Subtitles are a great way to enjoy your show for so many reasons. Understanding dialogue via closed-captioning options is a standard setting for your LG TV. However, there may be times when the subtitles are not large enough to use, so finding a way to make them more visible is desired.

Sometimes, the default subtitle setting on your TV does not provide you with the best viewing experience. Making a few adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the program. Keep reading to learn the steps you can take to adjust the size of your subtitles so you can add enjoyment to your viewing.

Check If Your LG TV Has the Features

If captioning is available on the program you have chosen, adjusting the size of the subtitles can be done by using your remote, then heading to the settings menu.

However, not all LG TVs have the option to enlarge the subtitles; there are several ways to find out if your TV has that option:

  • Your LG TV must be a model produced after 2009 to be able to adjust the size of the subtitles. Additionally, digital caption settings can only be adjusted for programs produced in digital broadcasting style.
  • Also, if your video comes from a cable box or other external source, the closed-captioning size may need to be changed through the provider rather than the TV. Check with the manufacturer’s website regarding subtitle resizing to research the proper procedure. Click here for a video that explains LG televisions and closed-captioning options.

If you find that your TV does have the ability to adjust subtitle sizes, follow the next steps below:

Go to Your TV’s Settings

To change the size of the subtitles, navigate to the Settings menu on your remote.

  • For a Smart remote, choose Settings, General, Captions, and finally, Digital Captions.
  • For a standard remote, choose Settings, Advanced Settings, Accessibility, and then Captions.

In either menu, if the ability to enlarge the subtitles is an option, you will see a radio button to choose for enlarging. Unfortunately, if there is no option, you may need to seek out other ways to complete this.

Other Options for Enlarging Subtitles on an LG TV

If you cannot enlarge the subtitles on your LG TV due to when it was manufactured, or you received your signal through a cable box or other style of provider, you have options.

Certain streaming services have their settings available within the app, and in some cases, you can adjust the subtitle size from within the app if your LG TV does not have the capability.

  • Netflix – If you stream programming from Netflix, navigate to your Account, and choose Profile and Parental Controls. Next, select Change for Subtitle appearance. Choose the appearance settings you desire, save the changes, and open the app on your LG TV.
  • Amazon Prime Video – While streaming from Amazon Prime Video, navigate to Amazon Video Settings. Then, choose Subtitle Preferences and use the Edit button to make the changes to the subtitle size. Save your settings and return to your programming to being using these updated settings.
  • Cable Box – When programming for your LG TV is from a cable box, you can change the size of the subtitles by visiting the settings from the provider’s settings menu. For example, if you have cable service from Verizon, visiting the Menu and then navigating to Settings, System, Accessibility, and Closed Captions will allow you to change your subtitle settings. Follow the on-screen prompts to make these changes.

For other streaming services or cable providers, visit the website or contact customer support to find out the settings for closed captioning to learn how to enlarge the subtitles.

Updating Firmware

Making sure that your television has the latest firmware update can also ensure you access the most recent setting options for your TV.

  1. To check that you have the latest version of LG firmware installed, use your remote to either use the Home button to take you to the Settings menu, or the Settings button, if your remote has this feature.
  2. Choose the Advanced option.
  3. From the General tab, scroll down to About this TV, where you can see the current version, and choosing the Check for Updates icon will search for any updates.

If there are any improvements to closed captioning, any missing updates could fix this.

In Summary

Today’s LG TVs have many options to help you stream and watch your favorite programs. Whether you stream from convenient apps or use a cable provider for content, enlarging the subtitles will provide you with greater enjoyment for your and your family’s entertainment.

To enlarge the subtitles on an LG TV, go to the Settings menu using the remote. Verify that captions are set to On in the Accessibility section. For subtitle size, navigate to the Digital Caption option. From there, you can change settings, including size, color, and background.