How Much Does Sony TV Weigh? (43, 50, 55 65, 75 Inches)

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Knowing how much a Sony TV weighs important information to have both before you commit to purchasing a new Sony TV or even after you’ve owned one. The weight of your Sony TV will impact any moving you do- whether it’s bringing the TV into your home, moving it to a new room, or taking it with you when you relocate. Your TV’s weight is also a key factor if you decide to go with a wall mount. So how much does a Sony TV weigh?

Naturally, the weight of a Sony TV depends on the size. Below is a table of different Sony TV dimensions and the weight for each:

Type:Shipping DimensionsShipping Weight (lb.)TV with Stand Weight (lb.)TV without Stand Weight (lb.)
43”42 1/4″ x 27 3/8″ x 5 5/8″30.921.620.7
50”49 5/8 x 30 7/8 x 6 7/8″46.333.231.0
55”53-1/4 x 33-1/4 x 6-1/250.73634.6
65”61 1/4 x 37 5/8 x 7 5/8″72.756.254
75”70 1/8 x 42 1/2 x 7 3/41088277.6

Want to learn more about Sony TVs and what you can expect size-wise? Read on to find out more about Sony TVs’ weight, as well as other size-related information.

How Much Does Sony TV Weigh?

Sony is a popular Japanese conglomerate operating on a multinational level. It has been a constant industry leader when it comes to producing TVs and other electronics for decades. Sony TVs are known for how reliable they are and for the quality they offer. The different screen sizes affect how much the TVs weigh.

When deciding which type of Sony TV to buy, weight can be an important factor. The Sony X80J 55″ has a shipping weight of 50.7 lbs. This figure can change depending on whether you are buying it with or without a TV stand.

Sony has a huge range of TVs, each with many features to recommend it. The company is known for including ground-breaking features in their designs, and the TVs are a prime example of Sony’s amazing technology.

Buying a Sony TV always involves investing in known quality, but knowing which size to buy is essential. The Sony TV you end up purchasing will have to match not just your viewing needs but also the space in the room where it will stay.

What Sony TV Should You Buy?

With such a wealth of Sony TVs on offer, you may find yourself having trouble deciding which one to get. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind that can guide you through this process:

  • You should choose the best resolution for your needs. With such high-quality visual content being on-trend at the moment, you should opt for either a 4K or an 8K model. HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) may still do the trick, but you will notice the discrepancy in quality.
  • Consider what type to get. LED and LCD screens are still popular, but Sony has a stunning range of OLED TVs. While they may be a bigger investment, they also provide incredible quality that can’t be achieved by other types.
  • Know which size suits you best. There are many screen size options to choose from, and deciding on one will usually depend on your space.

What Is the Right Sony TV Size for Your Room?

Experts recommend that Sony TV buyers purchase either a 55″ or a 65″ option. This is to ensure that the best quality is achieved while not overwhelming all the space in a specific room.

The decision of which size to get will be a personal one, but you can consider other aspects too. Viewing distance is an important factor in how well you will be able to enjoy the Sony TV you end up purchasing.

As a general guideline, you should be aware that the bigger the screen size of your Sony TV, the further away you will have to sit from it. For example, if you purchase a 65″ Sony TV, you will need to stay at least 13ft away from it to get the best experience.

In contrast, if you have a 50″ Sony TV, it is recommended to stay at least 10ft away from the TV. Keeping the correct viewing distance according to screen size will enhance the quality and prevent any eye issues.

Other Considerations When Buying Sony TVs

While the weight of the Sony TV will be of high interest when purchasing a Sony TV, there are other things to keep in mind in this process. You should always keep in mind the room you are getting the TV for, first of all.

A living room TV should be much larger than a kitchen TV and usually even larger than a bedroom TV. A smaller LCD Sony TV is a great idea to have outside a living room or entertainment area, while an OLED will be ideal for those.

Final Thoughts

Sony TV has a range of weights that are determined by the size of the screen and by the features it has. A 43″ Sony TV will usually weigh 30.9 lbs., while a 75″ will usually weigh around 108. If they are packed with a TV stand, this figure will fluctuate.

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