LG TV Dimensions Guide (True Length and Width of All Sizes)

LG TV with dimensionsLG TV with dimensions

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Picking the right LG TV for your home is about more than just the features. Size matters too! Finding your LG TV’s screen size is easy, but what about the length and width?

Popular LG TV Sizes and Dimensions

“Screen size” is broken into classes rather than actual size, so a 50” TV won’t necessarily be 50” wide. 

But, actual screen size isn’t the only dimension you need to consider before you buy an LG TV. To ensure it’ll fit into the space you have available, you need to find out all the dimensions.

If you’ll be mounting your LG TV on the wall, you should also find out the weight to help determine what size screws you’ll need.

65” LG TVs

65” TVs are some of LG’s most popular and are best placed in larger living rooms. Most of LG’s 65” TVs range from:

  • 32.3” to 32.8” tall without the stand, 33.9” to 34.6” tall with the stand
  • 1” to 1.8” deep without the stand, 9.1” to 9.7” deep with the stand
  • 56.7” to 57” wide
LG TV 65 inch width

The weight of your 65” TV will vary based on the model, so it’s important to look at all the product specifications. However, 65” TVs generally weigh between 50-60 lbs.

55” LG TVs

If you have a mid-sized living room, a 55” LG TV is perfect. Most 55” LG TVs without a stand range from:

  • 27.5” and 30.5” tall
  • 48.1” and 48.7” wide
  • 1.1” and 1.8” deep

55” LG TVs typically weigh between 31.1 and 39.2 lbs.

42” LG TVs

42” LG TV models are usually best for smaller living rooms or larger bedrooms. Their dimensions range from: 

  • 21.3” to 25” in height
  • 36.7 to 36.9” in width
  • 1.6” deep

32” LG TVs

Not many people buy 32” TVs these days, but they’re ideal for bedrooms or to use as a second computer monitor

Currently, LG only lists one 32” smart TV on their website — the LED HD Smart TV with ThinQ AI. It’s 17.2” tall, 29” wide, and 3.3” deep

Weighing only 10.3 lbs, this TV is perfect for anyone who wants to use a smart TV in a smaller area.

24” LG TVs

The LG HD 720p LED TV is currently the only 24” model available. This is the smallest LG TV on our list, but it comes with a Full HD IPS display, LED backlighting, and more.

Without a stand, the dimensions are as follows:

  • 21.9” tall
  • 13.6” wide
  • 2.1” deep

Adding a stand increases the dimensions to the following numbers:

  • 21.9” tall
  • 15.2” wide
  • 5.8” deep

Without the stand, it weighs 7.1 lbs. Adding a stand increases the weight to 7.5 lbs

Other LG TV Dimensions

These days, TVs can have screen sizes close to 90”. If you’re in the market for a bigger TV with its fair share of qualities, you might be interested in the following LG TV options:

TV ModelHeightWidthDepthWeight
77” G2 OLED38.4”67.4″1.0”77.4 lbs.
83” G2 OLED41.4”72.7”1.1”90.2 lbs.
88” Z2 PUA OLED44.1”77.2”2.0”92.6 lbs

How to Measure Your TV’s Screen Size

Knowing that every LG TV model will have a slightly different size, you may be confused about just how big your TV is.

Screen size is measured using the diagonal length from your TV’s bottom corner to the opposite side’s top corner. 

To find out your LG TV’s screen size, use a tape measure to measure this length. While your result may not be perfectly accurate, it will give you a rough idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dimensions for 2023 LG TV Models

LG’s latest models have different dimensions than models in years past. The table below highlights the dimensions of the three models released in 2023 with the stand.

LG TV ModelHeightWidthDepthWeight
55” B3 OLED27.9”48.3”1.8”41.7 lbs
65” C3 OLED34.6”56.7”9.1”40.8 lbs
77” evo G3 OLED40.9”67.9”12.6”94.4 lbs

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