How to Fix Your Samsung TV If It’s Flashing a Red Light Quickly

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If your TV is in standby mode and it’s flashing a red light quickly, this could indicate several things, ranging from poor power supply to damaged HDMI connectors. It’s important to identify the source of the problem before employing any troubleshooting methods––and you can get all your answers here.

Continue to learn about fixing your Samsung TV if a red light is blinking. If the issue is a factory-specific defect, you could file a warranty claim, depending on how long ago you purchased your device. 

Switch to Another Power Source

If your Samsung TV isn’t getting adequate power, not only will this cause a blinking red light, but it will also prevent the TV from turning on. If this is the root of your issue, you should try these options:

  • Plug in your TV to another outlet.
  • Check your fuse box for any blown fuses.
  • Purchase a new power cord.

Worst-case scenario, your TV’s inner transistors aren’t working because of a power surge. Try to recall whether your home recently lost power. If so, the surge of electricity may have damaged your TV. You’re better off calling Samsung’s support team if this is the case.

Plug Your TV Directly into Its Power Source

Surge protectors are great for protecting your TV from intense amounts of electricity. However, these devices don’t last forever. In fact, according to Wirecutter, surge protectors generally last anywhere from two to five years.

After a certain period, the surge protector won’t generate enough energy to power your devices. Addressing this issue is as simple as plugging your TV directly into the wall. You may also consider purchasing a new surge protector.

Unplug Connected Video Game Consoles

After using your Xbox or PS4, your TV might not have returned to the same output. This is an easy fix; simply unplug your video game console and try turning the TV on. For whatever reason, the console might be preventing the TV from powering on.

Power Cycle the TV

Most Samsung TVs come with launch configurations. Without getting too technical, it’s basically your TV’s startup screen. If the launch configuration is corrupted, your TV won’t turn on. To address this issue:

  1. Unplug the TV.
  2. Hold down on the power button for at least 15 seconds
  3. Plug the TV in and turn it on.

If the TV proceeds to its startup screen, you’ve fixed the problem.

Change the Source Selection

If your TV’s launch sequence is corrupted, it won’t automatically choose the input or output source that you want. Using the remote, navigate to different sources. You may power cycle the TV first before doing this.

Use a Different HDMI Cable

Like surge protectors, HDMI cables only last for a few years. Over time, the internal connectors degrade and have issues transmitting signals. When purchasing an HDMI cable, make sure that it meets your TV’s specifications. Your user manual should provide further insight into which cable works best.

Contact Samsung’s Customer Support

If you tried the troubleshooting methods listed above, and your TV’s still blinking red, this may be beyond something you can fix. For instance, if something’s wrong with the internal power source, this requires the help of a technician. In this case, you should reach out to Samsung’s customer support team to identify the cause of the issue.

You have these options for contacting Samsung’s customer support team:

  • Call 1-800-726-7864 to speak with a representative
  • Diagnose the problem yourself by answering a few short questions
  • Use Samsung’s online chat service
  • Text “SUPPORT” to 800-726-7864
  • Request Samsung’s repair service

If you purchased Samsung Care+, you could use this plan to get your TV repaired. Purchasing a subscription not only extends your warranty, but you also get access to Samsung’s troubleshooting tips and personalized customer service.

File a Warranty Claim

Samsung places a one-year warranty on all of its TVs. So, if you bought your TV within the last 12 months, you could file a warranty claim. If accepted, Samsung may replace or repair your TV at no charge.

Warranties generally only cover factory-specific defects. If your TV isn’t working due to negligence, “modding,” or general wear-and-tear, Samsung may ask you to pay for repairs out of pocket.

Consider Purchasing a New TV

Samsung has some of the best products on today’s market, hands-down. However, nothing good lasts forever. If you’ve had your TV for a while, and now the light’s blinking red and the screen won’t turn on, you might consider getting a new TV.

Purchasing Samsung Care+ also gives you an extra layer of protection if your device suddenly stops working.

Final Thoughts

Odds are, if your Samsung TV’s light is blinking red, it’s a problem with the power source. However, the other measures covered above could address your issue, as well.

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