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How Do I Turn on Subtitles on an LG TV?

Last Updated Mar 30, 2022
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Companies like Netflix and Hulu have started to offer closed captioning settings directly in their app for easier accessibility. However, when watching live TV, you still need to turn on your LG TV’s closed captioning settings to access subtitles.

Closed Captioning is broadcasted with the TV signal, and your TV decodes this signal to provide subtitles at the bottom of the screen. This means your closed captioning options for languages and settings are determined by the broadcasting station, and each channel might have different languages available. With that said, you’ll want to follow these steps to turn on subtitles for your LG TV.

Turn On Your LG TV

Turning on closed captioning for your LG TV can be found within your TV’s settings. To begin, power on your TV by either pushing the power button on your remote or the power button directly on your LG TV. The power button on the TV will be either located in the center of the TV under the LG logo or on the back of the TV in the lower right corner.

Find the Setting Menu for your TV

The settings for your LG TV will be different depending on which year it was manufactured:

LG TVs Prior to 2014

For LG TVs manufactured before 2014, the remote will have a gear icon that leads to a settings menu within your TV.

Once you have opened the settings menu for your LG TV, you will want to scroll down to the “Option” menu to find the closed captioning settings. The closed captioning settings will be labeled “Caption.”

LG TVs After 2014

For LG TVs manufactured in 2014 or after, the remote will have a home button labeled with a house icon. This will bring you to your TV’s main page. After pressing the home button, find the setting gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your TV.

Once in the settings menu for your LG TV manufactured in 2014 or after, you will want to scroll down to the “Accessibility” menu to find the closed captioning settings. In the Accessibility menu, the closed captioning settings will be labeled “Closed Caption.”

Toggle the Caption Option to “On”

Once you have found the closed captioning menu, you will want to toggle this setting to “On” to enable subtitles. This tells your TV to start decoding the closed captioning information within the TV signal to provide subtitles on the bottom of your screen.

Select Your Closed Captioning Mode

LG TVs have several modes for their closed captioning, which can change the language and format of your subtitles. These options are found within the closed caption menu of your LG TV directly below the On/Off setting for the closed captioning.

Note: The number of modes available is not determined by LG but by the broadcasting station.

  • CC1 is the first option for Closed Captioning on your LG TV. This option will be the subtitles in the primary language of the program you are watching. This is the default setting of your TV when you turn on the closed captions.
  • Other options include CC2, CC3, and CC4 as well as Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, and Text 4. If CC1 subtitles are not in your preferred language, these other options might be a better choice for you. The available languages will depend on the program or broadcasting network, and not all programming will provide multiple subtitle options.

If you select one of these additional modes and nothing changes or no subtitles appear, it is because the broadcast network does not provide that closed captioning mode.

Select Your Closed Captioning Style

While LG TVs made before 2014 only have one closed-caption style, newer LG TVs allow you to change the font color, size, and style of the subtitles and modify what is behind the subtitles to make the subtitles easier to read for each individual user.

These additional options can be found in the “Digital Mode Options” submenu within the closed captioning menu in LG TV models from 2014 or after.


While subtitles were originally added to make television and movies accessible for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities, subtitles can be a useful option if you want to watch content on your LG TV with the volume off or on a low setting. They also are a great option for those who struggle to keep up with dialogue or want to watch a show in another language.

While your LG TV has programming to help decode and display subtitles, ultimately, these subtitles are generated by the broadcasting station and transmitted with the TV signal to your TV; you just have to make sure these settings are turned on so you can see them!

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