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Do I Need a Sync Module for Blink Doorbell?

Last Updated Jul 24, 2022
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You are about to buy a Blink Doorbell, but now you’re wondering if you’ll need a Sync Module to complete the setup. You know that a hub is a necessary component for many smart devices, and you want to be sure you are not missing any critical components. So, do Blink Doorbells need to be paired with a Sync Module?

Blink Doorbells are standalone systems that perform basic functions without a hub. Adding a Sync Module is not necessary, but doing so can improve your Blink Doorbell’s performance and give you access to a few additional features.

In this article, we will discuss what functions the Blink Doorbell can perform as a standalone system and what features you will gain by adding a Sync Module. Keep reading to find out whether it is worth it for you to acquire this hub!

Do I Need a Sync Module for Blink Doorbell?

Unlike some other smart home devices, the Blink Doorbell is a standalone system. It can chime, notify you of any motion around your front door, and show you a live view of your camera feed without a Sync Module. However, combining these two devices can improve your doorbell’s performance and add extra functionality. Below, we will discuss:

  •  What you can do with only a Blink Doorbell 
  •  The advantages of adding a Sync Module to your system
  • Other options that will give you similar advantages as a Sync Module

Some people prefer to keep it simple, while others like the added features that a Sync Module provides. The choice is up to your household’s needs and preferences.

Using Blink Doorbell as a Standalone System

The Blink Doorbell can operate as a standalone system. After installing it successfully, your Blink Doorbell will send a notification to your phone through your Wi-Fi network whenever someone presses the button. If you have motion detection alerts enabled, you will also receive notifications whenever motion is detected in the camera’s field of view. 

After receiving a Blink notification, you have 60 seconds to tap on it and access a live view of what the camera sees. From here, you can use the two-way talk feature to converse with anyone at the door.

If a notification on your phone is not enough for you, you can also wire your Blink Doorbell to a chime box inside your home. The chime will sound whenever someone presses the button. On top of all that, you can access the camera’s live view from the Blink app anytime.

Blink Doorbell is compatible with Alexa, so if you don’t have a chime box, you can connect your smart doorbell to the Alexa app and receive notifications through your Echo device. If you have an Echo device with a screen, you can also access the live view and use the two-way talk feature through voice commands here. 

Using Blink Doorbell with a Sync Module

While a Blink Doorbell can work as a standalone device, adding a Sync Module will give you access to additional features. For example, adding a Sync Module 2 will allow you to record events that occur when the doorbell’s button is pressed or the motion sensor is triggered.

The Sync Module connects automatically to your Blink Doorbell when added to the same system in the Blink app. This module makes it easy to set up as many as ten Blink devices together. 

To record events, you will need to plug a USB flash drive with a capacity between 1 and 256 GB into the Sync Module. This allows automatic recording for motion-detected or button-triggered events. However, keep in mind that the recording will stop when you access Live View.

A Sync Module can also extend the battery life of your Blink Doorbell. Under the best-operating conditions and some performance limitations, Blink claims that Blink Doorbell batteries should last up to two years. However, adding the Sync Module guarantees that the batteries will last the full two years with no performance limitations.

Is There a Substitution to the Sync Module?

Using Sync Module 2 is not the only way to record the events seen by your Blink Doorbell. A Blink Subscription Plan will also let you record these events. You can sign up for this subscription plan directly from the Blink website. However, this will require a monthly payment and will not increase battery life.

Wrapping Up

Blink Doorbells do not require a Sync Module to operate, as the doorbell works as a standalone system. If you only need to be notified when someone is at your door, access Live View to see what is happening at any given moment, and talk through the doorbell, you do not need a Sync Module. However, if you want to record the events Blink captures or prolong battery life as long as possible, the Sync Module is a good option for you.

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