Can I Use Blink Outdoor Camera Without Sync Module?

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The Blink Outdoor Camera is one of Amazon’s newest products. The wireless security camera can withstand rain, intense winds, and extreme temperatures. Amazon even boasts that the setup process takes mere minutes to complete. Sometimes included with the Blink Outdoor Camera—although more often not—is the Sync Module to connect during setup, but is this additional device necessary for the camera to work?

The Blink Outdoor Camera needs a compatible Sync Module to work. The Sync Module is designed to help your camera connect to the internet, adds battery life, and offers local storage options. It can support up to 10 Blink cameras at once.

Continue reading to learn more about Sync Modules and why getting one is essential for your Blink Outdoor Camera to work.

Why Use a Sync Module with Blink Outdoor Camera?

A Sync Module is essential for setting up your Blink Outdoor Camera because it:

Allows Your Device to Connect to the Internet

Your Blink Outdoor Camera does not come with a Wi-Fi chip; it’s just a camera, after all. However, your Sync Module is different. It kind of serves as the “middle man” between your camera and router, allowing your device to connect to the internet and relay information.

Adds to Your Camera’s Battery Life

With the Sync Module, your Blink Outdoor Camera can last for two years on a single charge. Why, though?

Well, your Sync Module does all the “heavy lifting.” Since it remains plugged into a constant power source, recording data does not put a considerable strain on your camera, allowing the battery to last much longer compared to other smart security cameras.

In comparison, the Ring Doorbell does not require you to install a Sync Module, but its battery life on a single charge is usually about six to 12 months. This is because it’s solely responsible for the device’s ability to record, transmit information, and connect to the internet.

Maintains a Stable Wi-Fi Connection

According to Blink, the Sync Module relies on “low-frequency radio” signals to transmit data. But what does this mean?

Basically, it means that if your Sync Module isn’t obstructed by walls, concrete, or appliances, it can work with your Wi-Fi to maintain a stable connection.

It also allows your device to automatically go back online if you lose power. While it won’t record data while you’re waiting for the lights to come on, you won’t have to log back in to power your device.

What Happens if You Don’t Use a Sync Module?

By itself, your Blink Outdoor Camera is just a camera—and nothing more.

Additionally, without the Sync Module, it would not be able to connect to the internet and relay notifications. Unfortunately, this means you also couldn’t use its two-way audio or live stream features.

Setting Up the Sync Module for Blink Outdoor Camera

To set up the Sync Module to work with your Blink Outdoor Camera, you need to download the Blink app. Then, you’ll need to create an account and share your address and time zone. From that point, log in to your new account in the app, then:

  1. Press the + on the top right-hand side.
  2. Select your device.
  3. Either take a picture of your device’s QR code or manually enter its serial code.
  4. Name your device and then press Done.

Then, plug in your Sync Module into a wall outlet. Wait for its light to blink blue and remain green. Then in the app:

  1. Tap Discover Device.
  2. Allow the device to join your Wi-Fi network.
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi login credentials.

After navigating the prompts on the screen, congratulations—you’re done! From here, you’ll just need to go back to the main page of the Blink app to add your Blink Outdoor Camera.

Note: Since the Sync Module is necessary to use most of the Blink Outdoor Camera’s features, the Blink app will require you to set up the Sync Module before the camera. 

Sync Module and Blink Outdoor Camera Connection Issues

If you’re having a problem connecting your Sync Module to your camera, here are some considerations:

  • Try restarting your router. After doing this, try reconnecting your Sync Module. You may need to enter your Wi-Fi login credentials again.
  • Try rebooting your Sync Module. Hold down the device’s reset button for five seconds.
  • Go through the setup process again. Blink says that you might need to go through the setup instructions more than once to get your device online.

If these measures don’t work, you could contact Blink’s customer service hotline at 781-332-5465. Click here to learn more about what other customer support options you have.

In Conclusion

The Sync Module helps your Blink Outdoor Camera perform at optimal capacity. Not only does it allow you to connect your camera to the internet, but you can also save the camera’s battery life by using the device. You can even use the Sync Module for local storage if you prefer not to pay for one of Blink’s subscriptions for cloud storage.  

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