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Why Does An LG TV Turn Off By Itself?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
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If you have an LG TV, you may have noticed it seems to turn off at random, and if you are watching the playoffs or a suspenseful drama, this could be pretty annoying! So why exactly does your TV turn off on its own? And more importantly, how can you fix it?

Check that your LG TV cord fits snugly into the outlet if it turns off intermittently. Make sure the cord is fastened. On your television information screen, check your “Time” menu and make sure the three available time settings are correct. 

Several customers have sought help online for their LG TV’s spontaneous actions. This should get your LG TV working properly, so you never miss a big score or a big scene, but there are a few more common problems we would like to help you fix to keep your TV running! 

Why Does My LG TV Auto Power Off On Its Own?

If your television turns off and then turns back on, it’s likely not a timer issue but an issue with your cable connection. 

Ensure your cord is fully plugged into the television and not falling out of the outlet if your device is restarting

If your cable is attached properly, the cord has been compromised and needs to be replaced by a new one. LG makes this very easy, and a new cable is available at most electronic retail stores. 

However, it could be a bigger problem—a motherboard issue. LG will likely repair it if you are under warranty. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new TV. 

Why Does My LG TV Flash ON and OFF?

LG defines TV flickering as the screen brightness changing slowly or in quick, bright flashes. 

Obviously, this difficulty is not ideal for any consumer, but thankfully there is a simple solution that usually solves this problem. 

As with every problem we have faced regarding the television, you will need the original remote that came with the device to access the menu. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. In the menu, select the PICTURE tab 
  2. Then click ENERGY SAVER
  3. If the energy saver is set to AUTO, change it with one click to OFF
  4. This may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, you will need to run a TV PICTURE TEST. 
  5. While on your PICTURE menu, there is an easy-to-select button labeled PICTURE TEST.
  6. Click ENTER here to run the test. If the test shows that your screen is working properly, it’s most likely a problem with your other devices, i.e., a cable box or gaming console, and their connections. 

If you are not a tech genius, you will likely need to contact LG for support to resolve the complication. 

Troubleshooting Auto Power Off

When your LG TV smart TV turns itself on and off, it could be due to a mechanical issue, software issue, or user error. 

No matter the root cause, there is always a solution. Here are some of the best troubleshooting tips.

Perform a Software Update

One reason your LG TV could be turning off on its own is due to out of date firmware. When this software gets out of date, things stop functioning properly. 

It is essential to update firmware regularly to avoid this issue.

Simply go into the Menu on the LG TV and look for the general settings. Under this section, select software/firmware. 

Allow the LG TV to check for an update and push it through. The TV must be on WiFi to complete this.

Check the Power Source

Another reason why the LG TV could be turning itself on and off is due to a faulty power source. First, check the wall outlet the TV is plugged into. 

Ensure the circuit breaker hasn’t been cut, and power is being submitted to the outlet. Also check that the socket isn’t damaged in any way.

Next, check the cord that plugs the TV into the wall. If there is damage or the cord is breaking, it is time to replace it. 

A broken cord can cause intermittent power interruptions, which can result in your TV turning on and off. 

Turn Off Auto Power

Some users inadvertently set their LG TVs to auto power off. This is a power-saving mechanism within the LG TV settings menu. 

Toggle this off if you do not want the TV to turn off on its own after a certain amount of inactivity.

Adjust the Sleep Timer

LG TVs also come with sleep timers. This is similar to the Auto Off function. 

The difference is that the time can be set and not based on the same mechanism and criteria as the auto-off selection within the settings menu.

Clear the Cache

If the LG TV has cache overload, it can stop performing appropriately. Like a computer, the LG TV must have its cache cleared regularly. 

This can be found under the network setting in the settings menu on the TV.

Perform a Factory Reset

When all else fails, a factory reset typically will fix the problem. Within the settings menu, go to general, and there will be an option at the bottom to perform a factory reset. 

Allow this process to occur and set up the TV again once it turns back on.

If you try the troubleshooting tips above, you should be able to solve the problem in no time. 

If you aren’t sure how to proceed or which practice is relevant, simply go to LG’s website and click support for more assistance.


You may be one of the many users who have experienced trouble with an LG TV that randomly turns off, restarts, or flickers continuously. 

Even though it may feel frustrating that this is a common problem, it does mean that several forums and help pages allow you to fix most anything from the comfort of your home. 

The LG support page is there for you for almost any issue you will encounter, and fixing your TV from turning off randomly can be as simple as using your remote to access the timer settings!