How to Mount Ring Doorbell on an Uneven Surface

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Ring Doorbells are a great addition to any home. They have great security features allowing you to see and hear anyone who is around your front door. However, if you have an uneven surface, an angled surface, or brick home, you may be wondering about the best ways to mount your new Ring Doorbell.

Below, we will cover exactly how to use Ring’s compatible bracket kits to get your Ring connected to your outdoor surface. We will also go over the best positions to mount your Ring Doorbell for optimum video quality.

How Do You Install a Ring Doorbell on an Uneven Surface?

The Ring mounting kit and angle bracket can help users mount the device to any surface. Align them onto the wall together, put the wires through the holes, and screw the Ring Doorbell to the wall.

All the installation tools come with your Ring doorbell as well as an installation kit. Follow these steps to install your doorbell on an uneven surface:

  1. Remove your old doorbell. If you have an existing doorbell, shut off the power. There is usually a breaker in your electrical panel. Remove the bell and the wires.
  2. Put the level tool into the mounting bracket. Make sure it clicks completely.
  3. Put the angle bracket onto the wall. Place the angle bracket on the wall over the place where the old doorbell used to be.
  4. Put the mounting bracket over the angle bracket. Place the mounting bracket with the level inside over the angle bracket.
  5. Put screws through the holes. You may need a drill, depending on your surface.
  6. Remove the level tool. Once your holes are drilled or marked, take the level tool out of the mounting bracket.
  7. Connect the wires to the screws. The wires can be in any order; just make sure they are not touching each other.
  8. Line up the doorbell with the mounting bracket. There should be tabs on the mounting surface that line with slots on the back of the Ring doorbell. Line them up, then push the Ring doorbell into the wall. You may have to push hard.
  9. Tighten the screws. Use the included screwdriver to tighten the security screws into the doorbell.

Check out this link to the Ring website for a more thorough guide. You can also watch this helpful YouTube video to watch someone install their Ring onto an uneven surface.

How Do You Mount a Ring Doorbell at an Angle?

Angled frames can also be an awkward surface to install a Ring. For narrow or angled frames, you may need to purchase a wedge or corner kit to help with the installation. The installation is the same as on an uneven surface; you will just put the corner or wedge kit below the mounting bracket.

Follow these tips to install the Ring Doorbell on an angle:

  • Corner kits offer a tilt of between 30-50 degrees and are best if you need to capture a wider view. Watch this Ring video to see how to install the corner kit onto the wall.
  • Wedge kits allow a vertical tilt that can be stacked depending on how much of a tilt you need. This is best if you need a higher video view.
  • Mount on the wall instead of the door frame. For certain surfaces, it can be better to mount it on the actual wall of the home.
  • Use the door. Mounting on the door can also be much easier than mounting on an angled or narrow surface.
  • Buy a Ring Pro. The Ring Pro has a much smaller width than the other Ring doorbells and could be beneficial if you have a very narrow space.

Most people want to cover their old doorbell with the Ring doorbell, but this may not be possible if your wall is too narrow.

Where Should I Mount My Ring Doorbell?

The place you mount your Ring Doorbell should be where you can best see the door, the walkway, and the surrounding area. Follow these tips to get the best view with your Ring Doorbell:

  • Install 48 inches above the ground. This height allows for maximum efficiency for the motion sensors in the doorbell.
  • Use the corner kit if you need a wider horizontal angle.
  • Use the wedge kit if you need a wider vertical angle.
  • Test out the video. Once installed, use the Ring app to see what view your video captures and what motions it can detect.


Installing your Ring on an uneven surface is easy with the installation kit and the angle bracket. Additional kits such as the corner and wedge kits can be purchased for a better camera view.

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