How to Fit Ring Doorbell to UPVC Frame

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Most of the time, the uPVC framework resembles crown molding. This unique shape creates a challenge with mounting devices like the Ring Doorbell.

Here’s how you can fit any Ring Doorbell to a uPVC frame.

Find Your Ring Doorbell’s Dimensions

There are currently six different Ring Doorbells. I recommend learning your doorbell’s dimensions before installing it, as it will help you determine the best mounting method.

Ring Doorbell ModelDimensions
Ring Video Doorbell (2020)5x 2.44x 0.91 inches
Ring Doorbell Pro 4.5x 1.84x 0.8 inches
Ring Doorbell Pro 24.92x 4.13x 2.28 inches
Ring Doorbell 35.06x 2.44x 1.06 inches
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus 5.06x 2.44x 1.06 inches
Ring Peephole Cam4.41x 2.26x 3.53 inches

Knowing the dimensions of your door frame and your Ring Doorbell will help you determine the best mounting location.

How to Fit a Ring Doorbell to uPVC Frames

Although a Ring Doorbell comes with installation hardware, you’ll need more specific tools to install one on uPVC framing.  

When you install your Ring doorbell onto uPVC, you cannot use the traditional security screws that come with the installation kit.

A few alternative mounting methods you can use to install a Ring Doorbell on a uPVC frame include:

  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Wedge and Corner Mounts
  • Apply Adhesive to the Base Plate
  • Apply Silicone to the Base Plate

Each installation method is relatively simple to perform. The best method to use depends on the shape of the uPVC framing you’re installing your doorbell on.

Use Self-Tapping Screws

Self-tapping screws are designed for working with material you can only access from one side. Whatever version of the Ring Doorbell you own, self-tapping screws are a good choice.

There are two types of self-tapping screws — thread-forming and thread-cutting

If you’re using thread-forming screws, you’ll need to drill a pilot hole first to account for the flat tip. 

Place your base plate in your desired location, then mark the holes to ensure you drill in the correct place. Grab the correct drill bit and drill the holes before securing the screws.

If you’re using thread-cutting screws, you can just drive the baseplate in.

Generally, it’s best to place your Ring Doorbell roughly four feet off the ground to take full advantage of the camera lens, allowing a full-body capture of anyone on camera.

Using Self-Tapping Screws with Wired Ring Doorbell

The same steps apply if you have a wired version of the Ring Doorbell. However, you’ll need to wire your Ring Doorbell using the existing doorbell wiring before placing it on the frame.

Whenever you’re working with wires, be sure to cut the power before you start to prevent injury.

Use Wedge and Corner Mounts

Depending on your desired location or the shape of your uPVC frame, it might be better to use stackable wedge and corner mounts to properly position your Ring Doorbell.

Ring Doorbells are larger and flatter than traditional doorbells. If you have an angled frame, single or double corner kits will help you present the doorbell in a forward-facing position.

If your front door is inset from the exterior wall, or your uPVC frame is wedge-shaped, a wedge or corner mount will help offset the angles and give you a clear view of anyone approaching.

You can install these base plates the same as you would the standard baseplate. Then, wire or secure your Ring Doorbell to it.  

Use Adhesive on the Base Plate

Ring doorbell 4

There are also “no-drill” mounts available, which use adhesive to secure the baseplate to a uPVC frame.  

No-drill mounts should only be used on flat surfaces, as the adhesive won’t hold securely to texture

Before you use adhesive to mount the base plate, thoroughly clean the uPVC surface. 

Avoid installing it during rainy weather or on an especially humid day when the adhesive won’t stick as well.

When placing the adhesive tape, hold it firmly in place for several seconds before releasing and peeling off the other side. Repeat the process when mounting the base plate. 

Use Silicone on the Base Plate

You can use silicone to mount your baseplate, but you should never use silicone on the Ring device itself. Ring Doorbells generate heat, which needs an outlet to escape.

Place the base plate in the desired location and run a thin bead of silicone around the edges. Once it’s dry, you can mount your Ring Doorbell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Screw a Doorbell into a uPVC Frame?

You can certainly drill holes into uPVC door frames and window frames. To do so, you must create a small pilot hole approximately 40mm in diameter before drilling.

Can You Install a Ring Doorbell on a Composite Door?

You can install a Ring Doorbell onto a composite door. However, doing so may impact your doorbell’s Wi-Fi signal.

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