What Is A Linked Event On Ring? How To Use It

A few Ring cameras mounted on a shelfA few Ring cameras mounted on a shelf

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Ring provides a large variety of smart home security products. One such enhancement that Ring has rolled out is known as linked events. But what exactly are linked events on Ring?

Ring linked events are reactions to paired smart devices. For example, a recording will begin if motion is detected in the living room. Security lights, alarm sounds, and other functions will be activated if a linked event has been created.

This provides a broader sense of security and response to specific circumstances, also referred to as Ring linked events. Knowing these events, it is important to utilize them to keep your home safe. Keep reading to discover how.

Creating The Link

Creating the link is the first step to using linked events. Once you have everything linked, you can adjust the event to match your intentions and needs. 

Below we have outlined each step to help you navigate the process easily.

Find The Menu

The first thing you need to do to link your Ring devices is find the menu button on the Ring app on your smartphone

It is usually characterized as three horizontal lines. It should be located at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Pick Your Device

Once you enter the menu, you must go into the device tab. This will open up a list of Ring devices on the same network. 

You can choose which one you are trying to link and select it.

Alarm Base Station

Once you select the Ring device, you want to link, another menu will appear. It will allow you to select Alarm Base Station, among other things. 

Select this option to continue the pairing process.

Base Station

After selecting Alarm Base Station, another option called Base Station will appear. You want to select this option next to continue the linking process and obtain the best results.

Linked Devices

After the above buttons have been selected, the option to link the device will finally appear on the screen. You need to select this and wait a few moments. 

This will successfully pair the device to the Ring network and link them.

Repeat For Each Device

Once you successfully link one device, you can use the same instructions to continue to pair any other Ring devices you want to link together. 

You can do this with cameras, doorbells, lights, smart plugs, and more.

Troubleshooting A Linked Device

Now that you know how to create a linked event by connecting your Ring devices, you must know how to iron out any issues that may appear. 

Below, we have put together a quick guide to help you troubleshoot your linked events and devices.

My Alerts Won’t Stop

When we link our devices, we forget to adjust their settings. This can cause an issue with linked events notifications and reactions. Often this will become apparent when your phone blows up with a bunch of motion notifications.

To fix Ring alerts not stopping, you should go into your camera settings on your Ring devices and adjust the motion sensitivity levels. The motion sensitivity determines whether or not a linked event is triggered. 

If you turn off motion events or lower the sensitivity, it will fix the issue. We have some other quick fixes if your Ring alerts won’t stop.

Cannot View Events

The camera will automatically record a 30-second clip when a linked event is triggered. This clip should be stored in your event history to review at a later time if necessary. 

These clips stay in your event history for 30 days unless you save them to the cloud.

If you go into the event history and notice that these events are no longer available and it has been less than 30 days, it can be frustrating. 

The best way to fix this issue is to reset the Ring app by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Once the Ring app is reinstalled, you should be able to go into the app and view your linked events again. The reinstall acts as a refresh for the system. 

Occasionally, you will need to repair your devices, but this is a rare occurrence as the system should save your information.

WiFi is Down

Another reason your linked events or devices could suddenly stop working is that the WiFi connecting them to talk to each other is down. 

When this is the case, no alerts or linked events will occur.

You can fix this by resetting your router and modem. Simply power them down, wait a few minutes, and then power them back up again. 

Also, ensure each device is connected to the same WiFi network. 

Invest in a WiFi extender if you find that your signal is not powerful enough to connect your devices. 

This will further increase WiFi coverage and help the Ring linked devices function as intended.

Stay In The Know

The Ring Linked event system is a great way to stay in the know. It keeps you updated and wards off potential threats by reacting to certain motions and alarms. 

This new tool is a great way to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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