Which Countries are Samsung TVs Made In? (Are They Reliable)?

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When deciding to purchase a new technological device, there are a lot of options to choose from. Of course, you will want to research the various products, what services they offer, price comparison, and consumer reviews, however, it is always important to know how reliable and well-made the devices are.

Samsung headquarters are located in South Korea. However, your TV could have been made in various countries around the world including in factories in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Europe, South America, and even the USA. No matter where it was made, Samsung televisions are known to be extremely reliable and lasting.

Now, if you would like to know how long Samsung TVs will last, as well as how well they compare to other popular tech companies, we have all the information you need! So keep reading, because it is a big purchase, and you want to know everything you can before digging deep into your wallet. Where Your Samsung TV Was Made

Where Are Most Samsung TVs Made?

There is a long list of locations that house Samsung factories, in fact, they can pretty much be found all over the world.

  • South Korea. Even though Samsung operates out of South Korea, if your television was manufactured after 2018, it was most likely made somewhere else. Since 2018, the South Korea plant has been used to produce pilot test equipment instead of televisions.
  • China. While Samsung has a huge operation in China, if you purchased your TV in the USA, it most likely was not made there. 90% of the televisions from China stay in China, while the other 10% are distributed throughout surrounding countries.
  • Mexico. Just over the border from the USA, in Tijuana, 18 million Samsung televisions are made every year to be sold around the Americas.
  • Vietnam. 60,000 Vietnamese citizens work at one of Samsung’s largest factories in the world in the Thayinguen province. These televisions are sold throughout Asia and in Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia. and Africa.
  • Europe. Russia, Hungary, and Slovenia all house Samsung plants. If you have purchased your television in Europe, it most likely came from one of these three countries.
  • Brazil. A large factory in Brazil manufactures 10 million televisions every year that are distributed throughout South America.

To answer the question of where your Samsung TV was made, it really depends on where you purchased it. Although there are so many factories, Samsung claims that every television is made with extreme care and up to their top-tier standards.

Where Are LG TVs Made?

Similarly, to their Samsung competitors, LG TVs are made all over the world. In fact, they have over 200 production plants located in South Korea, Latin America, China, India, and throughout Europe.

Once again, where you bought your LG TV will determine where it was made. Whether you purchased an LG or a Samsung, most likely parts of your television were made in a few different plants and then assembled once shipped.

How Long Will a Samsung TV last?

Compared to the other popular television brands on the market today, Samsung has a great, if not the best, reputation for reliability, durability, and a long life.

Supposedly your Samsung TV will last between7-10 years, and that includes constant use, meaning it is literally always turned on, at the highest possible brightness. Now, most users do not have their television on 24/7, so we can assume it will last a great deal longer than that if you only use it occasionally.

Although most LED and LCD TVs are expected to last at least 7 years, experts say that Samsung will most likely surpass the estimated average of other TVs because they have been made with such high-quality parts.

Brand reputation is important, and if you are looking to purchase a new TV, it’s good to know that Samsung really leads the pack in terms of well-made televisions. But as the user, you can also elongate the life of your television by following easy steps.


As we have learned, it’s not that easy to say exactly where your Samsung television was made. It could have been made in bits around the globe, and of course, it greatly depends on where you purchased the TV.

A Samsung TV is a solid purchase, and most users and experts report that they are well worth the slightly higher price point. So go ahead and check out all the Samsung TVs Amazon has to offer and find the right one for your home!

But we do know that no matter where your Samsung was made, it will be extremely reliable, especially when compared to the other available televisions. However, this dependability comes with a price. Samsung televisions are often slightly more expensive than their counterparts.

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