Can You Use Ring Chime with Blink Doorbell?

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Regular doorbells only let you know when someone is at your door. On the other hand, smart doorbells let you see and talk to the person at your door and alert you if motion is detected at your doorstep. You have a Blink Doorbell, but are dissatisfied with the existing chime. For this reason, you are wondering if you can connect it to a Ring Chime.

Unfortunately, you cannot directly link a Blink Doorbell and a Ring Chime. However, you can set up an Alexa routine to trigger the Ring Chime with the Blink Doorbell if you have an additional Ring Doorbell and Ring Motion Alarm.

Below, we’ll discuss more information on potential ways to use these two devices together. Keep reading to learn more!

Can You Connect a Ring Chime to a Blink Doorbell?

You have a Blink Doorbell installed on your front door, but the chime is not loud enough to hear from some parts of your home. Whether you use a chime from an older doorbell or an Echo device that alerts you when someone rings the bell, you are now wondering if you can add a Ring Chime to your system.

Most Ring and Blink devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa. Because of this, some people believe they can connect a Blink Doorbell to a Ring Chime directly to take advantage of both devices simultaneously. 

Unfortunately, Ring Chime is one of the few Ring devices that cannot connect to Alexa directly. It can only connect to other Ring devices. However, there is a way to set up a routine on your Echo Device that will activate Blink Doorbell and Ring Chime through a Ring device that is compatible with Alexa.

What Do You Need to Connect a Ring Chime with a Blink Doorbell?

The Ring Chime is only compatible with Ring Doorbells, not the Blink Doorbell or other Ring devices. While it does take a bit of extra work, it is possible to create a network that activates Ring Chime with motion around the Blink Doorbell

There are currently two versions of the Ring Chime: the standard version and the pro version. Both are compatible with various Ring doorbells, which are also compatible with Alexa. You will at least need one Ring Doorbell to make a connection between your Ring Chime and Blink Doorbell possible. 

At this point, you may be wondering what the point of all this is. After all, you definitely don’t need two doorbells on the same door! 

But, if you have more than one door leading into your home, you place the Ring Doorbell at one door and the Blink Doorbell at the other. Note that Ring Video Doorbells are the only devices that connect to Ring Chime, so you will need one regardless of what other Ring device you use to trigger the Chime.

On the door where you place your Blink Doorbell, add a Ring Motion Detector. This motion sensor can work with the Ring Doorbell at your other door to trigger Ring Chime. Below, we will highlight why this motion detector is a necessary part of the equation. 

How to Create a Routine Using Alexa

The network described above might sound fairly complicated. However, creating this network through Alexa Routines is actually quite simple. Before creating the routine, you will need to connect your smart devices to your Alexa account and download the skills for them.

To download the skills, go to the menu on the Alexa app and select “Skills and Games.” Then, type “Ring” and select the devices you have ready to install. Then, repeat the process to find your Blink Video Doorbell. Now, you’re ready to follow the steps below to create your routine:

  • Open the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the in-app menu and select “Routines.”
  • Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • Give your routine a name.
  • Choose how to start the routine by going to “When this happens” and selecting “Smart Home.”
  • Choose your sequence of events to ensure that when motion is detected on the Ring Motion Detector next to your Blink Doorbell, the Ring Doorbell will be triggered. This will sound the Ring Chime when someone is near your Blink Doorbell. 
  • Click “Save.”

Although this won’t directly trigger your Ring Chime when someone rings your Blink Doorbell, it is the easiest workaround to use the devices together. You may want to adjust your Motion Detector’s sensitivity level through the Ring app. Otherwise, your Ring Chime may sound as your children run around the yard or when a stray cat wanders by. 


Connecting a Ring Chime and Blink Doorbell directly is not possible. Ring Chime cannot connect to Alexa directly, but it can be connected to other Ring devices that do connect to Alexa. You can use this to your advantage to create a network using an Alexa Routine and begin using your Blink Doorbell and Ring Chime together.

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