Sharp TV Dimensions Guide (True Length and Width of All Sizes)


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measuring tv screen dimensionsmeasuring tv screen dimensions

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Deciding on the size of the television you will place in a certain area of a room depends on more than just screen size. In order to ensure a specific TV will fit in the space, you have available, it’s important to consider all the physical dimensions.

A TV’s screen size is not directly correlated to its width. Instead, the number is calculated based on the diagonal length.

Model SizeTrue WidthTrue Height
19”Just under 19”13”

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know regarding the actual sizes of different Sharp TV models. Read on before you buy!

Who Makes Sharp TVs?

Sharp is a Japanese manufacturing company. It was originally founded in 1912, and in 1956, it officially became known as The Sharp Corporation. Sharp TVs, also known as Sharp Aquos TVs, became available for retail purchase in 2001.

From 2015 to 2018, Sharp TVs were manufactured and sold by Hisense. Since 2016, the company has been owned by Foxconn, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company.

In 2018, Foxconn decided that they were not happy with the quality of the televisions being produced by Hisense under the Sharp name, and as a result, they regained their licensing and brand name in 2019. Since then, these televisions have been manufactured and sold by Sharp under Foxconn.

While Sharp was a very popular name in the TV game in the early 2000s, its popularity has stalled in recent years. For this reason and those listed above, their selection is no longer as plentiful as it once was.

How is TV Screen Size Calculated?

Many people are under the false impression that a television’s screen size directly correlates to the screen’s width. However, this is not actually the way that screen size is calculated.

Instead, a TV’s “screen size” refers to its diagonal length. This means that, in order to calculate the screen size, manufacturers measure from the upper left-hand corner of the screen to the lower right-hand corner of the screen. So, when deciding on the size of television you want to purchase for a space, it’s important to check the width and height in order to ensure it will fit.

Sharp TV Dimensions Guide

Like with all manufacturers, there is a vast array of differently-sized Sharp televisions to cater to different peoples’ needs. Some of the most popular options include:

  • 19” TVs
  • 32” TVs
  • 40” TVs
  • 50” TVs
  • 60” TVs
  • 65” TVs
  • 70” TVs

Below, we will discuss the specific dimensions of each Sharp TV model size.

19” Sharp Televisions

19” televisions are the perfect size for a small space, such as a kitchen or a child’s bedroom. Sharp’s 19” TV models are just under 19” wide and just over 13” tall. This is one situation where the advertised size is virtually equivalent to the actual screen width.

32” Sharp Televisions

Sharp’s 32” TV models are popular choices for college dorm rooms, offices, and other places with limited space. These are less true-to-size than the 19” models, with their overall width measuring 35”. Their height is just around 22”.

40” Sharp Televisions

The 40” Sharp models are actually smaller overall than their advertised size. However, their smaller size makes them a good choice for bedrooms or living rooms in small apartments. They have an overall width of 38.9” and an overall height of 24.3”. 

50” Sharp Televisions

Getting a 50” television is most people’s first step into the big screen TV game. This is a great choice for a living room, man cave, or larger bedroom. Sharp’s 50” models are 44” wide and just over 25” tall.

60” Sharp Televisions

If you’re looking to upgrade your smaller television, a 60” model is a great choice. These are best used when mounted to the wall of a living room or home theater. Sharp’s 60” televisions are pretty true-to-size, with a width of just over 60” and a height of 40”.

65” Sharp Televisions

65” has been a very popular choice in TV sizes for years. These televisions are usually ideal for a larger living room or home theater. The 65” models available from Sharp have a width of just about 59” and an overall height of 37.3”.

70” Sharp Televisions

Sharp’s 70” televisions are large enough to satisfy all but the most avid big screen TV lovers. Their sizes vary based on the model you choose but typically have an overall width of between 61.5”-64.3”. Their heights range from 35.8”-39.2”.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not an expert in televisions, it could be difficult to understand exactly how Sharp calculates their advertised TV sizes. It’s essential to understand just how much space a certain television will take up in your home before you bring it home, as you need to make sure it will actually fit in the room it’s intended for.

Most Sharp televisions deviate slightly from the advertised size. However, the difference is usually only a few inches at most.

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