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LG TV Dimensions Guide (True Length and Width of All Sizes)

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022
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When picking the right LG TV for your home, it’s more than just about the features; size matters too. Knowing the right size of TV for your space is essential, and whether it be small or big, it does not really have anything to do with the quality but everything to do with your comfort. So you may be asking, do LG TVs come in different sizes?

LG TVs come in varying sizes, just as they vary in models and features. Some of the most common sizes by inches are: 

  • 22”
  • 26”
  • 32”
  • 40”
  • 50”
  • 55”
  • 60”
  • 65”

This article will highlight 6 of the most popular LG TV sizes and discuss their dimensions, including the length and width, to give you insight on which one to buy when you want to cop an LG smart TV. You will also find out how to measure your own LG TV yourself and how best to choose the right TV. Read on.

Here are some of the most popular LG TV sizes and their dimensions;

65” LG TV

Most LG 65” TVs come with 4K processors for better picture quality, color, and brightness. Without the stand, this smart TV is 32.7”(83.1cm) high,  a width of 57”(144.8cm), and depth of 1.8”(4.57cm). Overall, the TV measures 33.9”(86.1cm) in height and a depth of 9.9”(25.1cm).

This TV has a diagonal display that measures 64.5”(163.8cm), and it has a resolution of 3840 X 2160 px (4K UHD).

55” LG TV

The 55” LG TVs are pretty smaller than the ones of 65,” but it doesn’t make it less premium. In addition, the 55” LG smart TVs range comes with different features like the ability to work with smart home devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The TV is 30.5”(77.4cm) in height and 48.7”(123.6cm) wide. Its depth is 9.4”(23.8cm), and it weighs 32.9lb(14.9kg).

43” LG TV

If you want an LG TV with a resolution of 3840X2160, a quad-core processor, and a 4GB  storage capacity, look no further than the 43” models of the LG brand.

It has a height of 57.2cm, a width of 97.3cm, and a depth of 8.5cm, all without the stand. If you are a factor in the frame, the TV will be 97.3cm wide 62.3cm in height, while the depth is 21.6cm.

40” LG TV

The LG 40” TV comes with a full HD resolution, built-in WiFi, and other amazing features. So if you’re looking for a TV that’s neither big nor small, you should try the 40” LG TV.

Without the stand, this TV weighs 7.5kg and 9.6kg with it. It’s 911mm wide, 528mm high, and it has a depth of 55.3mm.

32” LG TV

LG 32” smart TVs may be smaller than the others, but it makes up for size with a complete LED 1080p HD resolution display. So if you have a small space and want a TV that suits your home yet is efficient and comfortable, the LG 32” TVs are it.

It has a height of 18.8”(47.9cm), the width is 28.8”(73.2cm), and its depth of 7.9”(20.1cm) makes up the dimensions of this TV. Weighing only 11.5lb(5.3kg), this TV is portable and suitable for those who like it small.

22” LG TV

This one is the smallest LG TV on our list, but it doesn’t mean it’s less important or valuable than the rest. On the contrary, the 22” LG TVs come with a Full HD IPS display, LED backlighting, and a lot more features.

It weighs 6.6lbs with the stand while the width is 20.0”. This TV has its height at 2.1” and a depth of 12.5”.

How to Measure Your TV’s Size

Knowing that these TVs come in different sizes, sometimes you may be confused about the particular size your TV is. However, there are a few easy ways to find out the size of the LG TV if you’re trying to purchase a new one or if you want to ascertain the size of the one at home.

One easy way to know the width, height, and depth of your TV without even using a tape is by first finding out what the diagonal length of the TV is. The diagonal length can be measured by checking the length between corner to corner of the TV screen diagonally.

While your result may not be accurate trying this method, you will at least have an idea of the approximate measurement of the TV. So to know if your TV is 22”, 42”, or 65”, measure the diagonal length of the TV and what you get determines your TV size.


Knowing the size of your LG TV is essential for so many reasons. First, it can help you choose what size of TV to buy considering your home space. So the next time you want to buy a TV, don’t just go for the features, consider the size too.

This article explores some of the popular LG TV sizes and a guide on how to know your TV size to help you make the right TV choice the next time you hit the market to get one.

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