Where to Position Your Ring Doorbell (Position, Angle and More)

Ring Doorbell next to tape measure at 4 ft.Ring Doorbell next to tape measure at 4 ft.

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A Ring Doorbell must be mounted at the correct height and viewing angle to work as effectively as possible. 

Here’s everything you need to know about properly positioning your Ring Doorbell.

Where Should I Mount My Ring Doorbell?

Before you mount your Ring Doorbell, there are several factors you need to take into consideration: 

  • Power Source
  • Height
  • Angle

Each factor will affect where and how you mount your Doorbell.

How is the Ring Doorbell Powered?

Ring doorbell 4 and ring pro

Some Ring Doorbells need to be wired to existing doorbell wires, while others run on battery power. Some can be powered either way.

Ring Doorbell ModelPower Options
Ring Video DoorbellBattery or wired
Ring Video Doorbell 3Battery or wired
Ring Video Doorbell 3 PlusBattery or wired
Ring Video Doorbell 4Battery or wired
Ring Video Doorbell WiredWired
Ring Video Doorbell ProWired
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2Wired
Ring Video Doorbell EliteWired
Ring Peephole CamBattery

With the exception of the original Ring Video Doorbell, all Ring Doorbell batteries can be removed and recharged. While the Ring Video Doorbell’s battery is rechargeable, it is not removable. 

If you have a Ring Doorbell Elite, you must connect it to the internet through an ethernet cable. So, you’ll need to account for feeding the cord through a hole in your wall or door frame before you mount it. 

Ring Peephole Cams can only be placed over an existing peephole. If you have this Doorbell model, you won’t have any flexibility while positioning it.

If your doorbell is wired, you are most likely going to install it where your existing doorbell is wired up. With the battery, you do have a bit more flexibility.

What’s the Best Height for a Ring Doorbell?

Ring Doorbells work best when mounted about 48 inches, or 4 feet, above the ground. This is true whether you’re mounting your Doorbell on the door frame, door, or an exterior wall.

The motion sensors on your Ring Doorbell can detect movement from five to 30 feet away using Passive Infrared sensors, which detect both motion and the body heat of incoming visitors.

This height prevents the motion sensors from detecting movement far from your door, like the heat of passing cars or people walking their dogs on the sidewalk. You also have the ability to set zones in the app to dial in the number and type of alerts you get.

Ring doorbell edit zones view.

Full disclosure: my doorbell is mounted at about 44 inches. I had no choice, as that is where the power is set up. It works for me and we are able to see everything just fine.

Adjust Your Ring Doorbell’s Angle

Ring Doorbells have a flat back. If you need to angle your Doorbell slightly to get the best picture possible, Ring offers two different additional installation kits:

  • The Wedge Kit lets you angle your doorbell up or down from five to 15 degrees.
  • The Corner Kit lets you adjust the horizontal angle of your doorbell from 15 to 55 degrees.

The Ring Doorbell 2 and Doorbell Pro come with both the Wedge and the Corner Kit. 

If you buy your kit after purchasing a Ring Doorbell, make sure to choose the one that’s compatible with your device

These installation kits are particularly helpful if you have a hard-wired doorbell, because they give you more flexibility to position your doorbell at the best angle. 

For example, if your doorbell wires are higher than four feet off the ground, you can use the Wedge Kit to angle it down and avoid unwanted motion alerts. 

How to Use a Ring Corner or Wedge Kit

Here’s how to properly install a Ring Doorbell using the Corner or Wedge Kit:

  1. Position the angle mount where you would like your doorbell to go. Use the included level tool to make sure it’s straight
  2. Using the provided screwdriver, screw the shorter two screws into the mount’s top and bottom holes. 
  3. For installation on a brick, concrete, or stucco wall, place the provided anchors in the holes.
  4. Adjust the angle to your liking by removing the screws, placing an additional mount over the first one, or screwing the mounts into place with the longer screws.
  5. Attach your doorbell to the angle mount. 

If you want to use both a corner and wedge mount, install the corner mount first, then install the wedge mount. 

What is the Ring Doorbell’s Field of Vision?

Most Ring Doorbells have a 160-degree horizontal field of vision and a 90-degree vertical field of vision. However, this varies slightly by model. 

Ring doorbell field of view

Here is a table with each Ring Doorbell’s field of vision to give you a better idea of what your camera will see.

Doorbell ModelVertical Field of VisionHorizontal Field of Vision
Ring Video Doorbell90 degrees155 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell 390 degrees160 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus84 degrees160 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell 484 degrees160 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell Wired90 degrees155 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell Pro90 degrees160 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 290 degrees150 degrees
Ring Video Doorbell Elite90 degrees160 degrees
Ring Peephole Cam90 degrees155 degrees

Find the Best Ring Doorbell Placement

Don’t be afraid to get creative when installing your Ring Doorbell and test different placements and angles until you find the perfect position to optimize its performance.  

If your Ring Doorbell can run on battery power, you can set it up before you mount it and test the placement using Live View in the Ring app

Unfortunately, there’s no way to test the Doorbell’s position if it cannot run on battery power.

There are some limitations to Ring’s flexible installation options. Ring Doorbells cannot be mounted horizontally, as they do not have a screen rotation feature.

If you mount your Doorbell sideways, videos and live streams will appear sideways on the Ring app and motion detection will not work properly

How to Mount Your Ring Doorbell

Once you find the best placement, you can mount your Ring Doorbell on your own using the provided installation kit

Ring installation pieces

Directions vary depending on the version of the Ring Doorbell you have and where you are installing it. 

How to Mount a Battery-Powered Ring Doorbell

You can install a battery-operated Ring Doorbell almost anywhere, including on uneven surfaces like brick

  1. Fully charge the doorbell battery
  2. Place the mounting bracket where you want to install your doorbell. Use the provided level tool to confirm the doorbell is level
  3. Use a pencil to mark all four of the mounting bracket’s corner holes.
    Mark the holes that need to be drilled
  4. Drill a hole into each spot you marked.
    Drill the holes
  5. Using the included hardware, screw the mounting bracket into the wall, door, or door frame. Make sure to secure all four corners.
  6. If you are installing your doorbell on brick, concrete, or stucco, place the provided anchors in the holes you drill, then place the screws inside the anchors. 
    anchor screws that come with ring doorbell
  7. Tighten the two security screws on the bottom.
  8. Attach your Doorbell to the mounting bracket.

How to Mount a Wired Ring Doorbell

Hard-wired Ring Doorbells must be installed where your existing doorbell is located. Here’s how you can remove the existing doorbell and wire in the Ring Doorbell:

  1. Shut the power off to your doorbell from your home’s breaker box. 
  2. Remove and disconnect your existing doorbell.
  3. Place the mounting bracket over the wires. Use the included level to make sure it’s straight. 
  4. Use a pencil to mark the mounting bracket’s corner holes.
  5. Drill a hole into each spot you marked.
  6. Using the included hardware, screw the mounting bracket into the wall.
  7. Remember to use anchors if you are installing your doorbell on brick, concrete, or stucco.
  8. Wrap one of the doorbell’s wires around each of the two screws in the middle of the mounting bracket. Make sure the wires do not touch. 
  9. Place the Doorbell on the mounting bracket and tighten the two security screws on the bottom.

Don’t want to drill? Don’t worry! We’ve got ways to install a Ring Doorbell without drilling holes.

How to Mount a Ring Doorbell Pro or Doorbell Elite

The Doorbell Pro and Doorbell Elite have a lot of great features, but they are more challenging to install than other models. Both Doorbells require you to install a Power Kit.

We recommend watching some instructional videos if you need to install one of these doorbells:

Ring also offers professional installation if you are not comfortable installing the Power Kit on your own.

Ring Peephole Cam

Ring Peephole Cams replace your existing peephole, which means they’re perfect for apartments. Just be sure to check your lease first, as different apartments have different rules regarding Ring devices.

Removing the old peephole and replacing it with the Peephole Cam is a complicated process. I recommend watching this video for a visual aid:

How to Tell if Your Ring Doorbell is Positioned Properly

After installing your Ring Doorbell, open the Ring app and check the Live View. You should be able to clearly see the area around your front door, and the picture should be level.

To test whether motion detection is working properly, enable motion alerts in the Ring app. 

Then, go outside and move around in front of the doorbell. You should get a motion alert on your phone. 

If you don’t get a motion alert, or if the app starts giving you too many motion alerts, you can always adjust your settings

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Mount a Ring Doorbell with Command Strips?

Materials like command strips and double-sided outdoor tape are usually strong enough to hold a Ring Doorbell securely.

However, I recommend against this installation method. Installing a Ring Doorbell through a stick-on method isn’t as secure as using the included screws. 

Anyone who wants to steal your Doorbell could just walk up and take it. And, if someone steals your Ring Doorbell, there’s no way to trace and recover it.

Ring Doorbell isn’t Picking Up Motion

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t picking up motion, it could have something to do with:

  • The Ring app
  • Your notification settings
  • The camera itself

Here are 15 things you can try if your Ring Doorbell isn’t detecting motion

Should the Ring Doorbell’s Height Be Different if You Have Steps?

The ideal height to mount a Ring Doorbell is four feet from the ground, whether or not you’re mounting your camera on a raised patio. 

If you want to capture people walking up or approaching your porch steps, add a Wedge Kit to adjust the angle down slightly. 

Will a Cover Affect a Ring Doorbell?

While Ring Doorbells are water-resistant and won’t be affected by rain, they are not totally waterproof.

If you’re worried about rain or snow damaging your Ring Doorbell, try adding a weather-blocking mount or cover.

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