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Can Ring Doorbell Get Wet? (And Clever Ways to Protect it)

Last Updated Jul 9, 2022
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It rains a lot where I live, and I would hate for my brand new Ring doorbell to not work anymore after a rainy day.

Can the Ring doorbell get wet? Yes, The Ring Doorbell can get wet. It is designed to be resistant to rain water and freezing temperatures. It is not recommended you submerge the Ring in water and can operate in temperatures of -5 – 120°F (-20 – 50°C).

I’ve had my Ring at my house for over a year and I haven’t had any issues. We’ve had literally a whole week of constant raining and my Ring door bell is still running strong.

There have been rare reports of the Ring failing other owners because of their poor placement of the Ring Doorbell. Is there anything else you can do to protect your Ring from the elements? There sure is, stick around to find out.

The Ring Doorbell vs The Elements

Although the materials are advertised as waterproof, it is not recommended by the manufacturer to intentionally expose the Ring Doorbell to water on a regular basis. The water-resistant features were installed into the device as a safety precaution to protect the function of the doorbell as much as possible in the worst case scenario.

Ring states that it is resistant to rain water, but it isn’t waterproof. This means that if you submerged your Ring under water, it would be damaged and no longer work.

If your door does not have a cover above it to shield it from weather, you should look into alternatives to protect it.

One example is buying a Weather Blocking Mount to protect it from the Sun and Rain. This mount blocks sun glare and relieves the rainfall influence your Ring doorbell may experience.

Weather blocking mount on Rng doorbell

Another alternative is to get a cover for your Ring doorbell. These are easy to slip on, add a stylish colorful aspect to your Ring, and are relatively inexpensive.

Ring doorbell with cover attached

The Ring doorbell has become increasingly popular among homeowners everywhere, due to its advanced safety features and user-friendly interface. In fact, ever since the Ring doorbell became available on the market, there has been a reduction in home burglaries by approximately 50 percent.

I have to admit though; those covers do look pretty cool.

The Third Option is to add a clear silicone or acrylic material to cover all the small gaps. This will help protect the Ring’s circuit board from rain and will ensure your Ring is indeed waterproof.

Ultimately though, if your Ring Doorbell doesn’t already have a cover above it, you are putting your Ring at risk for water damage. From what I have researched though, it seems very very rare that your Ring would get damaged from rain.

Personal Experience With Ring

I’ve owned the Ring for over a year and I haven’t had any issues with rain damaging my Ring. I do live in a house so I naturally have a cover above my door and my entry.

We have had 3 out of 4 weeks where it has rained a lot too. We’ve experience freezing weather too and the Ring has stood up to those elements.

My only gripe is the monthly fee that is required to store videos on the cloud. Personally, I wish I would’ve chosen the SkyBell HD doorbell instead before purchasing my Ring. You can read all about it here at our recommended page.

I wish I would’ve chosen the SkyBell HD doorbell instead before purchasing my Ring. You can read all about it here at our recommended page.

How a Ring Doorbell is Set Up and Installed

Once you purchase your Ring Doorbell, the set up is fairly simple. In fact, many customers have reported that the entire process took them less than 30 minutes to complete. The first step is to download the Ring app. This is available in the Apple, Android, and Windows 10 application stores. You will need to create an account with Ring or log in to your account if you’ve already created one. Within the account, you will select “Setup Device” and give it a custom name.

The next step of the set-up process is to enter the location of your home. Once this is done, the doorbell will go into Setup Mode and a wireless internet connection must be established. This should be the main Wi-Fi network that is used within the home. Lastly, the doorbell will be connected to the Wi-Fi and a test will be run before the set up is complete.

The steps for installation will depend on if there is an existing doorbell by the front door or if space is already empty. If there is an existing doorbell, the only extra step will be removing it. This is relatively easy and can be done by simply unscrewing the frame from the outside and removing the button. When the existing doorbell has been successfully removed, or if there was no doorbell in the first place, you will proceed with mounting the new Ring Video Doorbell in its place.

This is first done by lining up the mounting bracket using a level. Both the mounting bracket piece and the level tool is included in the installation kit that is delivered with the doorbell itself. The level tool will conveniently click into the mounting bracket for ease of use.

Once these two pieces have successfully been connected, you will place the mounting bracket next to the front door in the desired location and level it, marking the spaces where the holes will be drilled. The holes will then be drilled into the mounting bracket in order to keep it in place on the wall, and the Ring Doorbell will be forcefully pushed into place within the bracket. Finally, you will tighten the screws on the outside of the Ring Doorbell to keep it in place and it will be ready to use.

Does Ring Work Without a Subscription?

Yes, Ring will work without a subscription. But in order to store and save your videos on their cloud, you will need to pay a subscription fee.

Can Ring Doorbell be Hacked? Yes, the Ring Doorbell can be hacked, as most technology can. If someone tries hard enough, they can hack something. That’s just the nature of today’s world. If you want to learn how to secure your smart devices, check out my post here.

Do Ring Doorbell get Stolen? Yes, Ring Doorbells do get stolen, but their warranty is solid and will replace (terms and conditions apply).

How much does it cost to purchase a Ring doorbell?

The purchase price of a Ring doorbell will depend on each individual model. The most basic design of the Ring doorbell costs $99, and the “Video Doorbell Elite”, which is the most advanced model, costs $499. There are several other options in between these price ranges.

What are the options for the Ring Protect Plans?

Although the Ring Protect Plan is not required for every Ring device, it offers additional features to the user that are not available otherwise. There are two versions of these plans, which are the Basic and Plus memberships.

The Basic Plan allows the user to record video and share the recordings on the individual device. The videos recorded by the Ring doorbell are all saved and backed up for 60 days total. This plan can be acquired for a recurring monthly cost of just under 5 dollars.

The Plus Plan, on the other hand, includes unlimited video recording and sharing for any amount of Ring devices in the home. This membership also includes monitoring at all times by a security team. This plan costs about 15 dollars per month.

How does the Ring Doorbell interfere with the existing doorbell?

To install the Ring Doorbell in place of the old one, you will begin by removing the button of the existing doorbell. From there, you will line up the bracket, drill the correct holes, and place the new Ring Video Doorbell on top of the bracket after everything is removed. The old doorbell should not interfere with the functions of the Ring Doorbell, but it is recommended to disconnect any wires that were used by the previous device.

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