Does the Nanit Baby Monitor Work without Wi-Fi?

Hand holding phone with wifi connection on screen.Hand holding phone with wifi connection on screen.

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Taking the baby monitor industry by storm, Nanit provides the most all-encompassing camera to closely watch over your baby while they are out of your line of sight. Equipped with temperature readings, the ability to record breathing patterns, and a sleep quality sensor, you just can’t beat the variety of features this brand offers. But, will those smart features still be available without a Wi-Fi connection?

Nanit’s baby monitors must be connected to Wi-Fi to set the devices up, but afterward, they can work without an internet connection and continue to send a live feed to your phone or mobile device’s app as long as they are on the same network (similar to Bluetooth).

In other words, as long as your home has a Wi-Fi network, online or not, the Nanit baby monitor will continue to send you a live feed to your phone on the same network, even if your Wi-Fi goes out due to a storm or other issue. There are various features that the monitor can deliver to your phone or smart device when it is connected to Wi-Fi, and these are discussed below.

Features Nanit Baby Monitor Has without Wi-Fi

The Nanit baby monitor needs to initially be connected to your smartphone or smart home device with a working Wi-Fi connection. This creates a line of communication between these devices so that you can always view your camera feed. If your Wi-Fi turns off due to an outage or other event, the Nanit will continue to stream live footage from the camera to your phone’s app, as long as it’s still connected to the same network.

Breathing sessions are another monitoring feature that the Nanit camera boasts, and this allows you to keep track of your baby’s breathing while resting. The baby monitor will record the breathing data along with the live feed and transmit it to your viewing device, as long as you and the Nanit are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

What if I’m Not Connected to the Same Wi-Fi?

If you are not at home, or there is no Wi-Fi to connect to, the Nanit baby monitor will continue to track movement and breathing as long as it is powered on. You can access the data and camera feed once you can connect again via the local Wi-Fi connection.

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Keep in mind, if you change Wi-Fi networks or get rid of having the internet altogether, you will not be able to use your Nanit camera. A network must be in place for the camera to connect to the app, as these devices communicate over this network connection. If the link is in place, Wi-Fi reliability will not affect its performance.

Features Nanit Baby Monitor Has with Wi-Fi

If you have a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi connection, the Nanit baby monitor will continue to work like a charm. With Wi-Fi, you will have access to more features than just the camera feed.

Some of Nanit’s most standout features are:

  • Temperature Monitoring: Keeping tabs on the temperature and humidity in another room is already a handy feature and even more so useful when you have your baby sleeping somewhere else than you. Suppose the heat doesn’t come like it was supposed to or the temperature fluctuates sporadically. In that case, the Nanit monitor will give you an alert so that you can keep your baby in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Sleep Tracking: Since babies can’t quite yet talk when they are born, knowing the quality of the sleep they receive is paramount to successful care. Nanit closely tracks your baby’s sleep patterns and gives you alerts when they wake up so that way you may be able to intercept them before they start crying.
  • Smart Home Integration: Nanit’s baby monitor works with Amazon’s Alexa products and can project a live feed of your connected Echo Show. You can also ask Alexa how your baby is sleeping or how many times you went to check on them during the night.

With so many features in its arsenal, Nanit baby monitors allow you to have to most information possible when keeping tabs on your baby from afar. Even if you are in the same room as your baby, you can receive a full readout on how your baby is sleeping and if their breathing patterns vary throughout their sleep. All of this is valuable information to have as a parent checking in on their baby.

In Summary

If having all the bells and whistles is something you’re aiming for, having an online Wi-Fi connection is the best way to use your Nanit baby monitor. However, in the event of an outage or other network issue, you will still be able to keep a close eye on your baby as the camera feed continues to report to your connected app.

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