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Can You Install Ring Doorbell Without Turning Off the Power?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
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Ring offers two ring doorbell models: Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell Pro. The key difference between these two is that Ring Doorbell comes with its own power source, while Ring Doorbell Pro will connect to the wires in your home. Turning off the power to install these devices can be a hassle, though.

Users do not need to turn the power off to install the standard Ring Doorbell that comes with its own rechargeable battery. However, to install the Ring Doorbell Pro, users should turn off the breaker that supplies power to the doorbell’s wires.

By cutting off the power supply to your doorbell’s loose wires, you can avoid the danger of getting electrocuted during the installation process. Continue reading to learn about your Ring Doorbell’s power sources and installing them with and without power.  

Do You Need to Turn Off Power Before Installing Ring Doorbell?

As noted earlier, Ring Doorbell and Ring Doorbell Pro rely on different power sources. The standard Ring Doorbell comes pre-equipped with a battery pack that charges using a micro-USB cable. You insert the thin, micro-USB portion in your Ring Doorbell, while the USB end can go into your computer or charging block.

In contrast, the Ring Doorbell Pro does not need to be periodically charged because it is connected directly to your home’s power grid. To install the device, you would remove your old, pre-existing doorbell and wire the Ring Doorbell Pro in its place.

In this situation, it would be wise to turn off the power supply to the doorbell’s wires. You do not need to shut off your home’s power to do this, though. You will just need to check your home’s fuse box to determine which wires are powering your doorbell. If you’re unsure which fuse goes to your doorbell to switch off, it’s best to be safe and completely turn off your home’s power.

Doing so is central to your safety. Handling live wires will not only make the installation process difficult, but you risk shocking yourself. While the power coming from your doorbell’s wires may not be enough to be lethal, electrocution can cause burns, nerve damage, and other health complications.

Can You Use the Ring Doorbell without Power?

The answer to this question depends on what type of model you purchased. If you purchased the Ring Doorbell, it would still make a sound when someone presses it. However, if the power outage also affected your internet connection, you may not receive alerts or view recordings later.

Your Ring Doorbell Pro is a different story, however. Since it relies on your house’s electrical grid, you may not be able to use it when the power goes out, even if your Wi-Fi connection is still intact. Without an internet connection, there is nothing “smart” about your Ring Doorbell.

Will My Ring Doorbell Work Without a Battery?

Without a power source, your Ring Doorbell will not work. This goes for wired connections and batteries.

The standard Ring Doorbell will take anywhere from five to 10 hours to charge, and the battery usually lasts about six to 12 months. Once the battery is depleted, the device will stop working. If the battery in your Ring Doorbell stops working, you can purchase a replacement online.

Alternatively, if your Ring Doorbell Pro is not getting power from its wires, this would effectively stop it from working. If your Ring Doorbell Pro has stopped functioning, check the wires that keep it anchored in place. If this is not the problem, try resetting your breaker, as there could be a problem with the fuse.

In Conclusion

You do not have to cut off your home’s power supply to install your Ring Doorbell. If you are installing the Ring Doorbell Pro, however, you should turn off the power supply to the doorbell’s wires. This is for your own safety.

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