Why Does My Blink Doorbell Say Event Response?

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After installing a Blink Doorbell, most users are excited to try it out. They often find themselves running outside, ringing the doorbell, and waiting for the magic to happen. It might be disappointing if an error occurs instead of completing the test successfully. Those who do this may get surprised and wonder, why does my Blink Doorbell say event response?

The Blink doorbell says “event response” if it does not have a Sync Module and the powered wiring is incompatible. The doorbell exits Event Response when connected to the Sync Module. The doorbell must be connected to the internet full time.

Now that you know why your Blink Doorbell is giving you this message, it is time to go back and fix the error to get it working properly. Keep reading to learn how to do this, and gain some troubleshooting tips that could add to the overall problem and resulting message.

Fixing Event Response With Sync Module

If you have decided to install the Blink Doorbell using the Sync Module, the error may be due to an incomplete setup. The Sync Module will react differently depending on how you install and set it up. It can also have different reactions if you pair the doorbell at the wrong moment. To prevent this, follow these steps to install and pair the doorbell properly:

  1. Install the doorbell
  2. Install the sync module
  3. Select the doorbell system when you are prompted to do so
  4. Alternatively, you can complete the doorbell setup through the Sync Module by following the prompts

Once you have synced the two devices and followed every prompt, the connection should be complete. The “Event Response” message should disappear, and in its place, you should see a live feed of your doorbell camera through the app or a hub. Run back outside and give the doorbell a ring to ensure it functions to the best of its abilities.

Trouble With Setup

If the “Event Response” message is only the icing on the cake of problems you are having while installing the Blink Doorbell, it may be best to continue reading this article. Below are some of the most common issues others have when trying to install their Blink Doorbell successfully. Each one highlights a problem and how to solve it most effectively.

Bad Internet Connection

A bad internet connection is the number one problem users face when setting up the Blink Doorbell. This can cause the dreaded “Event Response” message and a wide array of other issues regarding the Blink Doorbell. This is because this doorbell camera is reliant on internet service. It needs internet connectivity 24/7 to run. 

If the internet in your home is not functioning properly, try to power cycle your router. This could refresh the signal and give it enough strength to power the Blink Doorbells’ internet needs. If this does not work, try calling your internet provider and request a signal refresh. 

Lastly, look into buying a WiFi internet extender. This helps with issues regarding range and signal strength. There are a few that work very well with Blink doorbells.

Power Problems

Another important point is that the Blink Doorbell requires batteries to run. If the batteries have died out or the power supply is low, it will be hard for the camera to function properly. Sometimes this will result in messages delivered to the hardware that may not make all that much sense. 

This is because the power is prioritized, and it can cause miscommunication with the device. When this miscommunication hits your phone, it can result in an error message or warning. Always check the batteries and keep spares around just in case.

The Light Shouldn’t Be Red

If you look at the Blink Doorbell and realize the LED light is red, this does not mean it is powered on like on. Instead, it means an issue with the network signal or Bluetooth signal to the application it sends the information it records and stores. Check the app to see the signal strength. Anything less than 3 bars is a no go with this doorbell camera.

If you see a blue light, you are in luck; the camera portion of the doorbell is recording footage for you and preparing to send it to the app. Please note that you will not be able to pull up old footage and other features while this action is occurring, which may be why you think the doorbell is broken.

Frozen in Time

If the Blink Doorbell seems frozen in time, it can become frustrating. It cannot record footage or sense triggers to start certain processes. Connectivity likely failed to cause an issue. A lack of power or low battery can also cause the doorbell camera to freeze.

Either way, the best remedy in this situation is simply performing a hard reset on the Blink Doorbell. If you have never done this before. In reality, it is relatively simple. Just follow these steps to perform the reset to get the Blink Doorbell functioning again: 

  1. Go to the Sync Module and unplug it
  2. Wait for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Plug the Sync Module power cord back into the outlet 
  4. Remove the batteries from the doorbell and then put them back in or replace them entirely

When everything turns back on, it should be in proper working order. The camera should not freeze, any odd error messages should disappear, and alerts should go to your phone again. A hard reset is usually a great way to start troubleshooting any device.

A Troubleshooting Response You Can Count On

After troubleshooting your Blink Doorbell, you should now have a working product free of errors and error messages. This means you can go away and enjoy your peace of mind, knowing that your Blink Doorbell keeps your home safe while you are afar.

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