How to Install a Ring Doorbell Without Drilling Holes

Dropping screws on a saw dusted table with other toolsDropping screws on a saw dusted table with other tools

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If you own a Ring Doorbell or are considering purchasing one, you may have noticed that installing it requires drilling. If this is impossible or undesired, then you will be happy to know that no-drill solutions for secure mounting exists.

This article will provide information on choosing the suitable installation method for your device and home. Proper doorbell installation is crucial for getting the most out of your Ring device, so keep reading!

Determining Where to Place Your Ring Doorbell

Consider many factors when choosing a method to install your Ring doorbell in your house.

Comparing the cost of the installation solution and determining the camera weight are two big things to be considered when choosing your adhesive mounting solution.

For instance, some double-sided tape products can only hold up to 5 to 10 pounds, so depending on the model, this may not be appropriate for your doorbell.

Another major factor to consider is the placement of your device.

Deciding the physical location of where you want to mount your Ring doorbell will help you determine what kind of installation solution may be required.

Determine the Environment of Your Ring Device

The Ring company has released multiple devices designed as smart doorbells, so you will want to determine which model you have and how it fairs in different environments.

The wireless Ring Doorbell will be the most compatible device with the installation methods recommended in this article.

The wireless doorbell is much easier to install than the hard-wired devices, which remains true for mounting them with and without drilling holes.

The location and environmental factors will also be important in choosing which method to use when installing your Ring doorbell.

Humidity, temperature, and exposure to sun or rain are all things to be considered when choosing how to adhere your device to your wall.

Different environments can cause higher failure rates in certain adhesive products.

Examine Your Ring Doorbell’s Sticking Surface

When installing your Ring doorbell, you will need to take into account the kind of surface on which the device is being attached.

Consider factors such as texture and smoothness.

For example, stucco or brick walls will adhere to some products differently than siding.

Choosing a mounting solution compatible with your walls is critical in ensuring that your Ring device stays securely attached to your home.

No-Drill Solutions for Installing a Ring Doorbell

The three main options for installing your Ring doorbell without drilling are:

  • Purchase a Wireless Model
  • Official Ring No-Drill Mount
  • Command Strips
  • Double-Sided Tape

These solutions provide a way to install your Ring Doorbell, but some provide you with more options than others.

Is the Official Ring No-Drill Mount the Best Way to Install a Ring Doorbell?

Ring makes an official Ring Doorbell No-Drill mount. While this may seem an obvious solution, this mount has some drawbacks.

The official Ring product is only compatible with the 2nd Generation Ring Video Doorbell.

While Ring provides an official no-drill solution, it is likely incompatible with many Ring Doorbell users.

The Ring No-Drill Mount is recommended to be used only on flat and even surfaces made from specific materials.

The product will likely not stick to textured or rough walls like brick, stucco, or stone.

DIY Adhesive Products that Can Be Used to Mount a Ring Doorbell

Many commercially available adhesives may be used to attach a Ring device to either an interior or exterior wall of your residence.

Command Strips for Installing a Ring Doorbell

Command Strips by 3M are an easy and affordable way to install your Ring Doorbell without drilling.

The Command Strips are produced by a trusted company and will likely provide a high-quality solution.

Many Command Strip products available at reasonable prices can support varying amounts of weight.

Large command strips can support eight pounds when applied correctly, which is more than most Ring products weigh.

If you are mounting your device outside, it is important to find an exterior-grade Command Strip that supports the device’s weight.

3M produces a line of Command Strips specifically designed to work in outdoor environments.

Double-Sided Tape for Mounting a Ring Device

Another option for using an adhesive product to install your Ring device is using double-sided tape.

Many options on the market provide exterior-grade adhesives that will continue to stick in harsher environments.

However, the double-sided tape solution is also not generally as likely to hold the same weight or be as durable as the Command Strips.

The double-sided tape options at lower prices than Command Strips are generally not as durable or strong as Command Strips are known to be.

Additionally, some double-sided tape may also be too strong and cause damage to walls and paint if it were to be removed.

Most heavy-duty double-sided tape is intended to be permanent when bonding an object to a surface and therefore is not a flexible solution.


The most versatile and reliable solution for installing a Ring Doorbell without drilling is to use 3M Command Strips from their outdoor line.

As long as the Command Strip is the correct size for the weight of your device, this solution should provide an easy, durable, and weatherproof Ring doorbell mount.

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