How Big is a TV Box? TV Box Packaging Dimensions Guide

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Whether you’re purchasing a new TV or moving your current one, knowing how big your TV box will be is important.

Here’s what you can expect while transporting a TV in a box.

How Big is a 24” TV Box?

As far as modern TVs go, 24” is usually the smallest option available. That means the box is also the smallest. 

A 24-inch TV box is 24” long, 24” wide, and 8” deep. 

We based this example on Lowe’s cardboard adjustable TV moving box. This TV moving box fits TVs up to 40” in size.

How Big is a 32-36” TV Box?

Most companies use the same size box for televisions between 32” and 36”. A 32 to 36-inch TV box is 32” long, 26” wide, and 8” deep

You can use the same cardboard box we mentioned above for transporting TVs of these sizes. They come with foam inserts to protect large TVs from damage.  

How Big is a 39” TV Box?

A typical 39-inch TV box is 46” wide, 8” deep, and 30” tall. 

Now that we’re getting into bigger TV sizes, you might want to consider a double-walled TV moving box for extra protection.

How Big is a 40-46” TV Box?

All TVs between 40-46” are typically packaged in the same size box. A 40-46-inch TV box is 46” wide, 8” deep, and 30” tall

For example, the popular Samsung 40-inch LED TV and 43” Amazon Fire TV will both come in this size box. 

If you need to move your current TV, we recommend a flat-screen TV moving box.

How Big is a 48-55” TV Box?

A 48-inch TV will come in a box with the same dimensions as a 50 or 55-inch TV. 

TVs between 48-55” will come in boxes that are 56” wide, 8” deep, and 32” tall

How Big is a 58-60” TV Box?

58-inch TVs come in similarly-sized boxes to 60-inch TVs. However, dimensions can vary 7-10” depending on the brand

On average, 58-60” TV boxes are 60-63” wide, 8-10” deep, and 34-35” tall. These boxes are usually built to be a little more durable to protect the large flat panel. 

For example, the Samsung 60-inch QLED 4K Smart TV comes in a deeper box than others to accommodate extra padding.

How Big is a 65” Box?

As we get into bigger screens, you’ll need to keep some things in mind. 

The average 65-inch TV box is 63” wide, 8” deep, and 38” tall. But, the standard doorway is only 36” wide. 

Make sure you have at least one extra person around to help you maneuver your TV into its new home. 

How Big is a 70” TV Box?

The box dimensions for a 70” TV are around 66” wide, 8” deep, and 42” tall

If you’re packing a 70” flat screen away, it might be worth getting one with a little more depth to accommodate extra protective padding.

How Big is a 75” TV Box?

Boxes built for 75-inch TVs are much bigger than even their 65-inch counterparts. A 75-inch TV box is typically 72” wide, 9” deep, and 44” tall

How Big is an 82-85” TV Box?

An 82-86” TV box is usually 80” wide, 10” deep, and 48” tall. Some manufacturers fit these screen sizes into the same boxes used for 75” TVs, but others use a box with these dimensions. 

82-85” is a huge screen size. If you’re purchasing or moving this size TV, we recommend having it delivered, handled, and moved by professionals

How Big is a 98” TV Box?

Residential TVs don’t get much bigger than 98”! 98-inch TVs come in the largest boxes of all, making them 86” wide, 14” deep, and 52” tall.

It goes without saying that 98” TVs, like the Samsung 98-inch Neo QLED, are expensive. You don’t want to damage one in transit, so use professional movers if possible.

How Do I Move a Curved TV?

Because curved TVs don’t sit flat against the walls of a box, you need to take a couple of extra precautions while moving one.

It’s generally best to keep the box your curved TV came in in case you ever need to move it. But if that’s out of the question, look for a box with a little extra depth for its screen size. This will accommodate the TV’s curves and the extra padding you’ll need to protect it.

How Are TV Dimensions Measured?

How is it possible that a 98” TV comes in a box that’s only 86” wide? Because screen size isn’t equal to the TV’s width! 

Screen size is measured diagonally, not directly across the screen. So even if your LG TV has a 65” screen, it might only be between 56”-57” wide.

How Big of a TV Can You Move with Your Vehicle?

Before you try to stuff your 70” TV into a Honda Civic, it’s a good idea to take stock of the room you actually have.

The maximum TV size you can move depends on what type of vehicle you plan to use. 

Vehicle TypeMaximum Recommended TV Size
Standard Sized SUVUp to 51”
Full Sized SUVUp to 65”
TruckUp to 85”
SedanUp to 43”

If you need to move a TV larger than what your vehicle can accommodate, it’s a good idea to look into van or box truck rentals.   

How to Transport a TV Box No Matter the Size

When transporting a TV, you need to take extra care to prevent damage. Before you hit the road, make sure:

  • There’s plenty of padding around the TV
  • You have the gear or manpower to bring it inside safely
  • You know how much your TV weighs

If you’re having a TV delivered, we recommend asking the delivery person to bring it all the way into the room where you plan to install it. Amazon performs these services for a small additional fee. 

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