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Why is My LG TV Talking to Me?

Last Updated Sep 9, 2022
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After getting your new LG TV, you’ve begun exploring all its cool and exciting applications and smart features. But as you browse through the menu and controls, you hear audio reports from the TV. If you are facing this issue, you may wonder, “why is my LG TV talking to me?”

LG TVs emit audio reports during screen navigation when the Audio Guidance feature is enabled. This feature describes what is happening on the TV and guides users through the menu and channel selection.

Below, we will discuss more about LG’s Audio Guidance feature and how to turn it off when not needed. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Why is My LG TV Talking to Me?

Whether you are using your LG TV remote to go through your list of channels or control the volume, you may receive an audio response from your TV as you do so.

If that is the case, there’s no need to panic. It simply means that your TV’s Audio Guidance feature has been activated. When enabled, this in-built voice assistance will confirm new changes during screen navigation or selection processes.

This navigation system is built to give audio feedback for every control and guide you through the TV menu. It also describes the variety of content available for you in your channels.

The Audio Guidance feature was designed for consumers with visual impairments. It allows them to control the volume and change channels through vocal assistance.

Audio Guidance is not permanently configured into your TV. Therefore, you can turn it off if you don’t want to use it.

How to Turn Off Audio Guidance on Your LG TV

Although helpful for many reasons, like surfing your list of channels and the TV menu, it can be annoying to constantly receive feedback from your TV.

If you are tired of listening to navigation reports, follow these steps to turn off Audio Guidance on your TV:

  • Press the gear icon on the remote to go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to “All Settings.”
  • Click on “Accessibility.” For LG TVs using WebOS 6, click “General,” then scroll down to “Accessibility.”
  • Click on “Audio Guidance.”
  • Toggle it off.

Similarly, you can use voice commands to turn Audio Guidance off. Simply press and hold the voice recognition button on your remote and say, “turn off audio guidance.”

Why is Audio Guidance Not Turning Off?

If you have tried toggling the voice guide off through the settings mentioned above to no avail, don’t panic. Instead, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart your TV by switching it off with the power button on the remote or the side of the TV. Switch it back on after 10 seconds.
  • Reset your LG smart TV. To do this, navigate through “Settings,” “General,” and finally, “Reset to Initial Settings.”

Both these methods will revert your internal TV settings. However, it’s important to note that resetting your TV will restore it to its factory settings.

Try restarting your TV first. If that doesn’t work, a factory reset is your best option.

After the factory reset completes, you will have to reconnect your TV to your home’s WiFi network, install your apps again, and log back into all your accounts.

If you are fine with doing this, you can proceed with the factory reset. If not, try contacting LG Support to find more ways to turn Audio Guidance off.

How Can I Use the Audio Guidance Feature?

While some people find the Audio Guidance feature annoying, it is helpful for some users. Through the Audio Guidance settings, you can adjust the voice guide’s volume, pitch, and speed. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to “All Settings.”
  • Press “Accessibility.”
  • Select “Audio Guidance.”
  • Scroll down to adjust the volume, pitch, and speed.

If you find listening to audio feedback annoying, turn the feature off. However, some people find it more helpful to tweak the settings to suit their hearing better instead of completely turning it off.

Depending on your LG TV model, you may be able to adjust the settings even further. Some televisions have a high/medium/low format, while others include very slow and very fast options.

Test each sound format until you find the best speed, volume, and pitch settings.

In Conclusion

Your LG TV will talk to you whenever the Audio Guidance feature is turned on. This feature acts as a voice guide for visually-impaired consumers and will report navigation made whenever the up, down, left, and right buttons are pressed.

You will receive feedback whenever you control the volume or scroll through the menu and channels. If you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off through the TV’s settings or tweak the audio to suit your taste better. 

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