Best Things Caught On Ring Cameras

Rob on a Ring CameraRob on a Ring Camera

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When Jamie Siminoff first pitched his idea for Ring video doorbells on Shark Tank, he probably had the security of our homes in mind more than the hilarious (and at times shocking) they would capture.

Some 8 years on from Ring’s first video doorbell, the internet is awash with clips of package thieves, hilarious accidents, spooky encounters, animal visitors and unsuspecting farters.  Here are some of the best of those:

Viral Humiliation

You know the format, it’s been a staple of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” for 25 years.  Someone falls over, it’s caught on camera, the world laughs at their misfortune.  Replace grainy VHS footage with perfect HD clarity, and sending the tape in through the post with uploading it to a social media platform, and you have viral humiliation like the clip below:

Kids Say The Darndest Things

Parents the world over know the embarrassment when an innocently insensitive thought tumbled out the mouths of their little ones.  But quite rarely are both the child’s statement and the parents’ dejection caught on a single video.

Kids are often as honest as they are mischievous, as they are dumb.  While trying to sneak out of the house, this young fella was furious that his cover was blown.

Drunken Shenanigans

Sneaking back home after a drunken night out has largely become obsolete with the introduction of smart home security.  Morning after regret now has the added shame of video footage of your escapades.

It’s enough to encourage sobriety, but that might not be enough to leave your home security footage free from drunken behavior.  Alcohol can impair people’s ability to think, often making you forget friends names, or how to talk, or even where you live.

Supernatural Nature

There’s a million Ring videos online showing images of what the owner interprets a camera glitch to be a specter of some kind.  I prefer more believable scenarios, such as this users trash developing a will of its own.

Real Life Horror

While Ring doorbells and cameras certainly pick up a lot of hilarity, they often capture footage of some truly horrific events such as this:

Or even the final dramatic stages of a police pursuit:

Justice Served Cold

Videos like the one above can often be useful when it comes to prosecution, but on rare occasions, Ring cameras have been known to assist police with the capture of fugitives in the immediate aftermath of the crime.

Sometimes, the police don’t even need to be involved, as the camera picks up the crime and the punishment in one hilarious moment.

It’s All About The Timing

It’s hard to find an appropriate place to let off these days, but the front porch of someone who owns a Ring doorbell is probably not the best choice.

Comedy is all in the delivery, and the final video is a perfect example of the importance of timing.

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