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Why Does My LG Smart TV Keep Blinking Or Flickering? 9 Fixes To Try!

Last Updated Sep 22, 2022
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LG Smart TVs are entertainment products that users can use to enjoy tv, movies, and gaming. But what happens if your LG TV keeps blinking or flickering?

If your LG TV is flickering and blinking, there may be a problem with your video source, TV settings, or hardware. There are many fixes to try to see what is causing your LG TV to blink or flicker.

Read on for nine fixes you can try to ensure you can use your LG Smart TV without interruption to your games or programming!

Check your Video Source

If you’re streaming content on your LG TV, consider trying to stream the same video or program from your phone, laptop, or tablet.

If you notice the problem on an alternate device, it points to the issue being the content, not your LG Smart TV. If the problem indicates the TV, try the following suggestions.

If you notice the sound and no picture on your LG Smart TV, we have a few other fixes for you to try.

Turn the LG TV Off and On

If you observe your LG Smart TV blinking or flickering, the easiest thing to do is to turn the TV off and on again. You can do this using the power button on your remote or the button on your TV,

Powering your TV down and then up again is a quick fix that may fix your TV with minimum time and effort and is always the best first step when you observe a problem.

Check the Power Source and Cables

Another relatively simple step to eliminate a flickering screen is to unplug the TV and plug it back in again. You should also turn the TV off before you unplug it from the wall.

If possible, you can also check the cord’s connection to the back of your TV to ensure that the cord fits tightly into the device. Also, make sure the power cord isn’t damaged in any way.

Once you have plugged the TV back in, power the TV on again using the remote to see if the problem has been resolved.

You can also try turning off other devices in the room, as flickering and blinking can be caused by electrical interference from other devices. Try turning them off to see if it helps!

Check Streaming Device Connections

If you’re using an external device like a Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV to stream content and notice flickering or blinking, make sure all connections are secure.

The connections will be on both the device and the TV, and you should check both sources. If you find a problem, you can purchase a replacement device or cord to fix the problem.

Perform a Hard Reset of your TV

A hard reset is a total reboot of your TV. However, it won’t change your presets or settings.

To hard reset your LG Smart TV, unplug the device from the wall and hold the power button for ten seconds. 

Keep the device unplugged, and do not reconnect for at least an hour. Once an hour has passed, plug in your TV and power it up again. 

Check your Internet Connection

If you are streaming content over the internet when you notice flickering or blinking on your LG Smart TV, reboot your router to rule out a problem with the internet.

If you are using Wi-Fi to stream content, disconnect your TV from the network and reconnect it to make sure that the connection is strong and your credentials are correct.

If your TV is hardwired to the internet, check that the ethernet cable is correctly plugged into the TV and your modem or router. A loose connection can cause screen problems.

Change your Energy Settings

If your TV is flickering and blinking, it may be due to your LG Smart TV’s energy setting. You can change this using the remote control that came with the TV.

To access the energy settings on your LG TV, press the button with the house on the remote control and select “Settings.” Next, select “Picture” and “Energy Savings” by clicking the circular remote button.

Once in the “Energy Savings” menu, make sure that this is set to “Off”. You should notice if this has resolved your issue as soon as “off” is selected.

Perform a TV Picture Test

Another easy option to address flickering and blinking is to perform a TV picture test on your LG Smart TV. You will need to use your remote to do this.

On your remote, click the house button and select “Settings,” then “Support,” then “Picture Test,” by clicking the round button inside of the wheel.

You will be prompted to answer questions that relate to your problem.  Depending on your answers, you will receive a prompt to check your hardware or contact customer service.

Check Internal Connections

If none of the previous steps have worked to eliminate your LG Smart TV’s flickering and Blinking problem, you may want to consider checking the TV’s internal connections.

Consider calling a dedicated TV repair professional if you choose to take this step. Do not try this step unless you have experience with electronic device repair.


A flickering and blinking LG Smart TV can often be remedied by trying the above steps. These tried and true suggestions will hopefully help eliminate the issue!

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