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Why Is My Blink Doorbell Not Recording?

Last Updated Aug 2, 2022

You have your new Blink Doorbell set up and are hoping to record all the activity that comes through your front porch, only to find that it hasn’t been recorded at all! There are multiple different reasons why your Blink Doorbell may not be working correctly. What are those reasons and what can be done to fix them?

Your Blink Doorbell may not be working due to the following reasons:

  • You haven’t given it permissions through your smart device to save clips
  • It may not be connected to the Wi-Fi
  • The batteries need to be replaced
  • The motion detection sensor is not working

Most of these problems are a quick fix, and you do not have to replace your Blink Doorbell altogether. Let’s take a look at each problem individually and how each can be fixed so you don’t have to worry about your Blink Doorbell not working again in the future!

Why Is My Blink Doorbell Not Recording?

Let’s take a look at the various reasons why your Blink Doorbell may not be working.

You Haven’t Given Your Smart Device Permission to Save Clips

For one, you need to make sure that you’ve given permission to your smart device to connect to your Blink Doorbell. If not, although the doorbell itself is in fact recording, it has no device to save the videos to. 

In order to fix this:

  1. Download the Blink App onto your phone. 
  2. Go to your settings on your phone or tablet
  3. Allow your smart device to allow Blink to save future recordings on to it.
  4. Make sure you set the camera on the Blink Doorbell to Armed. If it is not set to armed, the camera will not record regardless of what other steps you take.

Here is a guide from that will walk you through step by step on how to set your Blink Doorbell up on either iPhone or Android devices.

It May Not Be Connected to the Wi-Fi

This may seem like a no brainer, but double check to make sure that your Blink Doorbell is connected to your Wi-Fi, if it’s not, this could be another reason why video isn’t being recorded. Also make sure that your doorbell is in range with your Wi-Fi. 

Since it is outside, it may be having trouble successfully establishing a strong connection or staying connected. If you find that this is the reason, you may want to invest in either a better router that will extend the range of the signal, or invest in a Wi-Fi booster. 

A booster will, as the name implies, boost your existing Wi-Fi signal.

The Batteries May Need to Be Replaced

Another simple and straightforward tip, but check to make sure dying batteries aren’t what’s causing the disruption in video being recorded. If it is the culprit, simple enough, swap out the batteries to fix this problem. 

In the future, just make sure to keep your eye on the batteries so you can swap them out as soon as you start to notice this problem again. This way, you won’t lose out on too much video in the future.

The Motion Detection Sensor Is Not Working

To start, make sure the motion detection settings are set to on. Make sure the sensitivity settings are properly adjusted so they are not too high or too low, as this will also affect the motion the doorbell will capture. 

The doorbell also has a feature built in that will not allow it to work if battery saving restrictions are enabled. So, make sure you double check your settings to be sure that this is not what is causing the issue.

Setting Your Blink Doorbell Up Correctly First Time Around

As we’ve now seen, your new Blink Doorbell could be acting up and not recording for a variety of different reasons. Keeping in mind the simple quick fixes we talked about will go a long way when you are trying to troubleshoot your device. Doing so will make your life easier and your set up time much quicker! 

Remember to check the following:

  • If the doorbell is reaching your Wi-Fi signal, double check to see if the batteries may be dying
  • See if the sensor is turned on and the sensitivity is set to the proper setting
  • Make sure your smart device is connected to your bell and you have given it permission to save videos onto your device

Now you know everything about your Blink Doorbell not recording and how to fix it.


It is always frustrating when you get your shiny new device out of the box and it won’t work correctly. Our first thought is that it came broken or needs to be exchanged. While this may be the case at times, oftentimes there is simply a step we’ve overlooked during set up. 

Hopefully this guide will shine some light on why Blink Doorbells have trouble recording, and what to do if this happens to you!