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Can You Control LG TV With Google Home?

Last Updated Mar 29, 2022
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Long gone are the days of multiple confusing remotes and several different devices used for individual purposes. We have entered the realm of all-in-one products where all your needs are not only at your fingertips but easily controllable with your voice from anywhere in your home. If you have a Google Home, you are already used to and probably love this feature, but now you may be wondering: can you use it to control your LG TV?

You can use your Google Home to control your LG TV. However, this will only work if your smart television operates with the WebOS 4.0 system and if you own one of the specific models that allow the connection. Connect Your LG TV to Your Google Home

Most of us don’t know off the top of our heads what operating system our television uses, or even what model it is. In this article, we are going to address just how to find out what you need to know to see if your LG TV will connect to your Google Home. If you are in luck and you find you have the right equipment to connect, we will also go through step-by-step instructions on how to pair the two devices. 

Which LG TV Models will Connect to my Google Home?

It is important to note that often when searching for your television’s model, you will be directed to the model number as the names are virtually interchangeable. Although you can find your model within the model number, it is essentially written in code, and it is much easier to find the quick answer you’re looking for within the menu on the television. Not quite sure how to do that? No problem, we are going to break it down now. 

LG TV models which can connect to Google Home devices include the W8, E8, C8, B8, B8S, SK95, SK90, SK80, UK77, UK65, UK63, UK62, LK61, and LK54. Compatible LG TV Models

How Do I Find my LG TV Model?

Finding the model and operating system of your TV is fairly simple, all you will need is your LG remote. 

  • First, turn on your TV and then select the HOME or SETTINGS button.
  • If you selected HOME, you now need to click SETTINGS.
  • At the bottom of the screen select ALL SETTINGS.
  • Scroll down and select GENERAL.
  • Then click ABOUT THIS TV.
  • Your model and system should be clearly visible. How To Find Your LG Model

From there, you will need to check back with the original list of available models for Google Home connection and ensure your television is running on WebOS 4.0. If it is, and if your television model coincides with one of the accessible products, you are good to go! If not, unfortunately, you will not be able to connect the two. 

How Do I Connect My LG TV to my Google Home?

If you are still reading it probably means you have the option to connect your Google Home to your LG TV. Now you will want to know just how to make this happen. The good news is, it’s extremely manageable, even if you know nothing about technology. 

  • The first step is ensuring your Google Home is set up properly.
  • Next, you will once again open your LG HOME menu on your remote. 
  • Click “Set Up TV For Google Assistant”
  • Here there are two options for registration: using your Google or Facebook account to connect, or connecting to your LG account.
  • If you need to set up an LG account, first select ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT on the main menu and follow the registration steps.
  • Once you have registered through one of the various options, the Google Home app will be available on your television.
  • Enter into the app and select MENU.
  • Then, click HOME CONTROL which will automatically connect you to the Google Home Assistant.
  • To add and pair your device, select the + button and select LGThinQ, from there you may need to sign in to your LG account if you haven’t already. 

Now, your Google Home should be connected to your LG TV! If you are using Chromecast the steps are slightly different, you can find detailed instructions on how to connect via Chromecast here.


Depending on your LG TV model and system, your television may or may not be able to connect to your Google Home.

If you are the plan-ahead type and are doing your research before purchasing your LG TV or a Google Home, this article will guarantee you buy the right model with the specific operating system you will need for a completely voice-operated television in your home. 

If you already have one or both devices, hopefully, you now understand if they will connect, and if so, how to do so from the comfort of your own couch. 

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