6. Select TV
  7. Select the TV you wish to connect to
  8. Select Start, and follow the instructions to connect your TV
  9. Select Menu(three horizontal lines) 
  10. Select the Location drop-down menu
  11. Select the location with your TV
  12. Select your TVs Card to view your options 
  13. Select Ambient Mode and scroll through the introductions
  14. Select Start Now
  15. Follow the in-app instructions to change your screensaver options 

Changing your screensaver using your remote: 

  1. Select the Menu button on your remote
  2. Select Ambient Mode
  3. Select Ambient Settings 
  4. Select Screen Settings 
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to change your screensaver settings

To turn your screensaver on/off, use your remote to navigate to Home, then select Ambient Mode. Select the Theme you wish to enable to turn your screensaver on. Press the Home button again to turn off your screensaver. 

What Is Burn-In? 

Smart devices that have an OLED screen are susceptible to burn-in due to their enhanced picture resolution and contrast ratio. Burn-in occurs when a fixed logo or other image remains on your screen in one position for a long time without changing, usually several hours. This causes the fixed image to create a shadowy ghost image in that area of the screen that appears even after you change the channel or turn the TV off. 

This can be a problem if you tend to leave your TV on the same station or game screen for long periods. Enabling your screensaver to turn on automatically after a specific length of inactive time is the simplest way to avoid burn-in if you tend to leave your TV on.

About Ambient Mode Features 

Ambient Mode offers a variety of customizable screensaver options, as well as additional features to further tailor Ambient Mode to your style choices. We’ve provided a brief overview of each option for you below: 

  • Cinemagraph: A variety of moving images can be set to run on your screen, with the option to customize settings like Saturation, Brightness, and Tone
  • My Album: Create customized screens with your photos using templates like Dynamic Filter and Auto Gallery
  • Artwork: Choose from a selection of artwork such as still life or nature photos, with the option to customize settings like Saturation, Brightness, and Tone
  • Background: Choose from a selection of simplistic colors or textured backgrounds like brick or wood, with the option to customize settings like Saturation, Brightness, or Tone

Please note that you will need to use the SmartThings app to allow My Album access to your preferred Gallery to use this option. We recommend screening your images carefully before allowing access to protect your privacy and security. 


Changing the screensaver on your smart TV is a great way to personalize it and make it feel more like home. However, finding out how to change this setting can be a pain. Lucky for us, Samsung is always working to make changing settings like your screensaver hassle-free!

In this article, we got the answer to whether we could change the screensaver on a Samsung TV, plus clear instructions for using Ambient Mode to fully customize our screensaver to reflect our style. We also picked up some handy knowledge about how using a screensaver can protect our smart TV from burn-in! 

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