Do Blink Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

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When you’re looking to protect your home from intruders or unwanted guests, it is essential to take stock of what products are available and which will integrate into your home with ease. Blink cameras offer this protection but have Wi-Fi requirements for efficient home protection. 

Blink cameras require a steady Wi-Fi connection to capture and save camera feed. The camera will remain powered on and functional without Wi-Fi, but the feed cannot be viewed. 

It is important to consider what will happen when your Blink camera gets disconnected. In the remainder of this article, we’ll cover what features Blink cameras lose without Wi-Fi, as well as how to get your device connected to your network to access these features.

Can Blink Cameras Work Without Wi-Fi?

Blink cameras, mostly known for their portability and integration with Amazon’s Alexa products, are an affordable option for home security. Each Blink camera model offers an HD, motion-detected camera feed that can be viewed on your smartphone or your Echo Show.

To access the feed of your Blink camera, the device must be connected to a stable 2.4 GHz internet connection with an upload speed of at least 2 MBPS. Without this connection, you will be unable to view the feed or have an event stored in the cloud when the camera detects motion. You will also be unable to access the two-way audio features when the device is disconnected from Wi-Fi.

Blink Features You Can Use Without Wi-Fi

Powered by batteries that run for over two years, Blink cameras do not rely on traditional electrical wiring like many other security cameras. The reliance on battery power allows for easy installation and portability that is not seen in other brands. This allows for cameras to be placed in wide-open spaces for easy viewing or in indiscriminate locations due to how small the devices are.

Even when the Blink camera loses its connection with Wi-Fi, it will still be powered on and display a status light, showing that it is operational. The status light is critical, as even when you’re unable to access the camera feed, the camera still gives off the presence that the area is under surveillance.

Blink Features You Lose Without Wi-Fi

Blink offers three types of cameras that host a variety of features:

  • The Blink Outdoor camera is weather-resistant, battery-powered, and features two-way audio communication.
  • The Blink Indoor camera shares all of the same features as the Outdoor but is not weather-proof.
  • At the lowest price point, the Blink Mini camera can be plugged into a wall outlet and does not rely on battery power.

With each of these Blink cameras, the live feed will no longer be accessible and audio functionality will cease when the device is disconnected from Wi-Fi. The camera will continue to detect motion but will not record or transmit a feed to your viewing device. Additionally, both the camera and Sync Module will no longer receive regularly released firmware updates unless the devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

To get the most out of your Blink camera, it is worth investing in a reliable Wi-Fi connection, whether through an internet provider or by adding a Wi-Fi extender to your home. Ensuring your device remains up to date and functional will allow you to sleep better at night, knowing you’re completely covered.  

How to Connect/Reconnect Blink Cameras to Wi-Fi

When setting up your Blink camera, connecting to Wi-Fi is the first step to a successful camera connection. To begin the setup process, you will need to download the accompanying Blink app and plug the Sync Module into a wall outlet in your home. For the strongest connection between the Sync Module and the Blink camera, consider distance and obstacles when choosing an outlet.

The last step is to start the installation wizard on the Blink app on your smartphone. Launching the app will prompt you to enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Then, voila! Your Blink camera (or cameras) will be connected until you need to change your password, change internet providers, or take the cameras to another location away from your home.

To reconnect, you will simply follow the initial steps again as the setup wizard will once again prompt the installation process.

In Summary

To most effectively and efficiently protect your home with Blink cameras, you must have a functional and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Without Wi-Fi, the Blink camera will continue to give off an intimidating presence to potential intruders. Still, it will not allow you to access the camera feed, thus eliminating a significant benefit that it offers.

Another benefit of having your Blink camera connected to Wi-Fi is being able to use the device with Alexa. Check out this article to learn more!

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