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How to Stop LG TV from Dimming/Brightening

Last Updated Sep 23, 2021
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There is nothing more frustrating than getting that new TV and you can not see the screen or you are simply blinded by it.  No one likes a screen that goes suddenly from black to white. There are a couple of different formats that this is based upon. There are also many models of LG TVs in which this issue may arise.

You may think your TV set is broken and go through the long process of getting the manufacturer on the phone. You might just go back to the store or return the TV online only to go through the hassle of the return process. Instead, read on to fix this problem yourself and save some time and energy, shall we?

Local or Global?

Local dimming refers to just specifies different parts of the screen that can be dimmed. You should look at that this as it being close (local) lighting. Global dimming refers to the auto adjustments that the TV does. This usually happens when the scene gets dark the TV gets darker. When the scenes are bright, the TV gets brighter.

How to Stop This Locally

Correcting local dimming is easier than you probably realized. The reason anyone would want half of their screen bright and the other half dim is something we will never know. However, the fix is easy:

  • Head over to your settings menu.
  • On your right-hand side, you see the display.
  • 3 dots will appear and your settings will appear.
  • When you see the energy savings mode, turn it off.

Effects on the Viewing Experience

Global dimming can be especially troubling to your viewing experience when gaming or setting a scene. You want to be able to play a game without dark scenes going dark. What about turning out the lights to watch your favorite horror film when to your horror dark scenes are pitch black?

Global Dimming Issues Resolved

To fix this particular issue you will need to head to your settings menu.  Go to your picture mode and click on the expert panel. You can choose either 1 or 2. Backlight and contrast will need to be turned up. Brightness will have to go down to 25 and sharpness low to 10. From there color to 65 and a 0 for the tint.

Other Important Controls

There are other important modes that you will need to program to continue to fix this issue.

When programmed correctly this will make a difference in the viewing experience.

  • Expert Control
  • White Balance
  • Picture Option

Within expert control, the dynamic, Color Gamut, and Color Enhancer will need to be turned off (Gamma can be turned down to 2.2).   In white balance, mode red needs to be on 25 and green + blue on number 10. Color temperature selection has to be turned to warm 1. As for the rest, the method is 2 points, the pattern is selected at outer and points are high.

Noise reduction and  MPEG Noise reduction will need to be on “auto”. Black level is on high. Real cinemas mode is on high and TruMotion is on smooth. We know this seems like a lot ,but you will want to go for it. Your problem will be solved!

Some Things That You Should Know

White Balance is used to describe how warm or cool the picture on your TV will be. This is important because it is too warm it might appear brighter and it is vice versa for a cool screen. If it is too cool then it can appear darker.

Color Gamut refers to the wide range of colors on the color spectrum. This is important because you do not want colors that are dark to be so dark that it disappears in the background. The same goes for the white. You do not want your light colors to blend in with light backgrounds to the point of disappearing.

Black Levels control the overall brightness of the TV screen. This is like the glue holding the color gamut together. The Backlight in your TV illuminates the screen from behind. It brings forth the light colors. When this is turned up high it makes the lighter colors pop and the darker colors really stand out against it.


Balancing the brightness on your TV can seem like a daunting task. However, with the right step-by-step guide, you can rest assured knowing that the issue is resolved and can quickly be fixed if it arises again.

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