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How Many HDMI Ports are on an LG TV?

Last Updated Jun 19, 2022
The hdmi and usb ports on the side of a laptop

You know what type of TV that you want. You have settled on the LG brand. A question when making your purchase may be how many ports are installed on my device? Specifications are no doubt an important part of an electronic purchase. HDMI in this case is no different.

How many ports on an LG TV can vary based on a couple of factors. What model is your LG TV What is the size of your TV? Is your model a Smart TV? All of these questions will need to be addressed before knowing how many ports are on your particular model.

How Many HDMI Cords Do You Need to Hook-Up to Your TV?

Most entertainment devices come with only one cord that you will need to plug into your LG TV. How many ports you need only depends on how many devices you will need to plug into your tv at once.

If you need to stream, for example, then you may not need a Roku Stick and a Playstation (assuming your Playstation is only used for streaming). Otherwise, you may be looking to switch between your different devices since you have more devices than ports. LG TVs typically come with anywhere from 3-5 ports.

Too Many Devices

It could be a pain when you have more devices than HDMI ports. Unless you do not mind a disorganized mess on your tv stand, you should try to keep devices to a minimum. You could always get another LG TV and connect devices to that one as well. If for example: you own 3 different game systems and a sound bar that all need to connect with your LG TV via HDMI.. Connect 3 items to one TV and 1 to the other.

Other Options

Just when you think all is lost, there are options. Your TV HDMI port availability isn’t the end of all of things. Luckily there is an attachment that can give you more ports if you need it. This solution is called an HDMI switch. This cord acts as an extension much like an extension cord for electrical outlets.

How This Switch Works

Oh no, your LG TV only has 3 ports, but you own 5 devices that require one! The HDMI switch is an HDMI with a box on the end that can house up to 5 additional HDMI ports. This will essentially give you a total of 8 available ports!

What is the Fuss Around an HDMI?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI comes in the form of a cord or “stick” which looks like a USB storage device.  This means that this is an extension.

That will allow the owner to watch media on devices such as gaming systems, DVD/blue-ray players, a streaming device (think Roku’s Fire Stick). This way you can view and hear whatever the HDMI is used for.

Where to Find the Ports

Now that you know what an HDMI is the next question is probably going to be, “where in the heck do I find this thing?” Yes, we know that this can be confusing, since there are so many inputs of varying size and shape.

Don’t worry, the HDMI port will always be on the side or the back of your television. It will say HDMI and will be shaped like a trapezoid.

It Matters How Many Ports Are In Your TV

If you own a Smart TV, it will not matter if there are any ports as long as you are not looking to attach any other multimedia device to your TV. If you have many multimedia devices, then it will matter to you if want to plug them all in at once. If for example, you have a PlayStation, Chromecast, and an Xbox then you are going to want more than one port,

Types of LG TVs

Several types of LG TVs have HDMI ports, including:

These TVs range from having 1-3 inputs. There are a few ways that you will get your answer. The first is going online and just looking at the specifications. If you are already in the store you have a couple of options here. Either you will look at the box that the television is in and the specifications will be there or just ask the department associate for assistance.


How many HDMI ports differ depending on the brand of the LG TV that you own. The number of ports that your TV has could enhance the convenience of your multimedia usage. There are multiple brands that you can find out the specifications for before your purchase.

There are options available to extend your port accessibility. Go ahead and enjoy the audio, game, or television the way you have always wanted to!