How Much Does Toshiba TV Weigh? (43, 50, 55, 65, 75 Inch and More)

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Have you ever purchased a lightweight TV but realized you needed to call your neighbor to help you bring it up the stairs because it was too heavy? Or had a dresser collapse under its weight? As annoying as these scenarios are, they no longer have to exist! With the help of this article, you will be able to pick the best Toshiba TV for your home based on TV size and weight.

Toshiba’s newest TV line ranges from 32″ to 75″. The smallest TV, the 32″, weighs just 8.4lbs. Of course, it comes in at 8.6lbs if you count the stand. The largest of the newer models, the 75″, weighs 61.5lbs without a stand and 62.6lbs with a stand.

Do you have a big room and need a large TV to fill the space? Or a tiny room and need a smaller TV? No matter what size TV you need, Toshiba has a perfect model for your room. This article will tell you all you need to know about TV sizes, how much each TV weighs, and the right one to pick for your viewing needs.

Toshiba TV Weight Overview

With the chart below, you can pick the TV that you feel is best for your room based on its size and weight: 

Toshiba TV ModelWeight(without stand)Weight(with stand)
TOSHIBA 32″ V35 SERIES FIRE TV-32″ Class – V35 Series8.4 lbs8.6 lbs
Toshiba 43” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-43″ Class – C350 Series15.0 lbs15.9 lbs
TOSHIBA 43″ V35 SERIES FIRE TV-43″ Class – V35 Series14.1 lbs14.3 lbs
TOSHIBA 50” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-50″ Class – C350 Series21.6 lbs22.5 lbs
TOSHIBA 55” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-55″ Class – C350 Series24.9 lbs25.6 lbs
TOSHIBA 55″ 4K UHD FIRE TV-65 -55″ Class – M550 Series31.5 lbs32.4 lbs
TOSHIBA 65” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-Class – M550 Series40.8 lbs42.1 lbs
Toshiba 65” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-65″ Class – C350 Series36.2 lbs37 lbs
TOSHIBA 75” 4K UHD SMART FIRE TV-75″ Class – C350 Series57.3 lbs59.7 lb
TOSHIBA 75″ 4K UHD FIRE TV-75″ Class – M550 Series61.5 lbs62.6 lbs

How Much Does a 43” Toshiba TV Weigh?

If you need a TV to mount on the wall in the children’s playroom, then this is the one. Watch sing-alongs with your children or let your child watch their favorite cartoons on the Toshiba 43″ C350 TV Series. This TV is also perfect for watching movies or TV shows during your child’s playdates.

A 43″ TV like this one will weigh in at around 15lbs. That makes it perfect for setting-up sturdy dressers in a children’s room. 

The Toshiba 43” C350 TV Series is great for your child’s educational needs. Your children can learn their ABCs, their numbers, and colors with the TV program of your choice.

How Much Does a 50” Toshiba TV Weigh?

If you’re like me, you’re a foodie and love watching cooking shows. Have you ever wanted to have a TV in your kitchen so that you could follow along with the chef while he’s making the recipe? Knowing the weight will aid you in deciding where to best place the TV for a great cooking experience. 

The Toshiba 50” C350 TV Series weighs in at 21.6lbs without the stand and 22.5 lbs with the stand. This TV is perfect for wall mounting or standing up on a buffet.

Once you have your new Toshiba TV setup in your eating space, you will never have to miss following along with your favorite chef!

How Much Does a 55” Toshiba TV Weigh? 

There’s nothing like a home away from home. Having a room your guest can enjoy and feel comfortable in is possible with the Toshiba 55″ C350 TV Series.  

This TV weighs 24.9lbs without the stand and  25.6lbs with the stand. It would fit nicely in an armoire or on the top of a dresser.

With this TV, your guests will thank you as they unwind to their favorite TV show and relax.

How Much Does a 65” Toshiba TV Weigh?

Comfy gaming chair, check, gaming system check, Toshiba M550 TV Series, check! Now that all the items off of your list are checked off, you can finally enjoy your new TV for gaming.  

Weighing in at 40.8lbs without the stand or 42.1lbs with the stand, this 65” TV is perfect for you and your friends to play your favorite video game on.

It’s big enough to see the action of at least four video games at once. With this TV, everyone will have a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

How Much Does a 75” Toshiba TV Weigh?

Watching your favorite action-packed movie at the movie theater is a lot of fun. The surround sound, huge screen, and popcorn add to that movie theater experience. What isn’t fun about going to the movie theater is the hassle of hailing a cab, driving in traffic, or paying for an Uber to get there.

What if you could have a movie theater experience without leaving the comfort of your home?  

Toshiba’s new 75″ M550 TV series is the perfect model for you to experience the action-packed adventure of your favorite movie at home. The great thing about this TV is that when it is wall-mounted, it only weighs 61.5lbs or, if you prefer to have it on the stand, it weighs 62.6lbs.

So, next time you think of going to the movies, think twice before you go, and instead consider having a movie theater experience in the convenience of your home.

Where Can You Learn More About Toshiba TVs?

If you’d like to learn more about Toshiba TVs than just their weight, click here. In the article, we will discuss whether or not it is worth it to fork out the extra money for Toshiba’s smart TVs and what features to look out for.  


Finding the right TV for your favorite room no longer has to be difficult.   If you want the lightest TV but not the smallest one, pick one of the 43″ Toshiba TV models. If you want the largest TV but not the heaviest, pick one of the 65″ TV models. If you need a medium-sized TV, pick either the 50″ or 55″ TV models. Best of luck picking out your new TV!

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