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How Can I Find Out What Model LG TV I Have?

Last Updated Jun 3, 2022
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Often, finding out basic information regarding your technological devices can be one of the most challenging parts of using them, it seems everything is in code and placed somewhere obscure! Not to worry though, if you have an LG TV and you need to know the model number, this post will make your life quite a lot easier!

The “model” of your television is usually slang for the model number of your device. However, if you are also looking for the name of the model of your TV, these steps will be a great help as you can easily type the model number into Google to find the model name, or use it to speak with an LG representative regarding your exact product model. 

Finding the Model

There are two simple ways to find out what model LG TV you have in your home:

  • Find it on your television’s menu on the screen. 
    • Using your remote (the one that came with the LG TV) press HOME.
    • Select SETTINGS on the top right.
    • Select ALL SETTINGS on the bottom.
    • Select GENERAL.
    • Select ABOUT THIS TV.
    • Finally, select TV INFORMATION.
    • Your model number will be right on the screen! LG Model Screen Steps
  • Find it behind your television, printed on the label. 
    • If you are able to access the back of your TV, this is the easiest way to find your model. 
    • On the right side, you will see a printed square with a lot of information. 
    • The top number in the box is your model number.
    • If you need a photo of what it should look like, find one here on LG’s help page

These steps should be easy enough to follow to find the model of your LG TV. However, you may still have more questions regarding your LG television. What year is your LG? What do the model numbers and letters mean? What is the difference between a model number and a serial number? If you want to know and understand your television, whether to use or to sell, keep reading!

What Do the LG TV Model Numbers Mean?

The model number assigned to your LG TV is not random, and it can actually tell you a lot about your device if you need it to. Here is an example of a model number provided by the LG help library: 55UP7700PUB. Let’s break it down. 

Digital Screen SizeScreen Matrix TypeManufacturing YearSeriesLevelModificationTechnical FeaturesDigital Tuner TypeDesign

If you really only use your television for entertainment, these clarifications might mean very little to you, however, if you are interested in understanding your device they can be extremely helpful.

What Year is Your LG?

Although you can find the age of your television through the model number, it’s displayed as a letter and you will need the key to determine the year. Using the serial number is a bit easier as it is laid out numerically.

Your LG TV’s serial number can be found in the exact same locations as the model number: on the back of the TV on the adhered label or on the screen found under “television information.”

Once you have located the serial number, it should look something like this: 804RMMD8U378. Here, the first number is the manufacturing year, i.e. 8 is 2018, and the second number is the month, 04 meaning April. LG Help Library

What is the Difference Between an LG TV Model Number and a Serial Number?

Now we have learned where to find both the model and serial numbers on the television and what information they can provide, but what is the real difference between the two?

The LG model number will explain your television’s screen size, series, design, and specific modifications. Whereas, the serial number breaks down where the TV was made, on which assembly line, and when it was made, down to the month. Which number you need will depend on the problem you are facing with your product. 


You can find your LG TV’s model number in two simple ways, looking on the back of the television for the printed label, or searching with the remote through the information on the screen.

Now, you understand a little more about your LG TV. Whether for your own knowledge, to get help from a technician or representative, or if you are looking to sell your device and charge the right price, this is an important number to be able to find!