How To Turn On LG TV Without Buttons?


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Getting a brand new LG TV home and ready to use can be extremely exciting. After all, who doesn’t enjoy watching or streaming their favorite show with top-of-the-line imaging and quick refresh rates? Before you can watch TV, you need to turn it on and start setting up the options. This may make you wonder, how do I turn on an LG TV without buttons?

You can turn on an LG TV without the power button by using a universal remote control, a remote TV app on your phone, or by asking your voice assistant to turn it on. These are great alternatives if you can’t locate your power button or the power button on the TV isn’t functioning properly.

New technology has made it so the power button on TVs is unneeded in most cases. Although this is true, there are still instances when we rely on the physical power button on the TV. All LG TVs have a physical power button; they just camouflage them well. Keep reading to learn where to find it and why you may need to use it.

Is There a Power Button? A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Finding the power button is a feat for someone who has a lot of patience and some extra time on their hands. LG has made their power button very hard to find on their newer models. 

Originally, the LG physical power button was located at the bottom right-hand corner of the TV. This has been moved for all the new models per LG’s modernization plans.

The new location is a bit cryptic, and the button controls the power and other functions of the TV all in one go. This button is located in the center middle of the TV, underneath the edge. You will likely feel it if you physically run your hand across the bottom of the TV. This button will power on the TV and cycle through the other menu options for the LG TV.

Power Button Blues

Sometimes the physical power button on the TV gets stuck or stops functioning properly. When this happens, you will find yourself at a loss as to what to do to turn off the TV. Don’t fret too much; there are a few ways to power down your TV without this physical button in the middle. We have outlined the most popular ways to control your TV sans the power button.

Ask Alexa or Google to Help Out

Many new smart TVs that are entering the market, including LG TVs, have smart voice assistant compatibility. This means a user can pair their Google Hub, Amazon Echo, or Show and control it with a single voice prompt. Pairing is simple and occurs through the settings hub for either device. Here is how to do it with each brand:

Amazon Echo or Show

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone or Amazon hub
  2. Find Skills under the menu tab
  3. Look for your TV name
  4. Click enable
  5. Sign in to your LG account
  6. You are now paired with Alexa

Google Hub

  1. Go to the Google App and open it
  2. Tap the + button
  3. Select Set up Device and click New Device
  4. Pick which home you want the TV to be listed under, and then click next
  5. Find the LG TV name on the list, select it and click next
  6. Use the code on the TV and input it into the app
  7. Decide whether you want to opt in or opt-out to share data info with Google
  8. Select the LG TV and pick next
  9. Connect the WiFi to the TV
  10. Click Next
  11. Decide if you want Google to send you emails and answer the prompt
  12. Pick the steaming services you want, and then pick next
  13. Click continue

After the LG TV is paired with the smart voice assistant, you will be able to enjoy a large quantity of remoteless and buttonless capabilities. These abilities include powering on and off the tv, pausing a show, turning the volume up and down, and launching a streaming app, all with a simple voice prompt to your Alexa or Google device.

Magic Remote

The newer LG TVs have a new type of remote called a magic remote. This remote works like a typical remote controller but has an additional feature. A cursor is designed into the remote control unit. This allows users to use the cursor like a mouse to make selections instead of pushing a bunch of buttons to get where they want.

This feature is especially helpful when using an on-screen keyboard to type in a password or log in to an account. It cuts the time down tremendously. There is a traditional power button on this remote control, and it will turn your LG TV on for you. The power button looks identical to other power buttons on traditional universal remotes. Just point and click.

Universal Remote

A universal remote is another way to turn on an LG TV when you are down a power button or can’t seem to locate it. A universal remote can be bought online or picked up in stores. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Ensure that the one you choose to use at your home is compatible with the LG TV you own. Newer TVs pair better with newer universal remotes.

How to Change LG TV Settings Without a Remote

You have similar options if you do not need to turn the TV but need to change the settings without using the buttons physically on the TV. A remote control app or the magic remote can help you adjust settings. Google and Alexa can change the channel, adjust the volume, and complete other basic tasks. 

Other tasks you can do without a remote are connecting your LG TV to WiFi and changing the input.

Buttoning Up

All LG TVs have physical power and menu buttons. Sometimes they are really hard to find due to the style the company creates during manufacturing. Do not let it panic you too much. The smart LG TVs provide many ways to control it without a traditional push-button or remote

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