Can Ring Doorbell Get Wet? (And Clever Ways to Protect it)

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If you live in a rainy area or don’t have a covered porch, you may be worried about your Ring Doorbell getting wet.

While the Ring Video Doorbell can get wet, there are things you can do to prevent water damage and other related issues.

Can the Ring Doorbell Get Wet?

The Ring Doorbell and other Ring devices are water-resistant. Ring doesn’t give their doorbells an ingress protection, or IP, rating, but they’re designed to withstand rainfall. However, the doorbell should never be submerged in water. 

I’ve had my Ring Doorbell for years and have never had any water-related issues — even after a week of heavy rain. 

There have been rare reports of the Ring failing other owners because of poor placement, but as long as you take the right precautions, you can protect your Ring Doorbell from the elements.

Use a Weather-Blocking Mount

One of the best ways to protect your Ring Doorbell from water damage is to purchase a  protective covering that keeps all its most important parts dry. 

If you’re worried about sun glare, consider this mount that protects your doorbell from direct rainfall and shields it from the sun.

Cover the Small Gaps

If you don’t want to put a cover on your Ring Doorbell, you can use a clear liquid electrical tape to cover the small gaps around the camera. 

This will protect the Ring’s circuit board from rain and will ensure your Ring is indeed waterproof.

Signs a Ring Doorbell Has Water Damage

Some signs that excessive water has damaged your Ring Doorbell include:

  • Obscured Live View
  • Corrosion in the battery compartment
  • The doorbell button stops working
  • The doorbell isn’t detecting motion
  • Problems viewing the device on the Ring app

If you think your Ring Doorbell has water damage, don’t panic yet. There are things you can do to mitigate the permanent damage.

What to Do if Your Ring Doorbell Has Water Damage

If your Ring Doorbell is water-damaged, the first thing you should do is bring it inside and remove the battery. Then, you should:

  1. Leave it on a flat surface and let it dry out for at least 24 hours.
  2. Once the doorbell is dry, check the battery compartment for corrosion. If you see any, get a Q-Tip and some white vinegar to clean the battery terminals.
  3. Use another Q-Tip to remove any remaining corrosion, then leave it out to dry for another 24 hours

If you have water droplets under the lens or ice on the lens, move it to a warmer room. It should evaporate after a while. 

Once you’re sure everything is dry, put the battery back in your doorbell and see if it turns back on. If you have a wired Ring Doorbell, make sure the power is off and the wires are dry before reconnecting it.

If your doorbell doesn’t turn back on, you’ll need to replace it. The Ring warranty does not cover water damage.

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Like water, Ring Doorbells are designed to resist exposure to dust

How Can I Stop My Ring Doorbell from Fogging?

If you’re constantly opening Live View to see a fogged-up display, you can:

  • Periodically wipe down the lens
  • Apply an anti-fogging spray
  • Move the doorbell to a different location
  • Place the doorbell under a light

Does Ring Work Without a Subscription?

You can use the Ring Video Doorbell (or any Ring device) without a subscription. However, you’ll need a Ring Protect Plan to take advantage of premium features like video recording and storage.

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