How Can I Find Out What Model LG TV I Have?

Find Out What Model LG TV I Have?Find Out What Model LG TV I Have?

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Different people mean different things when they ask about the “model” of their LG TV. They may be referring to the model number, the actual name, or even the serial number.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, it’s easy to find out what model LG TV you have.

How to Find Your LG TV’s Model Number

Looking at the label on the back of your TV is the easiest way to find the model number.

Model number on the back of the LG TV

On the right side, you will see a square with a lot of information printed. On LG LED TVs, the top number in the box is your model number. 

This number may be located in a different place depending on the age of your TV. Check the left corner if you don’t see it on the right side.

Other Ways to Find the Model Number on Your LG TV

I have my LG TV sitting on top of an entertainment center. But, a lot of people mount their TVs on the wall

If you can’t get to the back of your TV, there are other places you can find the model number. 

If you purchased your LG TV online, check the product listing. The model number, as well as the name, will be listed here. 

You can also find your LG TV’s model number in your TV’s settings:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Select “Settings.” 
  3. Choose “All Settings.”
    All Settings on LG TV
  4. Press “General.” 
  5. Select “About This TV.” (some models)
  6. Press “TV Information.”
    Support then TV Information

Your model number will be right on the screen.

Model number on LG TV

You can do these same steps without a remote. Most LG TVs have control buttons on the side or bottom. Use the “Menu” option to navigate through your settings.

LG TV Model Numbers Explained

You’ve found your LG TV’s model number. So, what do the numbers and letters mean?

The model number assigned to your LG TV can actually tell you a lot about your device. For example, let’s break down the model number “55UP7700PYB.”

55Diagonal Screen Size 
UScreen Matrix Type
PManufacturing Year
7TV Series
PTechnical Features
UDigital Tuner Type

If you own one of LG’s QNED TVs or nanocell TVs, the second line in the table above will say “nano.”

These clarifications mean very little if you only use your television for entertainment. But, if you want to understand your TV more, the model number can be extremely helpful.

Here are the model names and numbers of three of the most popular LG TVs:

ModelModel Number 

Where is the Serial Number on My LG TV?

Although you can find the age of your television through the model number, it’s displayed as a letter and you will need the key to determine the year. 

Using the serial number is a bit easier, as everything is laid out numerically.

You can find your LG TV’s serial number on the back of the TV in the same location as the model number. You can also find it in your settings menu under “TV Information.” 

The serial number should look something like this — 804RMMD8U378. 

Here, the first number is the manufacturing year. “8” represents the year 2018. The second two numbers, 04, mean the TV was made during the month of April.

LG TV Model Numbers vs. Serial Numbers

Some people use model and serial numbers interchangeably. But, there are some key differences between the two. 

The model number on an LG TV explains your television’s:

  • Series
  • Design
  • Screen size
  • Specific modifications 

The serial number, on the other hand, is unique to your TV. It breaks down where and when the TV was made, down to the month, and on which assembly line. 

Each number can help you in different scenarios. For example, you’ll use the model number if you need to order replacement parts or find your TV’s owner’s manual online.

But, if you need to claim your warranty from the TV manufacturer, you’d use the serial number.

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