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What if Your Blink Camera is Registered to Another Account?

Last Updated Jul 29, 2022
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Having peace of mind when leaving your home can be difficult, but a great home security system can help. Blink indoor and outdoor cameras allow you to see everything happening in and around your home, anywhere, at any time. But, if you buy a used Blink camera, you may find it is already registered to another account. What should you do in this situation? 

If your Blink camera is registered to another account, the previous owner will need to remove it from their account before you can register it on yours. Unless they do this, there is no way for you to connect your new camera to the Blink app.

There are several things you will need to consider when buying a used Blink camera. Read on to learn how to fix this problem and register the camera to your own account. 

What Should I Do if My Blink Camera is Registered to Another Account?

Perhaps you found and purchased a used Blink camera off the internet, or maybe a friend gave you their old model. Whatever the case, it is possible to set up the camera on your Blink account. 

Blink does not mind if people resell or even regift their cameras. However, the seller will need to remove the device from their Blink account before the buyer attempts to set it up.

If you bought a used Blink camera and tried to set it up on your own Blink account, you may have noticed an error stating that the device is already linked to another account. In this case, you will need to contact the seller and ask them to remove the device before you can set it up.

This can be difficult if you don’t know the seller personally. Perhaps you purchased your camera off eBay, or maybe you found it at a yard sale. Unfortunately, if you cannot contact the seller, there is no way to register the device to a new account. 

Always Buy Blink Cameras From an Official Retailer 

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have no issues linking your camera to your account is to purchase it from an official Blink retailer. This will ensure you are the first owner and will have no problems linking your Blink Camera to your account. 

If any problems arise, it will also ensure you have the full support of Blink technical support. They can help you determine the issue and ensure your device gets linked. 

There are many official retailers of Blink Cameras, so you should be able to find one easily. In the United States, some of the official retailers you can check out include: 

  • Amazon 
  • Best Buy 
  • Target 
  • Home Depot 

Buying from any official retailer ensures you always get a new device that has never been linked to another account. 

What to Do When Buying From a Third-Party Unsupported Seller 

Blink has made it clear that selling or gifting your Blink product to another person is completely acceptable. For this reason, some people buy a secondhand product for a little bit cheaper. 

The only problem is, there are some higher risks involved in this buying process. One of the main risks includes receiving a camera that is registered to another account. In that case, your only course of action is to contact the seller and ask them to delete it from their app. If they do, you are all set to register it on your own. 

But, it becomes a serious problem when you cannot reach the previous owner. Blink customer support cannot help you unregister the product from any account other than your own. 

How to Delete or Unregister a Blink Camera 

If you are selling your Blink camera, it is important to ensure you delete the device from your account before sending it off to the buyer. Luckily, you can delete an entire Blink system, single Blink camera, or Sync Module easily through the corresponding steps below. 

How to Delete a Blink System

If you’re selling all the Blink devices in your home, you need to delete the system within your Blink app. To delete an entire system of Blink products, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Blink app.
  • Select the gear icon, then go to System Settings. 
  • Select the system you want to delete.
  • Press “Delete System” and confirm this when the pop-up appears. 

After that, you will no longer see the system on the account, and all devices will be free to be added by another user. 

How to Delete a Blink Camera 

You might want to keep most of your Blink products but sell a single camera. Luckily, deleting a single camera is just as simple: 

  • Open the Blink app.
  • Select the gear icon, then go to System Settings. 
  • Tap on the camera you want to delete.
  • Tap “Delete Camera” at the very bottom of the screen. Confirm this when the pop-up appears. 

If you want to remove multiple cameras from your system, just repeat the steps above for each.

How to Delete a Sync Module 

Perhaps you want to sell your Blink Sync Module. In that case, you can follow this process:

  • Open the Blink app.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the footer. 
  • In “Systems,” choose the one containing the Sync Module you wish to remove.
  • Tap on the Sync Module. 
  • Select “Delete Sync Module” and confirm this selection. 
  • Scan the serial number.

Now, you are free to sell your Sync Module without causing any issues for the buyer.

Final Thoughts

Having a Blink Camera that is registered to another account can be a big problem. If your Blink Camera is registered on another account, the only person who can delete it is the old user. 

To avoid this problem in the future, always buy from an official Blink retailer. That way, you can be sure your Blink Camera has never been used or registered on another account.