How Much Does Vizio TV Weigh? (43, 50, 55, 65, 75 Inch and More)

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Choosing the right television for your home requires that you consider several factors. In making a purchase decision, quality and price are the most important considerations. Both Vizio’s televisions are reasonably priced and offer excellent quality. However, how much does a Vizio TV weigh, and will it be easy for you to move it into your house?

Vizio TV SizeWeight (in lbs.)Weight (in kg)
32 Inch8.62 lbs.3.9 kg
43 Inch14.22 lbs.6.4 kg
50 Inch18.87 lbs.8.6 kg
55 Inch30.14 lbs.13.7 kg
65 Inch39.24 lbs.17.8 kg
70 Inch52.70 lbs.23.9 kg
75 Inch59.97 lbs.27.2 kg
85 Inch100.75 lbs.45.7 kg

To discover the various weights of a Vizio TV will depend on the specific model of the television you are looking for. Keep reading to learn more about the weights of the different sizes of Vizio TVs and if they are worth it.

What Type of TVs Does Vizio Make?

Like other television manufacturers, Vizio develops a wide variety of televisions to fit the needs of different consumers. Because of this, most people can find the perfect Vizio TV for their home.

Vizio has created at least six different series types of televisions that come equipped with all the things you want out of your television. While the series types have different features, most Vizio TVs come with a sleek design, top-of-the-line resolution, and technologies that create a great experience for many people.

The various series types that Vizio makes include the V-series, D-series, M-series, P-series, PQ-series, PX-series, and the OLED. Each of these televisions comes equipped with smart technology that brings your television watching experience to the present time and beyond.

How Much Does a Vizio TV Weigh with a Stand?

Other factors should be considered when it comes to how much the Vizio TV weighs. While it is important to know how much the TV itself weighs, you will also need to factor in the weight of the television with the stand that typically comes with it.

As you can see in the chart below, in comparison to the weight of the television itself, the stand adds minimal overall weight. This is important to note because wherever you decide to put your television, you will need to ensure that the stand or mount can support the TV’s weight.

Vizio TV Size (with stand)Weight (in lbs.)Weight (in kg)
32 inch8.71 lbs.4.0 kg
43 inch14.40 lbs.6.5 kg
50 inch19.29 lbs.8.8 kg
55 inch30.78 lbs.14.0 kg
65 inch40.12 lbs.18.2 kg
70 inch53.80 lbs.24.4 kg
75 inch61.07 lbs.27.7 kg
85 inch102.51 lbs.46.5 kg

How Much Does a Vizio TV Weigh in the Box?

Ultimately the weight that matters most regarding televisions is the weight of the television itself and possibly the stand if it will sit on a table. However, when you are in the process of bringing the television from the store to your home, you should also consider how much the TV weighs with all of its packaging.

The weight of the total box with the television inside is important to know since you will need to ensure that you can transport it yourself or if you need another hand. While the weight for most of these televisions is not completely heavy, the size alone most likely will require at least two people to carry.

In the chart below, you will find the weight of the various types of televisions when they are in the box:

Vizio TV Size (in box)Weight (in lbs.)Weight (in kg)
32 inch13.14 lbs.6.0 kg
43 inch20.60 lbs.9.3 kg
50 inch28.44 lbs.12.9 kg
55 inch45.19 lbs.20.5 kg
65 inch56.13 lbs.25.5 kg
70 inch76.70 lbs.34.8 kg
75 inch83.00 lbs.37.7 kg
85 inch128.97 lbs.58.5 kg

Are Vizio TVs Too Heavy to Mount on the Wall?

While many people have designated furniture such as an entertainment center that they store their television in, others like to have theirs mounted on their wall. This is because they have the ability to place it in a higher location which makes it easier for many people to view.

There are television mounts on the market for just about any size you might possibly need for your television. Since TVs come in different sizes, it makes sense that the television mounts do as well.

It is important to note that you should read carefully before purchasing a television mount so that you are getting the right size for your TV. This is because depending on the weight of your television, the mount needs to be able to support it well. If you buy one that is not the right size, you may end up with a broken TV if the mount fails.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the weight of the Vizio television depends heavily on the type and size of the television you are searching for. You will need to ensure that you are not only considering the weight of the TV but also the weight of the television with a stand.

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