If you have an LG TV you may have noticed it seems to turn off at random, and if you are watching the play-offs or a suspenseful drama, this could be pretty annoying! So why exactly does your TV turn off on its own? And more importantly, how can you fix it?

If your LG TV is turning off intermittently, first, check to see if your television plug is securely connected, and ensure a tight fit from your cord to the outlet. Next, make sure the cord is equally fastened into the TV itself. If that does not do the trick, you will need to check your “Time” menu on your television information screen and make sure the three available time settings are set correctly. 

You are not the only one with this problem, many customers have reached out through the internet to seek help for their LG TV’s spontaneous actions. Although these steps should get your LG TV working properly so you never miss a big score or a big scene, there are a few more common problems that we want to help you fix to make sure you can keep your television turned on when you want it to be! 

Why Does My LG TV Keep Restarting?

If your television is turning off but then turning back on, it is most likely not a timer problem, but instead, it could be as simple as once again, checking your cable hook-up connection. As we stated previously, making sure your cord is not falling out from the outlet and ensuring it is completely plugged into the television are the first steps to take if your device is restarting on its own. 

There is a chance that even if your cable is attached properly, that the cord has been compromised and needs to be replaced by a new one. Luckily, LG makes this very easy and a new cable is available for purchase at most electronic retail stores. 

However, it could be a bigger problem. Unfortunately, there could be an issue with the motherboard. If your television has experienced an electronic surge of high voltage, your mainboard could have broken completely. In this case, you will need to contact LG directly; if you are under warranty, they will most likely fix it for you, if not you will probably have to purchase a new TV. LG TV Restarting

Why Does My LG TV Flash ON and OFF?

LG defines TV flickering as the screen brightness changing either slowly or in quick bright flashes for any period of time. Obviously, this difficulty is not ideal for any consumer, but thankfully there is a simple solution that usually solves this problem. 

As with every problem we have faced regarding the television itself, you will need the original remote that came with the device to access the menu. Once there, you can select the PICTURE tab, then click ENERGY SAVER. If the energy saver is set to AUTO, change it with one click to OFF. This may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you will need to run a TV PICTURE TEST. LG Help Library: TV Flickering

While on your PICTURE menu, there is any easy to select button labeled PICTURE TEST. Click ENTER here to run the test. If the test shows that your screen is working properly, it’s most likely a problem with your other devices, i.e. a cable box or gaming consol and their connections. Realistitcally, if you are not a tech genius, you will most likely need to reach out to LG for support to get the complication sorted. 

LG  TV Picture Test


You may be one of the many users who have experienced trouble with an LG TV that randomly turns off, restarts, or flickers continuously. Even though it may feel frustrating that this is a common problem, it does mean that there are several forums and help pages that allow you to fix most anything from the comfort of your home. 

The LG support page is there for you for almost any issue you will encounter, and fixing your TV from turning off at random can be as simple as using your own remote to access the timer settings!