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What Are the Universal Remote Codes for an LG TV?

Last Updated May 20, 2022
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So you just bought a new LG TV and can’t find the remote? Or maybe your remote is broken, and you need to buy a new one. You’re thinking about using a universal remote, but you’re not sure which codes work for an LG TV? You’re not alone. Most people struggle with this.

There are various universal remote codes for an LG TV. The code to use will depend on the brand of remote you’re using. These codes are used with a remote control to program a 3, 4, or 5 digit code.

Searching for the universal remote codes for your LG TV can be a tedious process. You may have to go through several manufacturer websites and scour their forums to find out the universal remote code for an LG TV. Don’t fret! We’ve done all of that work for you! This blog post will list the most common universal remote codes that will work with your LG TV.

Universal 3-Digit Codes for LG TV

If you use a universal remote that can program in three-digit codes, you’ll have two use a 3-digit universal number. 

Here are the most common three-digit universal remote codes for LG TVs:

  • 512
  • 505
  • 553
  • 627
  • 773
  • 766
  • 520
  • 678
  • 420
  • 615
  • 653
  • 506

Universal 4-Digit Codes for LG TV

Four-digit codes work for universal remotes that can program four-digit codes. Below is a list of the standard four-digit codes for LG TVs:

LG 4-Digit Codes

LG universal remotes that program four-digit codes will work with any of the following codes:

  • 2065
  • 4086
  • 1663
  • 1305
  • 1859
  • 1637
  • 0644
  • 0606
  • 1840
  • 1423
  • 0178
  • 0037
  • 1842
  • 0714
  • 0556
  • 0108
  • 0715
  • 1681
  • 0109
  • 0698
  • 0361

RCA Universal 4-Digit Codes for LG TV

RCA universal remotes that program 4-digit codes will work with any of these codes:

  • 1002
  • 1004
  • 1005
  • 1014
  • 1025
  • 1078
  • 1081
  • 1095
  • 1096
  • 1097
  • 1098
  • 1099
  • 1100
  • 1101
  • 1111
  • 1128
  • 1130
  • 1132
  • 1134
  • 1144
  • 1149
  • 1171
  • 1205

GE Universal 4-Digit Codes for LG TV

GE universal remotes will work with any of the following codes:

  • 0004
  • 0050
  • 0009
  • 0005
  • 0227
  • 0338
  • 0012
  • 0057
  • 0080
  • 0156

One-For-All 4-Digit Universal Codes for LG TV

If you have a One-For-All 4-digit universal remote, use the codes below:

  • 0030
  • 0056
  • 0178

Universal 5-Digit Codes for LG TVs

Similar to three and four-digit codes, five-digit codes work for remotes that can program them. If you have this type of remote, you can use either of the following codes:

LG 5-Digit TV Codes

You’ll need the following codes for LG universal remotes:

  • 10442
  • 10856
  • 11423
  • 12358
  • 13397
  • 13979
  • 12864
  • 12612
  • 12867
  • 10017
  • 11265
  • 10178
  • 11178
  • 11530
  • 11637
  • 11934
  • 12424
  • 12834

DirectTV 5-Digit Remote Codes for LG TV

The following codes are meant for DirectTV 5-digit code remotes:

  • 11423
  • 10178
  • 11178

Source: Codes for Universal Remotes

How to Program LG Univeral Remote

Before you begin the programming process, ensure that your TV is compatible with the universal remote that you are using. This compatibility information should be listed on the back of the package or in the user manual for any universal remotes.

Additionally, ensure the batteries in the remote are working. Otherwise, you won’t be able to complete the programming process.

To program a universal remote to control your LG TV, follow the steps below:

Manual Method

You can use a keycode to manually program a universal remote to work on your LG TV. The keycode is helpful in identifying the make and model of your equipment. Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn the device on
  2. Press “TV” on your LG universal remote
  3. Press and hold the “setup” button of the universal remote until it shows the “light flas” (this means it’s in learning mode
  4. Enter the keycode you collected
  5. Point your remote to the TV and press and hold the power button.
  6. Release the power button whenever the screen turns off

That’s all. Now, your TV should work just fine with the universal remote. If it doesn’t repeat the steps, this time, using a different code from the list above until it works.

Code Search Method

If you couldn’t find a compatible keycode that works for your universal remote, you have the alternative of using the code search method. The process sets your remote to a search mode to search for the correct code. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn the device on
  2. Press and hold the “setup” button
  3. Enter the 9-1-1(3-digit code)
  4. Hold down the power button and then press the channel up until the TV turns off.

This method takes a bit more time than the manual method, but it’s the best way to find your keycode. When you switch on your TV again, your remote should be working without any hassle.

Source: Universal Remote Codes

Wrapping Up

If you’ve misplaced or lost your LG remote, don’t fret. If you have a universal remote, all you need is the correct code, and you’ll be back to watching your favorite shows within no time. So go through the list and find the valid code for your universal remote.

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