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How Do I Know My Ring Doorbell Is Charged?

Last Updated Mar 28, 2022
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A video doorbell is an integral part of a smart home, so users with a battery-operated Ring Doorbell will want to make sure their device is always charged and ready for use. To help you keep your Ring Doorbell functioning at full capacity, we researched how to check your doorbell’s battery level.  

To check the battery level of a Ring Doorbell at any time: Using the Ring app, select the device, and view the battery icon in the top right corner. When a Ring battery is low, the Ring app will alert the user that it’s time to charge the doorbell

The amount of time before you will need to recharge the battery depends on many variables, and the steps to charge your Ring Doorbell depend on what version you have. Below, we have provided detailed information to help you ensure that your Ring Doorbell is always charged. 

How to Know If Ring Doorbell is Charged

The original Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell 2 are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries

You can check the battery level of your Ring Doorbell with these easy steps:

  1. Open the Ring app on your phone or tablet. 
  2. Select the doorbell.
  3. View the battery bar icon in the top right corner. 

The Ring app will also send you notifications via your phone and email when the battery is running low. Make sure to turn on push notifications for the Ring app to ensure you don’t miss the alert. 

How to Charge Ring Doorbell

Ring estimates that Ring Doorbells’ lithium batteries will need to be charged every 6 to 12 months, but the exact amount of time it takes for the battery to drain depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The number of motions your doorbell records
  • Your Motion Alert settings
  • How often you view the doorbell’s live stream

Charging Ring Doorbell

The original Ring Video Doorbell does not have a removable battery pack. To charge it, you must remove the entire doorbell from the wall. To remove and charge this doorbell:

  1. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the doorbell using the provided screwdriver.
  2. Slide the doorbell up to remove it from the mounting plate.
  3. Plug the charging cable directly into the port on the back of the doorbell.
  4. The ring-shaped light on the front of the doorbell will fill as the battery charges.
  5. When the light is solid blue, it’s fully charged.
  6. Place the doorbell back on the mounting plate.
  7. Replace the two security screws. 

Charging Ring Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2 has an easily removable battery pack that allows you to charge the batteries in your home without removing the doorbell.

Follow these steps to charge a Ring doorbell with a quick-release battery pack:

  1. Remove the security screw at the bottom of the doorbell using the screwdriver that came with your Ring doorbell.
  2. Remove the faceplate by sliding it down. 
  3. Remove the battery pack by pressing the black, quick-release tab.
  4. Plug the provided orange, micro-USB cable into the battery and into a computer or outlet using an AC wall charger. 
  5. When both the green light and red light are on, the battery is charging. When only the green light is on, it’s fully charged.
  6. Remove the cable and slide the battery back in the doorbell. 
  7. Wait 30 seconds for the doorbell to turn on.
  8. Replace the faceplate and security screw. 

Ring Doorbell Battery Charging Tips

Make sure to recharge your battery-operated Ring Doorbell before the battery dies completely, or you may have to set-up your doorbell again. 

Ring estimates that its doorbell batteries take 4 to 12 hours to fully charge. For the fastest charging time, plug the micro-USB charging cable into a 2.1 Amp wall charger rather than into a computer’s USB port. 

We recommend purchasing an additional Ring battery to use when you are charging the original battery so that you do not have any lapses in doorbell coverage. Click here to purchase a Ring battery pack. 

Troubleshooting Ring Battery

The troubleshooting tips below apply to the original Ring Video Doorbell and Doorbell 2 batteries, as well as the battery-operated Ring Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam.

Ring Battery Status is Low After Charge

The battery life icon in the Ring app will not update while the doorbell is charging. The icon only updates when someone rings the doorbell or it detects motion.

After you charge and reinsert your Ring battery, wait 30 seconds, and then ring your doorbell to see the battery life bar in the app fill up.

Ring Battery is Draining Quickly

The main reasons why your Ring battery is draining too fast are:

  • A high number of motion events and alerts
  • Frequently viewing the camera’s live stream
  • Low internet speeds
  • A weak Wi-Fi signal
  • Below freezing weather 

Check out this article for detailed steps to troubleshoot each of the above reasons. 

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