How Much Does a Samsung TV Weigh (43 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch, and More)

How much does a samsung tv weighHow much does a samsung tv weigh

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When shopping for a television, there are many factors to consider – one being the weight.

Screen size, screen technology, and more can all impact how much your TV weighs. Here are the average weights of all Samsung TVs.

What is the Average Weight of a Samsung TV?

Before you get a new TV for your living room, you need to iron out a few details — especially if you’re planning on mounting it on the wall.

Samsung smart TVs are available in a range of models and sizes. The weight of these TVs varies greatly depending on the model, size, and even the specific production period.

Screen SizeAverage Weight
32”10.6 lbs
43”21.7 lbs
50”26.9 lbs
55”57.9 lbs
65”47.8 lbs
70”64.2 lbs
75” 81.5 lbs
77”88.2 lbs
85”100.1 lbs
98”156 lbs

32 Inch TV

32” Samsung TVs are the lightest (and smallest) smart TVs the company offers. They have an average weight of 10.6 lbs.

43 Inch TV

43 inch samsung tv on scale

43” Samsung TV models have an average weight of 21.7 lbs. Some models weigh as little as 18 lbs, while others weigh up to 30 lbs. 

My older Samsung TV seen above was in this range. My newer Samsung is a 50″, and is considerably heavier.

50 Inch TV

50” Samsung TVs have an average weight of 26.9 lbs. Most models weigh within a half pound of each other.

55 Inch TV

55” Samsung TVs have very different weights, depending on which model you own. For example, the 55” Terrace TV weighs 79.4 lbs, while the 55” Crystal UHD weighs 34.8 lbs.

On average, they weigh 57.9 lbs.

65 Inch TV

65” Samsung TV models are closer in weight across all models. On average, they weigh 47.8 lbs.

70 Inch TV

Most 70” Samsung TVs weigh 64.2 lbs. There aren’t many available in this size, but the ones you’ll find all seem to have this weight.

75 Inch TV

75” Samsung TVs have an average weight of 81.5 lbs. Some models weigh almost 90 lbs.

77 Inch TV

Just two more inches can add a lot of weight to your Samsung TV. 77” models have an average weight of 88.2 lbs.

85 Inch TV

When you get to an 85” model, you can expect your TV to weigh over 100 lbs. 85” models have an average weight of 100.1 lbs.

98 Inch TV

There aren’t many 98” Samsung TVs available. But, the ones that are available are pretty heavy — with an average weight of 156 lbs.

How Much Does The Frame TV Weigh?

Like other Samsung TVs, the Frame TV’s weight varies based on screen size.

The Frame TV SizeWeight
32”11.5 lbs
43”19.6 lbs
50”26.9 lbs
55”38.1 lbs
65”49.9 lbs
75”79.1 lbs
85”100.1 lbs

Does Weight Impact TV Quality? 

Screen technology can impact a TV’s weight. For example, OLED TVs typically weigh less (and have better screen quality) than LED TVs. Weight is not necessarily a factor that can impact actual TV quality, but it can impact your experience. 

Plus, weight and TV size are generally correlated. The greater the screen size, the greater the overall weight. 

Why are Lightweight TVs Preferred Over Heavyweight TVs?

Most consumers prefer lightweight TVs because they are easier to transport and mount. 

Whenever you’re moving or mounting a TV on the wall, it’s essential to understand screen size, overall dimensions, and weight to ensure you do so safely.

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