What Are the Differences Between Nanit, Nanit Plus, and Nanit Pro?

nanit plus baby monitor with 2 smart phonesnanit plus baby monitor with 2 smart phones

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If you have a baby or are planning to have a baby soon, you might be interested in investing in a Nanit camera to better monitor your baby’s crib during the day and night. However, Nanit has had three main options of cameras to choose from, so you might be wondering about the differences between each to decide which one is best for you and your child.

The main difference between the three different Nanit cameras is that you will get a better night light, better image and sound quality, and more features on the Nanit app with each upgrade. The price will be slightly higher with the upgrades, but it might be worth it to some.

You might still be wondering which Nanit camera is suitable for you and how to decide on which to get. Don’t worry; we will discuss the details more in-depth in this article. We will also go over each model’s essential features and how they can make monitoring your baby much easier.

What Is the Difference Between the Nanit Pro and Nanit Plus?

The original Nanit camera has actually been discontinued since the creation of the Nanit Plus and Pro, so only the later models are currently available for purchase. However, it’s still worth noting how each generation differs:

 NanitNanit PlusNanit Pro
Image Quality1280×960 resolution1280×960 resolution1920×1080 resolution
Night LightSoft warm glowCooler glowWarm glow, stronger
Status LightGlows with nightlight buttonGlows with nightlight buttonLED light with camera functions
Reset ButtonPinhole reset buttonPinhole reset buttonPhysical button
Light SensorN/AHas to be changed through the appAutomatically transitions

As you can see, some of the features between the cameras are the same, so choosing the right Nanit model can be a difficult decision.

However, if you are looking to buy a Nanit camera for the first time, your options fall between the Nanit Plus and the Nanit Pro. Some first-generation Nanit owners might also find some perks in upgrading to one of the newer models as well.

Benefits of the Nanit Pro

If you are looking for the best camera to monitor your baby sleeping during the night, the Nanit Pro might be the best choice for a few reasons:

  • The 1280×960 pixel resolution offers improved night vision
  • The nightlight is much stronger than both of the previous models
  • The ambient light sensor has a much smoother transition between day and night modes

The Nanit Pro is also much easier to reset, and the LED light can clue you in to your camera’s status, such as when it’s power cycling, having issues with Wi-Fi, or pairing to your other devices via Bluetooth.

The Nanit Pro has some additional features over the Original and the Plus:

  • Much better image quality
  • Sleep tracking data with video
  • Breathing monitor
  • Use the app to track background audio, humidity, and temperature readings

In many ways, the Nanit Pro is superior. The better image quality is probably the main selling factor because it allows you to monitor your baby’s sleeping easier and with a crisper view.

Benefits of the Nanit Plus

There are a few pros that come with the Nanit Plus if you are looking to upgrade from the Nanit Original:

  • Two-way audio communication. The Nanit Original doesn’t have a way for you to speak through the camera to your child. With Nanit Plus, you can talk to your baby, and the baby can speak back to you.
  • Nature sounds. The Nanit Plus can play nature sounds like white noise for your baby or child while they are sleeping.
  • App upgrades. The Nanit Plus has access to many different app features, such as monitoring your child’s sleep cycles and habits.
  • Better sound quality. The sound quality on the Nanit Plus is much better than the Nanit original.

The picture quality is the same in both cameras, so it shouldn’t be a big deciding factor. The night vision is also the same and doesn’t give as clear of a view as the Nanit Pro.

Final Thoughts

The Nanit Plus and Nanit Pro are the only available cameras for purchase as the Nanit Original has been discontinued. If you are looking to make a simple upgrade or buy a basic camera, we recommend the Nanit Plus. However, if you want a camera with better night vision and more features on the app, you go for the Nanit Pro.

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