How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 189? A Detailed Guide

samsung tv: error code 189samsung tv: error code 189

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Owning a Samsung smart TV comes with a lot of perks. However, just like most other brands of smart TVs, they are prone to errors now and then. One error code you may run into is Error Code 189, “Unable to connect to the Samsung Server. Please update your TV’s software to solve this problem.”

Error Code 189 means the TV cannot connect to the Samsung server. It results from:

  • Using outdated software
  • A weak internet signal
  • Signal obstruction
  • DNS server issues 

You can fix it by:

  • Updating your TV’s software
  • Removing obstructions
  • Making the WiFi signal stronger
  • Power cycling the router and TV
  • Factory resetting the TV

Below, we will discuss all of the information related to Error Code 189 on a Samsung TV. 

What Does Error Code 189 Mean?

Error Code 189 means that your TV cannot connect to the Samsung TV server.

It will usually be accompanied by the message “Unable to connect to Samsung Server. Please update your TV’s software to solve this problem.”

What Happens When Your Samsung TV Cannot Connect to the Server?

Smart TVs need to connect to their respective server to access certain features. When your Samsung TV cannot access the server, you will be unable to:

  • Access Live TV 
  • Use any features that require you to log into your Samsung account  
  • Use the SmartThings app
  • No Voice Remote features 

Apps like Netflix and Hulu typically work as normal.

How to Fix Error Code 189

Even though you could still use apps on your Samsung TV with an error code 189, you won’t have full functionality with your TV.

Samsung has not issued an official solution to this error, but there are still some troubleshooting options you can try. 

Logging Out and Signing Back Into Your Samsung Account 

Server connection issues can be resolved by logging out of your Samsung account and signing back in. 

Logging Out Of Samsung Account 

To log out of your Samsung Account 

  1. Press the Home button on your remote
  2. Open “Settings.”
    Select settings then all settings
  3. Go to “General” or “General and Privacy,” depending on your TV model
    Select General & Privacy
  4. Choose “System Manager.”
    Samsung tv - Select system manager
  5. Select “Samsung Account.”
    Samsung tv - Samsung account
  6. Choose your account
    Samsung tv - choose samsung account
  7. Press “Sign Out .”
    Samsung tv - sign out of samsung account

Once you are signed out, wait a few minutes to log back in. Instructions will vary for older Samsung TV models.

Logging Into Samsung Account 

To log into your Samsung account:

  1. Press the Home button and go to Settings.
  2. Go to “All Settings.”
  3. Select “General and Privacy,” then “System Manager.”
  4. Choose “Samsung Account.”
  5. Choose “Existing Account.”
  6. Go to the URL listed onscreen or use the QR code to sign in 

These steps are based on a 2023 Samsung TV. Instructions will vary slightly based on your model. 

For older models:

  1. Go to Settings -> All Settings -> General & Privacy
  2. Then go to System Manager -> Samsung Account 
  3. Press Sign In/Existing Account, enter your information, then press Sign In again to confirm
  4. Press Done to finish sign in

If this does not resolve the issue, try a different option.

Update Your Samsung TV

Sometimes, turning the TV on and off will fix server issues. However, if that is not enough, the next thing you should try to fix Error Code 189 is updating your device

There are several ways to do this: setting automatic updates, updating manually through the internet, or via USB.

Updating Automatically

If the Samsung TV still has an internet connection, it can update automatically whenever new updates are available. To turn auto updates on:

  1. Navigate to Menu, then select “Settings” and “Support.”
  2. Select “Software Update,” then “Auto Update” to turn it on.
    Select Settings, Support then software update

Once you complete these steps, your TV will update as you watch it. Any new features or fixes from the update will be applied the next time you turn on the TV.

Update Manually Over the Internet

You can update your Samsung TV manually as well. To do this:

  1. Using the TV remote, go to Menu, then Settings, then Support
  2. Choose Software Update, then Update Now 

When you press Update Now, your TV will search for updates. If there are updates, your Samsung TV will begin updating.

The installation takes several minutes. Remember not to turn off your TV before the update is complete. 

The TV will restart itself once the update finishes. If no updates are available, press OK to exit the Update menu.

Update Over USB Drive 

Inserting a USB drive containing updated files into the USB port allows updates without an internet connection.

Download updates using a USB connection in the Samsung Download Center. Once there, search by Product Type or Model Number to locate the support page for your Samsung TV.

Find the firmware file(s) for your TV on the support page under Downloads. Install the newest version if there are multiple. Press Download next to the desired files to start the process.

Then do the following:

  1. Once the file finishes downloading, locate and unzip it.
  2. Copy the files in the ZIP to a USB flash drive.
  3. Connect the flash drive with the updated files to the USB port on the TV.
  4. Using your TV remote, go to Menu -> Settings -> Support -> Software Update -> Update Now -> Yes.

From there, the TV will search the USB drive for the files to perform the update and restart when finished. Do not turn off your TV while it is updating.

Restart the Samsung TV

To restart the Samsung TV:

  1. Unplug the Samsung TV from the wall.
  2. Wait 60 seconds.
  3. Plug the TV back in.
  4. Turn your Samsung TV back on.

Once the TV is back on, the issue should be fixed. If not, you have other options.

Power Cycle the Router

ATT router reset button

Occasionally, power cycling your router can clear Error 189. Generally, power cycling a router follows the below steps;

  1. Unplug the router and modem 
  2. Plug them back in after 3 minutes 
  3. Wait for the router to reboo
  4. Turn the TV back on to see if the error is gone

Improve the Signal and Remove Obstructions 

If the internet signal in your home is weak, it will keep you from accessing the Samsung network. An obstructed signal causes the same result.

WiFi signals can be obstructed by:

  • Metal objects
  • Wood objects
  • Walls

You can reduce interference and improve WiFi signal by moving the router closer to the TV or using an ethernet cable. 

Remove any metal objects or things near your router and see if your TV can connect to the Samsung server.

The strength of the signal is also affected by how far the device that requires the internet is from the router. You can use a signal booster or extender to improve signal quality and widen its reach.

You should also make sure that your Samsung TV is connected to the appropriate WiFi frequency.

Add a New Account

Sometimes, adding another account to use your Samsung TV will eliminate this error. To add a second account on the newest models, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control.
  2. Go to Settings then General or General and Privacy depending on your Samsung TV model
  3. Select System Manager
  4. Select Samsung Account
  5. Select Sign In and log in with a different, existing Samsung account

You must create one online if you do not have a Samsung account. To create an account, go to Samsung’s account webpage. Follow the prompts to create an account and log in on your TV.

If the problem is due to something related to your Samsung account, this may clear the error code. 

Change the DNS Settings 

Changing the DNS settings can improve your Samsung TV’s connection to the server. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. For older TVS: Go to Settings > General > Network > Open Network Settings
  3. For newer TVS: Go to Settings > All Settings > Connection > Network > Open Network Settings
  4. Select Network Status
  5. Choose IP Settings
    Samsung tv - IP settings
  6. Go to DNS Setting and select Enter Manually
    Samsung tv - enter manually
  7. Enter and select OK.
    Samsung tv - enter

Once you complete these steps, you will have updated DNS address settings. Check if the error message still occurs after doing this. If it does, there are still other things you can try.

Factory Reset the Samsung TV

Factory resetting a TV returns it to its default settings. You will be signed out of all apps and accounts, and it will reset the smart hub. To do this:

  1. Select Settings -> General or General and Privacy-> Reset
    Reset samsung tv: general then reset
  2. Enter your PIN or 0000
    Enter code to reset Samsung TV
  3. Select Reset
  4. Press OK, and the reset will start

If these options do not come up for you, do the following:

  1. Select Settings -> Support -> Device Care -> Self Diagnosis
    Samsung tv - device care self diagnosis
  2. Run the self diagnosis.

If you forget your PIN, reset it by turning the TV off and pressing Mute -> 8 -> 2 -> 4 -> Power. 

If you don’t have your remote, you can still reset your Samsung TV:

Contact Samsung Support

If none of these options work for you, or you feel frustrated, contact the Samsung support team. 

There may be something happening on their end that is causing the server connection issues. There may also be something malfunctioning with your TV that might be covered under warranty.

FAQ: Common Questions About Samsung TVs

Does my Samsung TV need Internet?

Samsung TVs work without the internet, but you cannot access apps or other features without it.

How Do You Find Your Samsung ID?

To find your Samsung Account ID, go to this website and enter the email or phone number associated with your account.

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