Toshiba TV Won’t Connect to WiFi? Easy Fix!

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Throughout the year, people all over the world come together to watch sporting events on their TVs. Conversations and relationships are now built off of our WiFi, right? 

Your Toshiba TV  screen may not be connecting to WiFi because: 

  • It is not getting a connection routed
  • A password is incorrect, either on your TV or router
  • Your cables are not working
  • The TV or router needs to be reset

So, let’s see which of these could be the root of your problem. Scroll down to find your issue and then try the fix listed.Toshiba TV Connected To WiFi But No Internet Access

Fixing a Toshiba TV That Won’t Connect To WiFi

Your Toshiba TV may not connect to WiFi because the connection is not routed properly, the password is incorrect, the cables need to be replaced, or the TV/Router needs to be reset. 

If your TV is not connecting to WiFi, you can try to:

  • Guarantee the WiFi signal is reaching and is not obstructed.
  • Double-check all of the appropriate cables are plugged in and operational.
  • Replace cables to ensure they are working.
  • Use a new outlet or power surge for cables to test if they are in working order.
  • Investigate router and modem to see if there is any visible damage.
  • Check that the power button and hardware are working or damage-free.
  • Make sure the password to your router and the WiFi are the same and you are entering it correctly.

It can be pretty strange to have your TV connected to WiFi while simultaneously not actually having access to the internet. This problem is one of the most common and easy to fix issues with your Toshiba TV. 

TV is Connected to WiFi With no Internet Access

If your Toshiba TV is connected to WiFi but does not have internet access, make sure that the signal from your router is reaching your TV. Your router may be too far from the TV and can only establish a very basic connection, not provide internet access.

The proper distance between your router and your TV varies greatly on the devices you use and your internet provider. A good rule of thumb is 10 to 15 feet. Any more than that, including floor levels and walls, will block the signal.

Password Issues

The error message, “WiFi password is incorrect” is also a popular issue to come across with setting up a new device or connection. 

To resolve the error message “WiFi password is incorrect” on your Toshiba TV, make sure the password you are entering is exactly the same password that is saved for your WiFi account. If it isn’t, or if still does not work, then update your WiFi password through your internet provider. 

To update your WiFi password through your internet provider, you can either access your services online or call in and request help with updating your WiFi password. It is usually not the Toshiba TV’s “fault” that the WiFi password is not correct.

Now that we have verified or updated the WiFi password and made sure our WiFi signal was not blocked, let’s quickly look at other options besides a WiFi connection in case you need it.

Reset Your Toshiba TV

Sometimes, a simple reset will fix the issue of your Toshiba TV not connecting to WiFi. Let’s go over some ways to reset your Toshiba TV below.

Manual Reset

Here’s how to manually reset your TV:

  1. Unplug your TV. 
  2. Wait at least 60 seconds before plugging the TV back in. 
  3. Did this manual reset work? If not, you can hold the power button for 30 seconds. 

Either of these methods will reset the TV. If not, you will need to attempt a factory reset. 

Factory Reset 

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “home” button
  2. Go to “settings”
  3. Select “device and software”
  4. Choose “reset to factory defaults”

Check out this YouTube video on getting your Toshiba connected to WiFi.

Can I Use My Toshiba TV Offline?

You’d be surprised at what you can do with an offline TV – there are things your TV has to offer that you’d be entertained by that just do not require an internet connection. 

The Toshiba TV can be used while offline. Without an internet connection, your Toshiba TV can: access video games, playback downloaded movies and shows, play BlueRay or DVD disks, stream downloaded music, watch cable TV, connect with a computer to stream downloaded programs or offline games from, or access files on a USB drive to download or stream.

While it is possible to use your Toshiba TV offline, there will be some features you cannot access without an internet connection. Read on to view both the things you can do offline and the things you simply cannot. 

What You Can Do

There are quite a few things to do with an offline TV. Aside from flipping through the settings or looking at everything on your TV, you can still watch cable shows. You can also cast pre-downloaded Vudu movies to your TV from a Roku, SmartCast, FireTV, or Chromecast.

With an offline Toshiba TV, you can:

Stream downloaded musicAccess offline video games
Playback downloaded shows and moviesPlay BlueRay or DVD disks with a disk player
Access files on a USB driveConnect to a computer to stream off of

What You Can’t Do

Without a solid WiFi connection, you still are limited to certain tasks. For instance, you cannot play an MMOPRG or watch Netflix, and you certainly cannot scroll through YouTube.

While using offline mode on your Toshiba TV, you cannot:

  • Play online video games
  • Watch most streaming platforms like Hulu, Netflix, or Vudu (unless downloaded separately)
  • Download new programs
  • Watch YouTube videos


One of these fixes should have done it for you. If not, you can always contact Toshiba’s customer support here.

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