How Much Does Hisense TV Weigh (43, 50, 55, 65, 75 inch and more)

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Hisense manufactures a wide range of electronic products, such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and televisions. Though they are considered a budget-friendly brand, they also have high-end televisions competing with the best. The question many people ask is how much do the different sizes of Hisense TVs weigh?

Hisense TV SizeWeight (in lbs.)Weight (in kg)
43 inch15.0 lbs.6.80 kg
50 inch21.6 lbs.9.79 kg
55 inch24.9 lbs.11.29 kg
65 inch36.4 lbs.16.51 kg
70 inch46.0 lbs.20.86 kg
75 inch56.8 lbs.25.76 kg
85 inch112.0 lbs.50.80 kg

Knowing how much a Hisense television weighs depends on the size and model that you decide to purchase. Keep reading to learn more about the Hisense brand of TVs so you can plan for the size you need for your home.

What Types of TVs Does Hisense Make?

When it comes to purchasing a television for your home, there are many brands and types of televisions to choose from. The advances in technology have made the act of picking out the perfect TV almost overwhelming.

While Hisense is known for cost-effective televisions for people on a budget, they have not skimped on the technology they use to manufacture many of their TV series. This means that you not only get a great price on your next television, but you also will have some of the best technology included.

Hisense has more than ten different series of televisions in a wide variety of sizes to fit any entertainment center in your home. Additionally, these televisions offer technology such as premium ULED, UHD, Full HD, and Laser displays. 

In addition to the great technology, they also offer various platforms for their Smart television series to fit your needs. These platforms include Android TV, Roku TV, Vidaa, and XClass TV. However you stream your favorite shows, Hisense can help you get the most out of your entertainment.

How Much Does a Hisense TV Weigh With a Stand?

While some people choose to mount their televisions on the wall, others prefer to use a stand and place the TV on a table or entertainment stand. If this is the case for you, it is essential to ensure that the television you choose is going to work with the stand or table you have.

Knowing how much the Hisense TV itself weighs is important, but you also should know how much it will weigh once you add the stand to it. Most stands do not add much weight since they are typically made of hard plastic material. However, some stands are made of metal materials that weigh much more.

Check out this chart that shows how much the different sizes of Hisense TVs weigh with the stand.

Hisense TV SizeWeight (in lbs.)Weight (in kg)
43 inch15.2 lbs.6.89 kg
50 inch22.0 lbs.9.97 kg
55 inch25.4 lbs.11.52 kg
65 inch36.8 lbs.16.69 kg
70 inch46.3 lbs.21.00 kg
75 inch57.1 lbs.25.90 kg
85 inch113.1 lbs.51.25 kg

It is important to note that these weights are for the most common types of Hisense televisions and does not cover every TV on the Hisense market. It does, however, give you the best idea of how much your Hisense TV may weigh if you use the stand that goes with it.

How Much Does the Hisense TV Weigh in the Box?

While knowing how much the Hisense TV weighs after you get it home and are ready to either mount it or put it on your stand or table is important, you should also consider how much it weighs with its packaging. This is because if it weighs more than what you can handle on your own, you may need help loading it and unloading it.

In most cases, the smaller television sizes, even with the Hisense brand, are easier to handle than the larger sizes. They are not as awkward or as heavy, which means you can carry them out of the store and into your home pretty easily. 

The bigger sizes of Hisense television not only weigh more, but the added weight and size of the box they come in can make it more difficult to load into your car and then your home. If you plan to purchase a large-sized television, you should probably have someone along with you to help.

Unfortunately, unlike many other brands of TVs, Hisense does not include the weight of their televisions with all of its packaging. There are a few models that this information is included on their website, but for the most part, it is not there.

Can Hisense TVs Be Mounted on the Wall?

Like other television brands, Hisense TVs can be mounted on the wall safely if you use the proper mount. You will need to read the specifications to ensure that the amount you want can handle the weight of the television you choose to purchase.

In most cases, the sales representatives at the store you buy your television from can help you find the right mount. Once you have chosen the correct mount, you should ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the mount properly.

Final Thoughts

No matter what size TV you ultimately decide to buy, it’s a good idea to plan to have someone help you move it into your home. This way you can be sure that no one gets hurt and you get to enjoy your new TV!

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