Vizio TV Dimensions Guide (True Length and Width of All Sizes)

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Aside from just looking at the packaging box of the TV which of course, most of us do. There is a more direct approach to know the size of your Tv. It requires a simple calculation to get the answer. 

In this guide, we’re going to elaborate on the dimensions (length, width, and screen sizes) of all Vizio TVs. Including a curated list of the best Vizio TVs. Read on to get the information that will help you set up the best TV screen for your Home.

What Are The Sizes Of Vizio TVs?

When choosing a TV, you may want to know the range of sizes a brand offers. So, what are the sizes of Vizio TVs?

The screen of any given Vizio TV ranges from a width span of 22 to 72 inches, and the diagonal span from 24 inches to 85 inches. This is the calculation you’ll need if there is a plan for installing it into a cabinet and a TV stand. 

On the other hand, the TV stand has a width span from 18 inches to 61 inches. This provides balance to the TV if you decide not to hang it on the wall instead of using a stand. 

How To Know The Size Of My TV

The diagonal length from one corner of the TV to the other is termed the size of a TV. To be exact, this does not include the frame of the TV. An inch is measured as 2.4 centimeters, and the sum of the total diagonal length is approximated to give a rounded up length. 

To calculate the space to be covered by the TV, measure the length and width of the TV. It’s proper if you include the frame in your measurements to give you the exact installation measurements. From that information, you can easily know the width and height of the cabinet, or TV stand you want to install the TV on. 

Read on to know the true dimensions, and weight of Vizio TVs. 

The Best Vizio TVs With True Dimensions And Weight

The Vizio company has been delivering high-value TVs at an affordable price. But in every set of products, some stand out from the rest as the best. And that’s what shall be detailed according to its dimensions and weight. 

Below is a table showing the dimensions and weight of the best Vizio TVs:

NameDimensions with StandDimensions without StandWeight with StandWeight without StandDiagonal Length 
OLED 65″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV57.03″ x 35.52″ x 11.29″ 57.03″ x 32.69″ x 2.17″ 70.99 lbs60.85 lbs64.5”
M-Series Quantum 55″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV48.35″ x 29.26″ x 10.90″48.35″ x 28.07″ x 3.41″ 31.31 lbs30.47 lbs 54.5”
P-Series Quantum 65″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV57.01″ x 35.14″ x 11.81″ 57.01″ x 32.74″ x 2.72″ 55.12 lbs54.28 lbs64.5”
P-Series Quantum 75″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV65.96″ x 39.02″ x 14.96″ 65.96″ x 37.98″ x 3.03″ 70.99 lbs69.67 lbs74.5”
P-Series Quantum X 85″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV74.50″ x 45.33″ x 13.77″74.50″ x 42.59″ x 3.31″ 102.52 lbs100.75 lbs84.5”
OLED 55″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV48.34″ x 30.63″ x 11.29″48.32″ x 27.64″ x 2.17″ 53.31 lbs44.93 lbs54.5”
M-Series Quantum 43″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV37.70″ x 24.20″ x 9.40″ 37.70″ x 21.90″ x 2.60″16.70 lbs16.50 lbs42.5”
M-Series Quantum 50″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV43.81″ x 27.89″ x 10.00″43.81″ x 25.69″ x 3.41″ 25.79 lbs25.46 lbs49.5”
M-Series Quantum 65″ Class 4K HDR Smart TV56.84″ x 35.38″ x 11.80″56.84″ x 32.72″ x 2.50″42.33 lbs41.23 lbs64.5”

This is not the full catalog of products, and specifications offered by Vizio. If you do not find the particular TV, or specification information you seek, visit the Vizio Website for more details.

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